How to make

The Best


– 3 lime wedges – 2-3 lime wheels for garnish – 1 sprig of mint for garnish – 7-8 mint leaves for muddling – 1 oz mojito syrup  (or simple syrup) – 3 oz white rum – 3 oz club soda

Step 1

-In a shaker add the mint leaves and lime wedges.  -Muddle to extract mint oil, lime oil, lime juice.

Step 2

Add in the shaker  -3 oz of White Rum -1 oz of Mojito Or Simple Syrup -5-6 Ice Cubes

Step 3

Shake all the ingredients and strain them into a glass  half-filled with ice

Final steps

-Top with club soda -Add fresh mint and lime wheels  for garnish.

Get the full recipe and extra tips on the link below!