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23 St. Patrick’s Day Desserts

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St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect opportunity to add a splash of green to everything, including your desserts. Celebrating this festive holiday with a variety of sweet treats is a delightful way to bring luck and joy to your table. From creamy cheesecakes infused with Irish cream to vibrant, green velvet cheesecake bars, and refreshing fruit parfaits, this list of 23 St. Patrick’s Day desserts offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for something rich and decadent or light and fruity, these recipes are sure to impress your guests and make your celebration truly memorable.

1. Green Velvet Cheesecake Bars

A Festive and Creamy Delight

These Green Velvet Cheesecake Bars are the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, combining the rich taste of cheesecake with the fun of green velvet. The vibrant green color makes these bars a hit at any party, and the creamy cheesecake layer on top of a moist green velvet base will have everyone asking for seconds.

Easy to Make

Despite their impressive appearance, these bars are surprisingly easy to make. With a simple box of green velvet cake mix and a few ingredients for the cheesecake layer, you can whip up this dessert in no time. They’re perfect for anyone looking to add a festive touch to their St. Patrick’s Day celebration without spending hours in the kitchen.

Customize Your Creation

Feel free to add your personal touch to these bars by decorating them with green sprinkles, shamrocks, or a drizzle of white chocolate. They’re as fun to decorate as they are to eat, making them a great project for kids and adults alike.

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2. Irish Cream Pound Cake

A Boozy Bake

This Irish Cream Pound Cake marries the rich, buttery flavor of traditional pound cake with the smooth, creamy taste of Irish cream. It’s a sophisticated dessert that’s perfect for any St. Patrick’s Day celebration, offering a subtle alcohol kick that elevates the entire experience.

Moist and Flavorful

One of the best parts about this cake is its incredible moistness, which comes from adding Irish cream to the batter. The result is a dense, flavorful cake that stays delicious for days—if it lasts that long in your house!

Versatile Serving Options

Serve this cake as is, or dress it up with a dusting of powdered sugar, a drizzle of Irish cream glaze, or even some fresh berries. It’s versatile enough to be the centerpiece of a fancy dinner or a casual get-together.

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3. Shamrock Shake Cupcakes

Minty Fresh Fun

Shamrock Shake Cupcakes are inspired by the popular seasonal McDonald’s milkshake. These cupcakes are a minty delight, perfect for adding a pop of green and a burst of fresh flavor to your St. Patrick’s Day festivities. The soft, fluffy cupcakes paired with a light mint frosting will have you feeling lucky.

Easy and Enjoyable to Make

Not only are these cupcakes delicious, but they’re also a blast to make. With ingredients that are easy to find and a straightforward recipe, these cupcakes are a great way to involve the whole family in the kitchen. Decorating them with green sprinkles or shamrock-shaped candies can be a fun activity for kids.

A Crowd Pleaser

Whether you’re hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party or just want to surprise your family with a festive treat, these Shamrock Shake Cupcakes are sure to please. Their unique flavor and fun presentation make them a hit with both adults and children alike.

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4. Leprechaun Bark

A Sweet and Salty Treat

Leprechaun Bark is a delightful combination of sweet and salty flavors, featuring a mix of chocolate, pretzels, candies, and a sprinkle of green for St. Patrick’s Day. This no-bake treat is incredibly easy to make and perfect for last-minute party planning.

Fun to Make and Share

Making Leprechaun Bark is an enjoyable activity that allows for creativity and personalization. You can choose your favorite chocolates and candies to create a treat that reflects your taste. It’s also a great gift idea, easily packaged and shared with friends and family.

Versatile for Any Occasion

While perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, the basic idea behind Leprechaun Bark can be adapted for any holiday or occasion by simply changing the color scheme and candy selections. It’s a versatile treat that’s sure to become a favorite.

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5. Irish Soda Bread Scones

A Twist on a Classic

Irish Soda Bread Scones bring a classic St. Patrick’s Day bread into the realm of sweet breakfast pastries. Combining the traditional elements of Irish soda bread with the tender crumb of a scone, these baked goods are a delightful start to any St. Patrick’s Day.

Simple and Satisfying

One of the best features of these scones is their simplicity. With no need for yeast or extensive kneading, they come together quickly and bake into a beautifully golden pastry that’s best served warm with a bit of butter or jam.

Customizable Add-Ins

While delicious on their own, these scones can be customized with a variety of add-ins such as raisins, dried currants, or even chocolate chips for a sweeter take. This versatility makes them a perfect treat for breakfast or afternoon tea.

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6. Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

A Refreshing Bite

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies are a delightful twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie, featuring the invigorating taste of mint coupled with rich chocolate chips. These cookies are soft, chewy, and loaded with chocolate chips, making them a perfect treat for St. Patrick’s Day or any time you crave a minty fresh dessert.

