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Apple Cider Bourbon Smash

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The Apple Cider Bourbon Smash is a refreshing and flavorful cocktail that combines the rich, smooth taste of bourbon with the crisp sweetness of apple cider. A hint of citrus from a lemon wedge and a dash of warm cinnamon spice enhance the drink’s complexity, making it an ideal choice for cozy autumn evenings or festive gatherings.

Tasting Notes

On the first sip, the Apple Cider Bourbon Smash greets the palate with a harmonious blend of flavors. The bourbon’s oaky, caramel notes provide a robust foundation, while the apple cider adds a delightful sweetness and fruity depth.

The lemon wedge imparts a subtle tang, brightening the overall profile and balancing the richness of the bourbon and cider. A dash of cinnamon ties everything together, infusing the drink with a warm, aromatic spice that lingers pleasantly on the tongue.

As the drink settles, the individual components meld together more seamlessly, creating a smooth and well-rounded cocktail experience. The bourbon’s slightly smoky undertones become more pronounced, complementing the sweet and tart apple cider perfectly.

The citrusy zing from the lemon continues to provide a refreshing counterpoint, and the cinnamon’s warmth persists, making each sip comforting and satisfying. The Apple Cider Bourbon Smash is a sophisticated yet approachable cocktail, ideal for both casual sipping and special occasions.

Tips & Tricks

For a zesty twist, top off the cocktail with a splash of ginger beer. This will add a spicy kick and a bit of effervescence.

Swap the cinnamon dash for a teaspoon of maple syrup to introduce a rich, earthy sweetness that pairs well with the bourbon and apple cider.

Heat the apple cider before mixing for a warm, comforting version of this cocktail, perfect for chilly evenings.

Recipe Card

Apple Cider Bourbon Smash

Apple Cider Bourbon Smash


  • 1 lemon wedge
  • 2 oz bourbon
  • 2 oz apple cider
  • dash of cinnamon


  1. In a shaker add the lemon wedge and muddle it very well.
  2. Add ice, cinnamon, and bourbon, then shake very well to chill and combine.
  3. Strain into rocks glass over fresh ice.
  4. Add apple cider, stir to combine.

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