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27 Jello Recipes For Dessert

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Dive into the colorful and wobbly world of jello with this vibrant collection of 27 jello recipes. From classic childhood favorites to sophisticated adult treats infused with spirits, these recipes showcase the versatility and fun of working with gelatin. Whether you’re looking to create eye-catching desserts for a party, refreshing snacks for a hot day, or elegant jellies for a special dinner, this collection has something for everyone. Jello isn’t just a dessert; it’s a canvas for creativity, allowing you to play with flavors, colors, and textures. Let these recipes inspire you to experiment with gelatin and transform simple ingredients into delightful, jiggly creations that will bring joy to both kids and adults alike.

1. Classic Strawberry Jello

A Timeless Treat

Classic Strawberry Jello is a timeless treat that brings back childhood memories. Made with strawberry gelatin and fresh strawberries, it’s a simple yet delicious dessert that’s perfect for any occasion.

Ideal for Family Gatherings

Serve this classic strawberry jello at family gatherings or picnics. Its bright color and sweet flavor are sure to delight guests of all ages, making it a universal favorite.

Customize with Whipped Cream

Top the strawberry jello with a dollop of whipped cream for an added touch of indulgence. The creaminess of the whipped cream complements the fruity jello beautifully.

Check this recipe.

2. Champagne and Berry Jello

A Sophisticated Adult Dessert

Champagne and Berry Jello combines the elegance of champagne with the sweetness of mixed berries, creating a sophisticated dessert perfect for adult gatherings and celebrations.

Great for New Year’s Eve

This champagne and berry jello is ideal for serving at New Year’s Eve parties or other festive occasions. Its bubbly texture and refined taste make it a hit among adults looking for a fun yet classy dessert.

Customize with Edible Flowers

Incorporate edible flowers into the jello for an extra touch of elegance. The flowers not only add beauty but also introduce subtle floral notes that enhance the overall flavor profile.

Check this recipe.

3. Creamy Lime Jello Salad

A Refreshing Side Dish

Creamy Lime Jello Salad is a refreshing side dish that blends lime gelatin with cream cheese, pineapple, and nuts. This unique combination creates a creamy, tangy, and crunchy salad that’s surprisingly satisfying.

Ideal for Potlucks and BBQs

Serve this creamy lime jello salad at potlucks, BBQs, or as a refreshing side dish during the summer months. Its cool and creamy texture makes it a welcome addition to any outdoor meal.

Customize with Marshmallows

For an extra touch of sweetness and texture, add miniature marshmallows to the jello salad before it sets. The marshmallows soften slightly, adding a fun and fluffy element to the dish.

Check this recipe.

4. Coffee Jello

A Caffeinated Delight

Coffee Jello is a caffeinated delight that offers a unique way to enjoy your coffee. Made with strong brewed coffee and gelatin, this jello is a refreshing and slightly bittersweet treat that’s perfect for coffee lovers.

Great for an After-Dinner Treat

Serve coffee jello as an after-dinner treat or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Its bold coffee flavor and jiggly texture provide a fun and novel way to get your caffeine fix.

Customize with Sweetened Condensed Milk

To balance the bitterness of the coffee, serve the jello with a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk. The milk adds sweetness and creaminess, creating a delicious contrast.

Check this recipe.

5. Rainbow Jello Cubes

A Colorful Party Favorite

Rainbow Jello Cubes are a colorful party favorite that layers multiple flavors and colors of jello to create a vibrant and eye-catching dessert. This recipe is perfect for kids’ parties, pride celebrations, or anytime you want to add a splash of color to your dessert table.

Ideal for Making Ahead

These rainbow jello cubes can be made ahead of time, making them a convenient option for busy hosts. Their cheerful appearance and bite-sized format make them an instant hit at any gathering.

Customize with Fruit Pieces

Add small pieces of fruit to each jello layer for added texture and flavor. Choose fruits that complement the jello flavors and colors for a delightful and healthy twist.

Check this recipe.

6. Mojito Jello Shots

A Fun, Boozy Treat

Mojito Jello Shots combine the refreshing flavors of a classic mojito—lime, mint, and rum—in a fun and boozy gelatin form. These jello shots are perfect for adult parties, offering a novel and enjoyable way to sip on a favorite cocktail.