Fun and Easy to Bake

Baking these cookies is a straightforward and enjoyable process, making them a great option for bakers of all skill levels. The addition of mint extract to the dough brings a refreshing flavor that pairs wonderfully with the chocolate, creating a cookie that’s hard to resist.

Customizable to Taste

Feel free to adjust the amount of mint extract to suit your taste, or add in some green food coloring for an extra festive touch. These cookies are also perfect for ice cream sandwiches, adding an extra layer of deliciousness to your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

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7. Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecake

Creamy and Luxurious

This Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecake takes the rich, creamy texture of classic cheesecake and infuses it with the smooth, coffee-inflected flavor of Bailey’s Irish Cream. The result is a decadent dessert that’s perfect for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day or indulging on any special occasion.

Elegant and Impressive

Despite its luxurious taste, this cheesecake is surprisingly simple to make. It features a crunchy graham cracker crust and a velvety filling, topped with a Bailey’s-infused ganache that takes it to the next level of indulgence.

Perfect for Entertaining

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or bringing a dessert to a potluck, this cheesecake is sure to impress. Its elegant appearance and sophisticated flavor profile make it a standout addition to any dessert table.

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8. Irish Apple Cake

Rustic and Wholesome

Irish Apple Cake is a hearty, rustic dessert that’s perfect for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. With tender chunks of apple and a hint of spice, this cake is a comforting treat that’s ideal for enjoying with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

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Easy to Make, Delightful to Eat

This cake is straightforward to prepare, requiring just a few basic ingredients and fresh apples. Its moist, dense texture and warm flavors make it a favorite among those who appreciate less sweet, fruit-based desserts.

Serve It Your Way

Enjoy this versatile cake warm from the oven with a dusting of powdered sugar, a dollop of whipped cream, or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It’s a simple yet satisfying dessert that’s perfect for any occasion.

Check this recipe.

9. Pistachio & White Chocolate Pudding Cookies

A Unique Combination

Pistachio & White Chocolate Pudding Cookies offer a delightful blend of flavors and textures. The pistachio pudding mix not only gives these cookies a beautiful green hue perfect for St. Patrick’s Day but also ensures they stay wonderfully soft and chewy. The white chocolate chips add a creamy sweetness that complements the nutty flavor of the pistachios perfectly.

No-Fuss Baking

These cookies are incredibly easy to make, thanks to the use of pudding mix, which adds flavor and moisture without complicating the recipe. Even novice bakers can achieve delicious results with minimal effort.

A Festive Treat

The vibrant green color and festive flavor of these cookies make them a perfect treat for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. They’re also versatile enough to be enjoyed year-round, simply by switching out the pudding flavor for a different holiday or occasion.

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10. Guinness Chocolate Cake

Rich and Decadent

Guinness Chocolate Cake is a rich, moist cake that combines the deep flavors of Guinness stout with dark chocolate. The beer adds a unique depth to the cake, enhancing the chocolate flavor and creating a dessert that’s both sophisticated and indulgent.

Perfect for Celebrations

This cake is an excellent choice for St. Patrick’s Day festivities or any occasion that calls for a special dessert. Its luxurious texture and complex flavor profile make it a hit with adults, while the novelty of baking with beer is sure to be a conversation starter.

Customize Your Cake

Top this cake with a creamy Guinness chocolate ganache or a simple dusting of powdered sugar. For an extra festive touch, decorate it with shamrock-shaped sprinkles or a drizzle of green icing.

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11. Rainbow Fruit Parfaits

A Colorful and Healthy Option

Rainbow Fruit Parfaits are a refreshing and colorful way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, layering vibrant fruits in the colors of the rainbow. These parfaits not only look beautiful but are also packed with vitamins and antioxidants, making them a healthy dessert option for your festive celebration.

Easy Assembly

Creating these parfaits is as simple as layering different colored fruits in a clear glass. Start with red fruits at the bottom and proceed through the colors of the rainbow to achieve a visually stunning effect. This is a fun activity for kids and adults alike, allowing everyone to customize their parfait with their favorite fruits.

Versatile and Delicious

Serve these Rainbow Fruit Parfaits as a dessert, a breakfast treat, or a mid-day snack. They’re versatile enough to fit any meal and can be made even more delicious by adding a layer of yogurt or honey for extra sweetness and creaminess.

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12. Bailey’s Irish Cream Truffles

Luxuriously Creamy

Bailey’s Irish Cream Truffles are a luxurious treat that combines the creamy, coffee-inflected flavor of Bailey’s Irish Cream with rich, decadent chocolate. These truffles are smooth, indulgent, and have a melt-in-your-mouth quality that makes them a sophisticated addition to any St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Simple Elegance

Despite their elegance, these truffles are surprisingly simple to make. With just a few ingredients, you can create a dessert that looks like it came from a high-end chocolatier. They’re perfect for impressing guests or for enjoying a quiet moment of indulgence.

