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6 Best Cognac Cocktails – Easy and Delicious

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Cognac is a fine, smooth spirit however it works surprisingly well in some cocktails. This list of the 6 best cognac cocktails will walk you through the best cognac cocktails I’ve found and I’m certain you’ll find a new favorite in these. These drinks might seem intimidating at first but they’re quite easy to make and you can use your favorite cognac brand. 

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If you’re looking for whiskey cocktails instead, try this list and I’m sure you’ll be impressed. Or if you’re looking for simple, smooth drink try this list of the best 3 ingredient cocktails ever

6 Best Cognac Cocktails

Try out these 6 delicious cognac cocktails, just perfect for the holidays ! Some of these recipes are on the traditional side, while some offer a new twist that you're sure to love.

Found something you liked in this cognac cocktail list ? Great, I hope you’ll make yourself one tonight and contemplate the complex notes in the drink. Enjoy !

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