Great for Summer Gatherings

Serve mojito jello shots at summer gatherings, pool parties, or any event where a cool, refreshing treat would be welcome. Their boozy kick and vibrant flavor make them a fun choice for adults looking to enjoy a classic cocktail in a new way.

Customize with Fresh Mint Leaves

Incorporate fresh mint leaves into the jello mixture or garnish each shot with a small leaf for an authentic mojito experience. The mint adds a burst of freshness that complements the lime and rum flavors perfectly.

Check this recipe.

7. Mango Chili Jello

A Spicy-Sweet Combination

Mango Chili Jello is a spicy-sweet combination that pairs the tropical sweetness of mango with the heat of chili powder. This unique dessert offers a bold flavor profile that’s perfect for those who enjoy a kick in their sweets.

Ideal for Themed Dinners

Serve this mango chili jello at themed dinners or as an adventurous dessert option. Its intriguing blend of flavors is sure to spark conversation and delight guests looking for something out of the ordinary.

Customize with Lime Zest

Enhance the jello with the zest of a lime to add a citrusy brightness that complements both the mango’s sweetness and the chili’s heat. The lime zest brings a refreshing element to the dish, balancing the flavors beautifully.

Check this recipe.

8. Peanut Butter and Jelly Jello Squares

A Nostalgic, Layered Treat

Peanut Butter and Jelly Jello Squares are a nostalgic, layered treat that deconstructs the classic PB&J sandwich into a fun jello form. With layers of peanut butter-flavored gelatin and grape or strawberry jelly, this dessert combines beloved flavors in a novel way.

Great for Kids and Adults Alike

These PB&J jello squares are great for parties where both kids and adults will be present. Their familiar taste and playful presentation make them a hit across all age groups.

Customize with Nut Toppings

Sprinkle chopped nuts on top of the peanut butter layer before it sets for added crunch and flavor. The nuts introduce a textural contrast and enhance the peanut butter flavor, making the squares even more enjoyable.

Check this recipe.

9. Pomegranate Jello with Cream

An Elegant, Fruity Dessert

Pomegranate Jello with Cream combines the tartness of pomegranate juice with a smooth cream layer, creating an elegant and fruity dessert. This jello is perfect for those seeking a sophisticated yet easy-to-make sweet treat.

Ideal for Dinner Parties

This pomegranate jello is ideal for serving at dinner parties or special occasions. Its vibrant color and layered presentation offer an impressive addition to any dessert table.

Customize with Pomegranate Seeds

Garnish the jello with fresh pomegranate seeds for added texture and a burst of tart flavor. The seeds not only add a decorative touch but also reinforce the pomegranate theme, elevating the dessert’s appearance and taste.

Check this recipe.

10. Layered Berry Jello Parfait

A Refreshing, Layered Delight

Layered Berry Jello Parfait layers different berry-flavored jellos with fresh berries and whipped cream, creating a refreshing and visually appealing dessert. This parfait is perfect for those who love combining the freshness of fruit with the fun texture of jello.

Great for Spring and Summer

Serve these layered berry jello parfaits at spring picnics, summer BBQs, or any occasion that calls for a light and refreshing dessert. Their colorful presentation and fresh flavors make them especially suitable for warmer weather.

Customize with Various Berries

Mix and match different berries and corresponding jello flavors to create your own unique parfait combinations. This customization allows for endless variety, letting you tailor the dessert to your preferences or to what’s in season.

Check this recipe.

11. Espresso Martini Jello Shots

A Sophisticated, Caffeinated Kick

Espresso Martini Jello Shots bring the rich flavor of espresso and the smoothness of vodka together in a gelatin form, offering a sophisticated and caffeinated kick. These jello shots are perfect for coffee lovers and those seeking an adult dessert with a buzz.

Great for Cocktail Parties

These espresso martini jello shots are great for serving at cocktail parties or as a novel dessert at dinner parties. Their unique flavor and elegant appearance make them a memorable treat for guests.

Customize with Coffee Beans

Garnish each jello shot with a whole coffee bean for added flair and a hint of coffee aroma. The coffee bean not only serves as a decorative touch but also hints at the shot’s espresso flavor.

Check this recipe.