A Versatile Treat

Roll these truffles in cocoa powder, chopped nuts, or even green sprinkles to add a festive touch. They’re versatile enough to suit any taste preference and elegant enough to serve at the end of a special meal or as part of a dessert platter.

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13. Irish Cream Coffee Cupcakes

A Caffeinated Delight

Irish Cream Coffee Cupcakes combine the rich flavor of coffee with the smooth taste of Irish cream, making them a perfect treat for St. Patrick’s Day. These cupcakes are moist, flavorful, and have a subtle coffee aroma that will delight any coffee lover. The addition of Irish cream in both the batter and the frosting adds a boozy kick that’s sure to impress.

Perfect for Any Time of Day

Though they’re an excellent dessert, these cupcakes are also a fantastic companion to your morning or afternoon coffee, adding a festive touch to your daily routine. They strike the perfect balance between sweet and savory, making them a hit for any gathering.

Easily Customizable

Top these cupcakes with a swirl of Irish cream-infused buttercream frosting for an extra decadent treat. Garnish with a sprinkle of cocoa powder or chocolate shavings to elevate their appearance and add a touch of chocolatey goodness.

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14. Shamrock Sugar Cookies

A Festive Classic

Shamrock Sugar Cookies are a St. Patrick’s Day classic, perfect for both baking and decorating. These cookies are soft, sweet, and buttery, with a crisp edge that makes them irresistible. Cut into shamrock shapes and decorated with green icing, they’re a festive way to celebrate the holiday.

Fun to Decorate

Decorating these cookies is half the fun, making them a great activity for kids and adults alike. Use various shades of green icing, sprinkles, and edible glitter to create a range of designs, from simple to elaborate.

Versatile Snack or Gift

Shamrock Sugar Cookies are not only a delightful treat to enjoy at home but also make beautiful gifts for friends, teachers, and coworkers. Packaged in a decorative box or bag, they’re sure to spread St. Patrick’s Day cheer.

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15. Lucky Charms Marshmallow Treats

A Kid-Favorite

Lucky Charms Marshmallow Treats take the classic marshmallow cereal bar and give it a St. Patrick’s Day twist by using Lucky Charms cereal. These treats are colorful, fun, and packed with marshmallow goodness, making them a hit with kids and a nostalgic treat for adults.

Quick and Easy

One of the best things about these marshmallow treats is how quick and easy they are to make. With just a few ingredients and no baking required, you can have a festive and delicious snack ready in no time.

Perfect for Parties

These marshmallow treats are perfect for school parties, family gatherings, or as a simple snack to enjoy while celebrating at home. Cut them into squares or use cookie cutters to create fun shapes.

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16. Irish Lemon Pudding

Light and Zesty

Irish Lemon Pudding is a light, zesty dessert that’s perfect for rounding off a hearty St. Patrick’s Day meal. This pudding has a soft, cake-like top with a deliciously tangy lemon sauce underneath, offering a refreshing contrast to the more decadent desserts typically served on this holiday.

Simple, Wholesome Ingredients

With just a handful of ingredients, this dessert is simple to prepare, yet the result is utterly delightful. The bright flavor of lemon shines through, making this pudding a favorite among those who appreciate a less sweet dessert option.

Serve Warm or Cold

Irish Lemon Pudding can be served warm or cold, making it versatile for any type of celebration. Top it with a dollop of whipped cream or a sprinkle of powdered sugar for an extra touch of indulgence.

Check this recipe.

17. Mint Oreo Trifle

A Layered Delight

Mint Oreo Trifle is a layered dessert that combines the flavors of mint and chocolate in a visually stunning presentation. Layers of crushed Mint Oreos, creamy mint filling, and rich chocolate pudding create a decadent treat that’s as beautiful as it is delicious.

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Easy No-Bake Recipe

This no-bake dessert is incredibly easy to assemble and can be made ahead of time, making it perfect for parties and gatherings. It’s a great way to impress guests with minimal effort.

Perfect for Mint Lovers

If you love the combination of mint and chocolate, this trifle is for you. The cool, refreshing mint perfectly complements the rich chocolate, making each bite a delightful experience.

Check this recipe.

18. Bailey’s Chocolate Mousse

Decadently Smooth

Bailey’s Chocolate Mousse is a rich and creamy dessert that’s infused with the smooth flavor of Bailey’s Irish Cream. This decadent mousse is light yet indulgent, making it the perfect way to end a St. Patrick’s Day meal on a high note.

