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Blackberry Mango Margarita

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The Blackberry Mango Margarita is a refreshing and fruity cocktail that combines the bold flavors of tequila and orange liqueur with the tropical sweetness of mango and the rich, tart taste of blackberry liqueur. Blended with simple syrup and fresh lime juice, this drink is served chilled, creating a vibrant and colorful beverage that’s perfect for any occasion.

Tasting Notes

The Blackberry Mango Margarita offers a delightful mix of flavors. The tequila provides a strong, earthy base, complemented by the citrusy notes of the orange liqueur. The frozen mango cubes add a creamy, sweet texture, while the blackberry liqueur introduces a slight tartness and depth. The simple syrup balances the acidity from the lime juice, making each sip smooth and refreshing, with a harmonious blend of sweet, tart, and tangy flavors.

Blackberry Mango Margarita

Blackberry Mango Margarita

Cool Down with a Burst of Berry and Mango Bliss


  • 2 oz tequila
  • 0.75 oz orange liqueur
  • 1 oz simple syrup
  • 0.75 oz lime juice
  • 6 oz frozen mango cubes
  • 1 oz blackberry liqueur
  • 4 oz ice


  1. In a blender add tequila, orange liqueur, simple syrup, lime juice, mango cubes, and 2 oz ice.
  2. Blend until very smooth, set aside in fridge or freezer.
  3. In a blender (or the same blender but rinsed) add 2 oz ice and 1 oz blackberry liqueur.
  4. Blend until very smooth, and set aside.
  5. To build pour in the blackberry layer first, then top with the mango layer.
  6. Garnish with fresh blackberries and lime wedge, and serve.


Chambord or creme de cassis are good substitutes for blackberry liqueur.

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Tips & Tricks

Add a splash of coconut cream to make it creamier and introduce a subtle coconut flavor.

Muddle fresh basil or mint leaves before blending to introduce a fresh, herbal flavor.

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