12. Cucumber Lime Jello

A Cool, Refreshing Bite

Cucumber Lime Jello is a cool and refreshing bite that combines the crispness of cucumber with the tartness of lime. This light and rejuvenating jello is perfect for those seeking a palate-cleansing dessert or a unique addition to a summer buffet.

Ideal for Outdoor Events

Serve cucumber lime jello at outdoor events, garden parties, or poolside gatherings. Its refreshing taste and light texture make it a delightful choice for keeping guests cool and satisfied under the sun.

Customize with Fresh Mint

Enhance the jello with finely chopped fresh mint or whole mint leaves layered within. The mint adds a fresh, aromatic quality that complements the cucumber and lime, elevating the overall flavor profile.

Check this recipe.

13. Spiced Apple Cider Jello

A Cozy, Seasonal Treat

Spiced Apple Cider Jello brings the warm flavors of autumn into a cozy, seasonal treat. Made with apple cider, cinnamon, and cloves, this jello captures the essence of fall in every bite.

Great for Fall Celebrations

This spiced apple cider jello is great for serving at fall celebrations, Thanksgiving, or any occasion where the comforting flavors of autumn are desired. Its warming spices and apple sweetness make it a crowd-pleaser during the cooler months.

Customize with Whipped Cinnamon Cream

Top the jello with whipped cream flavored with cinnamon or a dash of nutmeg. The spiced cream adds a luxurious texture and complements the apple cider jello perfectly, making each serving even more indulgent.

Check this recipe.

14. Tropical Pineapple Coconut Jello

A Slice of Paradise

Tropical Pineapple Coconut Jello is a slice of paradise that combines the sweet flavors of pineapple and coconut. This jello is a vibrant, tropical treat perfect for those dreaming of sandy beaches and sunny skies.

Ideal for Summer Parties

Serve this tropical jello at summer parties, luaus, or any event with a beach theme. Its bright flavors and cheerful presentation bring a taste of the tropics to your dessert table.

Customize with Rum

For an adult version, add a splash of rum to the jello mixture. The rum introduces a boozy element that enhances the tropical vibe, making it an exciting choice for grown-up gatherings.

Check this recipe.

15. Lemon Basil Jello

A Refreshing, Herb-Infused Dessert

Lemon Basil Jello is a refreshing dessert that infuses the tartness of lemon with the aromatic quality of fresh basil. This unique combination offers a sophisticated take on traditional jello, ideal for those who appreciate herbaceous flavors.

Great for Elegant Dinners

This lemon basil jello is great for serving at elegant dinners or as a refreshing palate cleanser between courses. Its light, refined flavors make it a perfect complement to a variety of dishes.

Customize with Edible Flowers

Garnish the jello with edible flowers for an added touch of elegance. The flowers not only beautify the presentation but also introduce subtle floral notes that pair wonderfully with the lemon and basil.

Check this recipe.

16. Berry Sangria Jello

A Fruity, Wine-Infused Delicacy

Berry Sangria Jello infuses the fruity flavors of a classic sangria with gelatin, creating a wine-infused delicacy loaded with fresh berries. This jello is perfect for wine lovers and those seeking a dessert that’s both refreshing and rich in flavor.

Ideal for Adult Gatherings

Serve berry sangria jello at adult gatherings, dinner parties, or wine tastings. Its sophisticated flavor profile and visually appealing presentation make it a standout dessert that’s sure to impress.

Customize with Your Favorite Wine

Experiment with different types of wine—red, white, or rosé—to customize the jello to your taste preferences. Each wine brings its own unique flavors and nuances, allowing for endless variations on this delightful dessert.

Check this recipe.

17. Matcha Green Tea Jello

A Zen, Antioxidant-Rich Treat

Matcha Green Tea Jello is a zen, antioxidant-rich treat that combines the health benefits of matcha with the fun texture of jello. This dessert is perfect for those looking to enjoy the earthy flavors of green tea in a novel and refreshing way.

Great for Health-Conscious Guests

This matcha jello is great for serving to health-conscious guests or as a light dessert option. Its vibrant green color and unique flavor profile offer a refreshing change from traditional sweet treats.

Customize with Honey or Agave

Sweeten the matcha jello with honey or agave nectar to balance the earthiness of the green tea. The natural sweeteners add a gentle sweetness that complements the matcha’s complexity beautifully.

Check this recipe.