Simple Elegance

Despite its luxurious texture and flavor, this chocolate mousse is surprisingly simple to make. With just a few ingredients, you can create a dessert that feels special and sophisticated, perfect for impressing your guests.

Versatile and Delightful

Serve this mousse in elegant glasses or chocolate cups for an extra touch of elegance. Garnish with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, or a sprinkle of cocoa powder to elevate it further.

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19. Green Tea Matcha Cake

Vibrantly Green

Green Tea Matcha Cake is a beautifully vibrant dessert that’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. The matcha powder not only gives this cake its natural green color but also adds a unique, earthy flavor that’s subtle yet distinctive.

Light and Refreshing

This cake is wonderfully light and moist, with a refreshing flavor that makes it a great alternative to the heavier desserts typically served during the holiday. It’s covered with a matcha-infused frosting that adds an extra layer of flavor and sophistication.

A Modern Twist

If you’re looking to incorporate a modern twist into your St. Patrick’s Day celebration, this matcha cake is a perfect choice. It’s a stylish and delicious way to celebrate the holiday with a nod to contemporary culinary trends.

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20. Irish Whiskey Caramel Cheesecake

Rich and Boozy

Irish Whiskey Caramel Cheesecake is a decadent dessert that combines the creamy texture of cheesecake with the rich flavors of caramel and Irish whiskey. This cheesecake is smooth, creamy, and has a boozy kick that makes it stand out.

Gourmet Flavor at Home

Creating this cheesecake might sound like a gourmet feat, but it’s surprisingly achievable at home. The whiskey caramel sauce drizzled on top not only adds flavor but also makes for a stunning presentation.

Perfect for Adult Gatherings

This cheesecake is an ideal choice for adult gatherings or a sophisticated St. Patrick’s Day dinner. Serve it with a cup of coffee or a glass of Irish whiskey to complement its rich flavors.

Check this recipe.

21. Peppermint Patty Brownies

Minty Chocolate Indulgence

Peppermint Patty Brownies are the ultimate indulgence for mint chocolate lovers. These rich, fudgy brownies are filled with peppermint patties, creating a cool, minty layer in the middle that complements the dense chocolate perfectly.

A Surprise in Every Bite

The surprise mint layer makes these brownies a fun and unexpected treat. They’re perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day party or as a special treat to enjoy at home. The contrast between the warm chocolate and cool mint is irresistible.

Easy to Make

Despite their impressive layers, these brownies are easy to make. They start with a simple brownie base, and the peppermint patties are simply placed in the middle before baking. The result is a sophisticated dessert that’s sure to impress.

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22. Grasshopper Pie

A Minty Fresh Classic

Grasshopper Pie is a classic dessert with a minty fresh flavor that’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Its vibrant green color comes from the crème de menthe, giving it a festive look that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate. The creamy, marshmallow-infused filling sits atop a crunchy chocolate crust, offering a delightful contrast of textures.

A No-Fuss Favorite

This pie is another no-bake option that’s incredibly easy to make, requiring just a few simple ingredients and some chilling time in the refrigerator. It’s a great last-minute dessert for any St. Patrick’s Day gathering.

Customizable and Fun

Feel free to add a chocolate drizzle or chocolate shavings on top for an extra touch of decadence. The versatility and fun presentation of Grasshopper Pie make it a beloved choice for both kids and adults.

Check this recipe.

23. Leprechaun Lime Poke Cake

Zesty and Refreshing

Leprechaun Lime Poke Cake is a zesty and refreshing dessert that’s perfect for adding a pop of color and flavor to your St. Patrick’s Day menu. The cake is infused with lime gelatin, giving it a vibrant green color and a tangy lime flavor that’s both delicious and refreshing.

Moist and Flavorful

The poke cake technique allows the lime gelatin to seep into the cake, ensuring every bite is moist and packed with flavor. Topped with a light whipped cream frosting and garnished with lime zest or slices, this cake is as pretty as it is tasty.

Easy to Make and Serve

This poke cake is incredibly easy to make, and it’s a great option for serving a crowd. The combination of cool, creamy topping and tangy lime flavor makes it a hit with guests of all ages, ensuring your St. Patrick’s Day celebration is both festive and delicious.

Check this recipe.


Wrapping up our list of 23 St. Patrick’s Day desserts, it’s clear that there’s no shortage of ways to bring the spirit of the holiday into your kitchen. These treats not only capture the essence of St. Patrick’s Day with their festive colors and flavors but also offer a delicious way to end any meal on a high note. Whether you choose to make a minty grasshopper pie, a zesty lime poke cake, or stick with a classic like shamrock sugar cookies, each of these desserts is guaranteed to add a touch of magic to your celebration. So go ahead, choose your favorites, and let the baking begin!

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