Jungle Bird  Cocktail


How to make


– 2 oz dark rum – 0.75 oz orange aperitif – 0.5 oz simple syrup – 3 oz pineapple juice – 0.75 lime juice

Step 1

Add 2 Oz of your favorite dark rum into a shaker

Step 2

Add 0.75 Oz of Campari, or Aperol if you don't like it too bitter

Step 3

Add 0.5 Oz of Simple Syrup, or Rich Syrup if you want it sweeter

Step 4

Add 0.75 Oz of Lime Juice

Step 5

Add 3 Oz of Pineapple Juice

Final steps

-Shake all the ingredients -Strain them into a glass filled with ice

Get the full recipe and extra tips on the link below!