18. Orange Creamsicle Jello

A Creamy, Nostalgic Favorite

Orange Creamsicle Jello combines the classic flavors of an orange creamsicle—bright orange and creamy vanilla—into a jiggly, nostalgic favorite. This dessert captures the beloved ice cream treat in jello form, perfect for those longing for a taste of childhood summers.

Ideal for Family-Friendly Events

Serve this orange creamsicle jello at family-friendly events, summer picnics, or as a fun dessert for kids and adults alike. Its familiar flavors and creamy texture are sure to bring smiles to faces and evoke fond memories.

Customize with Whipped Topping

For an extra layer of creaminess, top the jello with a dollop of whipped topping before serving. The whipped topping enhances the creamsicle experience, adding a light, fluffy contrast to the citrusy jello.

Check this recipe.

19. Salted Caramel Jello

A Sweet and Salty Indulgence

Salted Caramel Jello is a sweet and salty indulgence that combines the rich taste of caramel with a hint of sea salt. This dessert offers a sophisticated take on jello, perfect for those who enjoy the irresistible combination of sweet and savory flavors.

Great for Elegant Dessert Tables

This salted caramel jello is great for serving on elegant dessert tables or as a chic finish to a gourmet meal. Its luxurious flavor and smooth texture make it a refined choice for dinner parties and special occasions.

Customize with Chocolate Shavings

Elevate the jello by garnishing it with chocolate shavings before serving. The chocolate adds a depth of flavor that pairs beautifully with the caramel, while the salt brings out the sweetness, creating a harmonious blend of tastes.

Check this recipe.

20. Ginger Peach Jello

A Spicy-Sweet Summer Treat

Ginger Peach Jello combines the sweetness of ripe peaches with the zing of fresh ginger, creating a spicy-sweet summer treat. This jello is perfect for those who appreciate the refreshing taste of peaches with a spicy twist.

Ideal for Summer Soirees

Serve this ginger peach jello at summer soirees, brunches, or as a light dessert after a barbecue. Its vibrant flavors and cooling effect make it a delightful choice for hot weather gatherings.

Customize with Fresh Peach Slices

Incorporate fresh peach slices into the jello for added texture and flavor. The fresh peaches not only enhance the dessert’s natural sweetness but also provide a beautiful visual element that complements the ginger’s spice.

Check this recipe.

21. Raspberry Mint Jello

A Refreshing, Herb-Infused Creation

Raspberry Mint Jello is a refreshing, herb-infused creation that pairs the tartness of raspberries with the cool freshness of mint. This light and flavorful jello is ideal for those seeking a dessert that’s both delicious and invigorating.

Great for Spring Celebrations

This raspberry mint jello is great for serving at spring celebrations, garden parties, or any occasion that calls for a refreshing and visually appealing dessert. Its bright color and fresh flavors are a welcome addition to any seasonal gathering.

Customize with Prosecco or Sparkling Water

For an effervescent twist, replace part of the water with Prosecco or sparkling water when making the jello. The bubbles add a fun and festive touch, making the jello even more special and enjoyable.

Check this recipe.

22. Blueberry Lemonade Jello

A Tangy, Fruity Delight

Blueberry Lemonade Jello is a tangy, fruity delight that combines the classic taste of lemonade with the sweet burst of blueberries. This dessert is perfect for those who love the refreshing taste of lemonade in a unique and flavorful jello form.

Ideal for Outdoor Gatherings

Serve this blueberry lemonade jello at outdoor gatherings, picnics, or pool parties. Its refreshing tang and sweet blueberry accents make it a perfect treat for cooling down and enjoying the outdoors.

Customize with Lemon Zest

Enhance the jello with the addition of lemon zest to amplify the lemonade flavor. The zest adds a bright, citrusy note that complements the sweetness of the blueberries, creating a more dynamic and flavorful dessert.

Check this recipe.

23. Watermelon Basil Jello

A Summery, Herbaceous Treat

Watermelon Basil Jello is a summery, herbaceous treat that combines the juicy sweetness of watermelon with the aromatic freshness of basil. This light and refreshing jello is perfect for those seeking a dessert that captures the essence of summer in every bite.

Great for Summer Festivities

This watermelon basil jello is great for serving at summer festivities, barbecues, or as a refreshing end to a light meal. Its combination of flavors is sure to refresh and delight guests during the warm months.

