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22 Apple Cider Cocktails For A Crowd

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Indulge in the flavors of the season with our comprehensive list of 22 apple cider cocktails perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re hosting an elegant soirée or a casual get-together, our curated selection has something for everyone—from classics with a twist, like Apple Cider Old Fashioned, to exotic fusions like Apple Cider Caipirinha. Elevate your mixology game and impress your guests with these delectable, easy-to-make recipes that are sure to make your autumn gatherings unforgettable.

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1. Spiced Apple Cider Margarita

A Festive Twist on a Classic

Your go-to margarita gets a fall makeover with this Spiced Apple Cider Margarita. The cocktail combines apple cider, tequila, and a touch of cinnamon for a festive drink that’s perfect for autumn gatherings.

A Crowd-Pleaser

This cocktail is a hit at any party, offering a unique but familiar flavor profile. It’s a fantastic way to introduce seasonal flair into your usual cocktail menu.

Personalize Your Drink

Feel free to experiment with different types of tequila or add a cinnamon stick for garnish. Your guests will be impressed with this innovative yet approachable drink.

Check this recipe.

2. Apple Cider Mojito

A Seasonal Refreshment

Take your traditional mojito to the next level by incorporating apple cider. The blend of mint, rum, and apple creates a refreshing yet cozy cocktail perfect for the season.

Great for Any Occasion

This Apple Cider Mojito is versatile, making it suitable for both casual get-togethers and more formal events. It’s a pleasant surprise for those expecting a regular mojito.

Customize Your Cocktail

Switch up the rum to suit your taste preferences, or add a splash of soda for extra fizz. You can also adjust the sweetness by adding more or less sugar.

Check this recipe.

3. Hot Apple Cider Toddy

Warmth and Comfort

This Hot Apple Cider Toddy is the epitome of comfort on a cold evening. Infused with whiskey and a hint of lemon, this warm drink will soothe and relax you.

Ideal for Relaxing Evenings

Whether you’re curling up with a good book or winding down after a meal, this toddy is your go-to for ultimate coziness.

Make It Your Own

You can adjust the level of sweetness or add spices like cinnamon or nutmeg to fit your palate. Choose your favorite type of whiskey to make it uniquely yours.

Check this recipe.

4. Apple Cider Sangria

A Fall-Inspired Punch

Imagine combining the fruity richness of sangria with the earthy tones of apple cider. That’s exactly what you get with this Apple Cider Sangria. It’s a delicious fusion perfect for fall festivities.

The Life of the Party

A pitcher of this sangria is a definite crowd-pleaser. With red wine, apple cider, and autumnal fruits, it captures the essence of the season in a glass.

Switch it Up

Feel free to play with the fruit combinations or add a spritz of soda to give it some bubbles. You could even switch to white wine for a lighter version.

Check this recipe.

5. Apple Cider Bellini

A Morning Delight

Start your day off right with an Apple Cider Bellini, a wonderful twist on the traditional peach Bellini. It’s apple cider and Prosecco, brought together in a harmonious blend perfect for brunch.

Ideal for Celebrations

Whether it’s Thanksgiving morning or a festive brunch, this cocktail will be the star of your celebrations.

Personalize Your Brunch

Swap out Prosecco for champagne if you prefer, or add a dash of cinnamon for a spicier note. It’s an easy yet elegant cocktail you can make your own.

Check this recipe.

6. Apple Cider and Gin Fizz

A Unique Blend

Mix up your gin game by introducing apple cider into the equation. This Apple Cider and Gin Fizz is a unique concoction that is both refreshing and rich in flavor.

A Sophisticated Choice

Perfect for dinner parties or intimate gatherings, this cocktail brings a level of sophistication with its nuanced flavors.

Customize to Taste

Consider using a spiced gin to add complexity or a splash of soda for effervescence. You could also garnish with a slice of apple to enhance the aesthetic.

Check this recipe.

7. Bourbon Apple Cider

Classic Meets Seasonal

Bourbon and apple cider come together in this deliciously robust cocktail. It’s the perfect marriage of classic and seasonal ingredients that provides warmth and depth of flavor.

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Perfect for Cozy Evenings

Whether you’re sitting by the fire or hosting a dinner party, this cocktail provides the right amount of kick combined with the soothing qualities of apple cider.

Make It Your Own

You can add a little honey for sweetness or a squeeze of lemon for tartness. Customize it according to your taste preferences.

Check this recipe.

8. Apple Cider Mimosa

A Refreshing Start

Elevate your brunch game with this Apple Cider Mimosa. Made with just apple cider and champagne, it’s a delightful and easy-to-make cocktail.

Ideal for Brunch or Showers

This mimosa is perfect for holiday brunches or bridal showers, offering a crisp and refreshing drink to suit the occasion.

Customize Your Mimosa

Use a flavored champagne or add a sugar rim for added sweetness. The versatility of this cocktail means you can adjust it to suit your taste or theme.

Check this recipe.

9. Apple Cider Moscow Mule

A Seasonal Twist

Take a traditional Moscow Mule and add some fall flair with apple cider. It’s a great way to bring the flavors of the season into a classic cocktail.

Versatile and Refreshing

This cocktail is a great choice for any gathering. It’s refreshing enough for warm days but also incorporates the cozy flavors perfect for cooler weather.

Make it Your Own

Feel free to adjust the ratio of apple cider to ginger beer to suit your taste preferences. You can also garnish with a cinnamon stick for an added touch.

Check this recipe.

10. Apple Cider Pimm’s Cup

A British-American Fusion

Combine the British favorite, Pimm’s, with American apple cider for a transatlantic cocktail that’s as fascinating as it is delicious.