Customize with Feta Cheese Crumbles

For a savory twist, sprinkle feta cheese crumbles over the jello before serving. The saltiness of the feta beautifully, nostalgic favorite. This dessert is perfect for those who love the sweet and tangy taste of orange paired with the smoothness of cream, capturing the essence of the beloved frozen treat in jello form.

Ideal for Kids’ Parties

Serve this orange creamsicle jello at kids’ parties or family gatherings. Its familiar flavors and fun presentation are sure to delight children and adults alike, bringing a touch of whimsy to your dessert table.

Customize with Layered Textures

For an added visual and textural appeal, create layers with separate orange and vanilla jello mixtures. This not only mimics the appearance of a creamsicle but also offers a delightful contrast between the tangy citrus and the sweet cream in every bite.

Check this recipe.

19. Chocolate Cherry Jello

A Decadent, Fruity Concoction

Chocolate Cherry Jello is a decadent, fruity concoction that combines the rich taste of chocolate with the sweet tartness of cherries. This dessert is a luxurious treat for those who can’t resist the classic combination of chocolate and cherries.

Great for Romantic Evenings

This chocolate cherry jello is great for serving on romantic evenings or special occasions like Valentine’s Day. Its indulgent flavor and elegant presentation make it a perfect choice for ending a special meal on a sweet note.

Customize with Whipped Cream

Top the chocolate cherry jello with a generous dollop of whipped cream before serving. The lightness of the whipped cream beautifully balances the richness of the chocolate and the tartness of the cherries, making each spoonful perfectly indulgent.

Check this recipe.

20. Peach Bellini Jello

A Sparkling, Peachy Delight

Peach Bellini Jello transforms the classic cocktail into a sparkling, peachy delight. Made with peach puree and sparkling wine, this jello is a bubbly and refreshing dessert perfect for celebrating special moments.

Ideal for Brunches and Showers

Serve this peach bellini jello at brunches, bridal showers, or any occasion that calls for a light and celebratory dessert. Its effervescent texture and sophisticated flavor profile are sure to enhance any festive gathering.

Customize with Fresh Peach Slices

Garnish the jello with fresh peach slices or raspberries for an added touch of elegance and freshness. The fruit not only adds beauty to the presentation but also introduces a natural sweetness and texture that complements the peach bellini flavor.

Check this recipe.

21. Margarita Jello

A Citrusy, Tequila-Infused Creation

Margarita Jello brings the zesty lime flavor and tequila kick of the classic margarita cocktail into a citrusy, tequila-infused jello creation. This adult dessert is perfect for those looking to add a fun and boozy twist to their jello repertoire.

Great for Summer Parties

This margarita jello is ideal for serving at summer parties, BBQs, or any event where a playful, adult dessert is desired. Its bold lime and tequila flavors, coupled with a sprinkle of sea salt, capture the essence of the beloved cocktail in every bite.

Customize with Lime Zest and Salt Rim

Enhance the presentation by serving the jello in small cups with a rim of sea salt and a garnish of lime zest. This not only mimics the presentation of a traditional margarita but also adds an extra layer of flavor and texture to the dessert.

Check this recipe.

22. Watermelon Mint Jello

A Refreshing, Summery Snack

Watermelon Mint Jello is a refreshing, summery snack that combines the sweetness of watermelon with the coolness of fresh mint. This light and hydrating jello is perfect for hot summer days, offering a delicious way to beat the heat.

Ideal for Outdoor Gatherings

Serve this watermelon mint jello at outdoor gatherings, picnics, or poolside parties. Its refreshing flavors and hydrating qualities make it a welcome treat under the sun, providing a tasty respite from the heat.

Customize with Fresh Watermelon Chunks

Incorporate fresh watermelon chunks into the jello for added texture and bursts of sweetness. The fresh fruit not only enhances the watermelon flavor but also adds a visually appealing element to the dessert.

Check this recipe.

23. Earl Grey Tea Jello

An Aromatic, Sophisticated Treat

Earl Grey Tea Jello is an aromatic, sophisticated treat that infuses the distinct flavor of Earl Grey tea with the smooth texture of jello. This dessert is perfect for tea lovers and those seeking a unique and refined jello experience.

Great for Afternoon Tea

This Earl Grey tea jello is great for serving as part of an afternoon tea spread, offering a novel way to enjoy the classic flavors of tea. Its delicate bergamot aroma and elegant presentation make it a standout choice that pairs beautifully with scones, sandwiches, and other tea-time treats.

Customize with a Hint of Lemon

Enhance the jello with a hint of lemon zest or a squeeze of lemon juice to add a bright, citrusy note that complements the bergamot flavor of the Earl Grey tea. The lemon brings a refreshing lift to the dessert, making it even more delightful.

Check this recipe.

24. Piña Colada Jello

A Tropical, Boozy Escape

Piña Colada Jello encapsulates the tropical flavors of a piña colada cocktail—pineapple, coconut, and rum—into a boozy, gelatinous escape. This dessert is perfect for adults who crave a taste of the tropics and a hint of nostalgia in a fun, jiggly form.

Great for Beach-Themed Parties

Serve this piña colada jello at beach-themed parties or summer gatherings where a tropical vibe is desired. Its playful presentation and cocktail-inspired flavors make it a festive addition that’s sure to transport guests to a beachy paradise.

Customize with Pineapple Chunks and Cherry Garnish

Incorporate chunks of fresh pineapple into the jello and garnish with a maraschino cherry for an authentic piña colada experience. The fruit adds texture and sweetness, while the cherry on top provides a classic finish.

Check this recipe.

25. Ginger Ale and Lime Jello

A Fizzy, Refreshing Combination

Ginger Ale and Lime Jello combine the zesty tang of lime with the bubbly sweetness of ginger ale, creating a fizzy, refreshing dessert. This light and effervescent jello is perfect for those looking for a palate-cleansing treat that’s both fun and flavorful.

Ideal for Refreshing Dessert Options

This ginger ale and lime jello is ideal for serving as a refreshing dessert option at any meal. Its unique combination of flavors and textures makes it a delightful finish that cleanses the palate and refreshes the taste buds.

Customize with Fresh Lime Slices

Enhance the jello with thin slices of fresh lime suspended within. The lime slices not only add a burst of flavor but also create a visually striking effect that makes the dessert even more appealing.

Check this recipe.

26. Blueberry Lavender Jello

A Fragrant, Berry-Filled Delight

Blueberry Lavender Jello is a fragrant, berry-filled delight that combines the sweet and tart flavors of blueberries with the subtle floral notes of lavender. This dessert is perfect for those who appreciate the delicate pairing of fruit and flower in their sweets.

Great for Elegant Gatherings

Serve this blueberry lavender jello at elegant gatherings or as a sophisticated dessert option. Its beautiful presentation and unique flavor combination make it a memorable choice that’s sure to impress guests.

Customize with Honey Sweetening

Sweeten the jello with honey instead of sugar to complement the floral lavender and enhance the natural sweetness of the blueberries. Honey adds depth and richness to the dessert, rounding out the flavors beautifully.

Check this recipe.

27. Spiked Lemonade Jello

A Tangy, Adult Refreshment

Spiked Lemonade Jello offers a tangy twist on traditional lemonade by infusing it with vodka or your choice of spirit, creating an adult refreshment that’s perfect for summer parties and adult celebrations.

Ideal for BBQs and Pool Parties

This spiked lemonade jello is ideal for serving at BBQs, pool parties, or any adult gathering where a fun, boozy dessert is welcomed. Its tangy flavor and spirited kick make it a refreshing choice that’s sure to liven up the festivities.

Customize with Fresh Berries

Incorporate fresh berries into the jello for added sweetness and a pop of color. The berries not only enhance the lemonade flavor but also introduce a fruity twist that pairs well with the alcohol, creating a more complex and enjoyable dessert.

Check this recipe.


This collection of 27 jello recipes showcases the incredible versatility and creativity that can be achieved with gelatin. From classic fruity flavors to innovative combinations that include tea, herbs, and even alcohol, these jello creations offer something for every taste and occasion. Whether you’re looking for a fun and colorful dessert for a party, a sophisticated jelly for an elegant dinner, or a soothing treat for a quiet evening, these recipes provide endless inspiration for exploring the delightful world of jello. Let these ideas spark your creativity and invite you to experiment with the myriad possibilities that jello has to offer, turning simple ingredients into extraordinary experiences.

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