Ideal for Garden Parties

This cocktail screams sophistication and is perfect for a classy outdoor gathering or garden party.

Adjust to Your Liking

Feel free to add a variety of fruits like apple slices or strawberries, or even throw in some mint for added refreshment.

Check this recipe.

11. Apple Cider Caipirinha

Tropical Meets Seasonal

Transform the Brazilian classic, Caipirinha, with a splash of apple cider for an exotic yet familiar flavor blend.

Perfect for Celebrations

This is a fun and adventurous cocktail that adds a festive element to any celebration.

Mix it Up

You can switch out the traditional cachaça for rum or vodka if you prefer, making it versatile for different palates.

Check this recipe.

12. Apple Cider Aperol Spritz

An Italian-American Delight

This Aperol Spritz variation uses apple cider to bridge the flavors of Aperol and prosecco, bringing a fruity twist to this Italian classic.

Great for Sunset Hours

It’s the perfect drink for enjoying during those golden hours as the sun sets, lending a romantic mood to any gathering.

Adjust to Your Preferences

Feel free to change the ratios of Aperol, prosecco, and apple cider based on your own taste preferences.

Check this recipe.

13. Apple Cider Julep

Southern Charm with a Twist

This take on the classic Mint Julep includes apple cider, offering a rich and complex flavor profile that perfectly suits the fall season.

Ideal for Sophisticated Events

With its refined taste, this cocktail is well-suited for more formal or intimate events.

Personalize Your Julep

Switch up the bourbon for a different whiskey or add a sprig of mint for a decorative and aromatic touch.

Check this recipe.

14. Apple Cider Dark ‘n Stormy

A Stormy Seasonal Drink

The classic Dark ‘n Stormy gets a fall update with the addition of apple cider. The ginger beer and dark rum perfectly complement the apple flavors.

Perfect for Evening Socials

With its rich flavors and warming rum, this cocktail is perfect for late-night get-togethers.

Customize to Taste

You can experiment with spiced rum or add a cinnamon stick for garnish to add a seasonal touch.

Check this recipe.

15. Apple Cider Collins

A Fizzy Delight

This Collins variant features apple cider and gin, providing a sparkling and fruity experience that’s refreshing yet seasonally appropriate.

Great for Daytime Events

It’s a lovely option for luncheons or daytime celebrations where a light and refreshing drink is desired.

Adjust to Your Liking

Feel free to add more lemon juice for tartness or a splash of soda for extra fizz.

Check this recipe.

16. Smoky Apple Cider Mezcal Margarita

Smoke and Spice

This cocktail is not for the faint of heart. Smoky mezcal, spicy cinnamon, and sweet apple cider combine for a drink that’s full of contrast.

A Unique Offering

This is a cocktail that will be the talk of any gathering due to its unique combination of flavors.

Adjust to Suit Your Taste

You can increase or decrease the amount of mezcal or add a chili rim for added spice.

Check this recipe.

17. Spiked Apple Cider Iced Tea

A Comforting Concoction

Blending apple cider with iced tea and your choice of spirit results in a comforting yet refreshing drink.

Great for Casual Events

This cocktail is casual and easy-going, perfect for BBQs or picnics.

Personalize Your Drink

Choose a flavored tea for extra depth or add lemon slices for a tart kick.

Check this recipe.

18. Apple Cider Fireball

Heat Things Up

Combine Fireball whiskey with apple cider for a drink that’s as spicy as it is sweet.

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Great for High-Energy Gatherings

This cocktail is perfect for lively events where a little heat can go a long way.

Adjust to Your Preference

You can increase or decrease the amount of Fireball depending on your taste for spice.

Check this recipe.

19. Caramel Apple Cider Martini

Dessert in a Glass

This luxurious cocktail blends caramel vodka with apple cider for a drink that’s both sophisticated and indulgent.

Perfect for After-Dinner

Serve this at the end of a meal as a liquid dessert that’s sure to impress.

Make It Your Own

Garnish with a caramel rim or an apple slice to elevate the presentation.

Check this recipe.

20. Spiced Apple Cider Rum Punch

Flavors of the Season

Combine apple cider, spiced rum, and seasonal fruits to create a flavorful punch that embodies the spirit of fall.

Great for Parties

This is a communal cocktail that’s easy to make in large batches, making it perfect for gatherings.

Personalize to Your Liking

Add spices like cinnamon and cloves for extra warmth or switch out the spiced rum for a different spirit.

Check this recipe.

21. Apple Cider and Amaretto

Nutty and Sweet

The combination of amaretto and apple cider results in a cocktail with a unique, nutty sweetness that’s hard to resist.

Ideal for Intimate Gatherings

This drink’s rich and complex flavors make it well-suited for smaller, more intimate events.

Adjust to Your Taste

You can add more or less amaretto based on your preference for sweetness.

Check this recipe.

22. Apple Cider Long Island Iced Tea

A Potent Mix

Take the classic Long Island Iced Tea and add apple cider for a potent but incredibly flavorful cocktail.

Great for Lively Events

With its high alcohol content, this cocktail is best suited for events where the energy is high and the spirits are flowing.

Make It Your Own

You can adjust the types and amounts of spirits used to suit your personal taste.

Check this recipe.


Whether you’re an experienced mixologist or a cocktail novice, our extensive list of 22 apple cider cocktails offers a myriad of options to make your fall festivities extra special. With a blend of traditional favorites and innovative concoctions, these seasonal drinks provide the perfect way to celebrate the cozy charm of autumn.

So go ahead, break out the cider and spirits, and toast to unforgettable moments with these irresistibly flavorful apple cider cocktails. Cheers!

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