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Do Peaches Grow On Trees ? How They Look Like ?

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Do you love peaches ? Then you may be wondering all sorts of things about them, including whether peaches grow on trees or not.

Since fruits are so diverse, you’ll often find out your favorite fruit doesn’t grow the way you imagined, or maybe you it comes from a very far away land.

In any case, peaches are the topic of today, and we’re going to see just how peaches grow.

peach tree

So do peaches grow on trees ?

Yes, peaches grow on trees. Peach trees can grow as tall as 23 ft, but they are regularly pruned so they don’t reach such a height and produce better fruit.

Originally the peach tree is from Northwest China, but has spread throughout the world thousands of years ago through trade.

Both white and yellow peaches are of the same species, but different cultivars. The white flesh peaches are favored in Asia, while the yellow flesh peaches are favored in Europe and America.

Varieties of peach trees

There are many varieties of peach trees that produce peaches with different colors. There are dwarf peach trees that produce large peaches, just like full-size trees.

Dwarf peach trees are ideal for people who do not have much space in their yards for a full-size tree. The standard tree can grow up to 25 feet tall, while dwarf peach trees only grow to 6-feet tall.

Additionally, some peach trees produce fruit with clingstones, while others produce freestone peaches. Most homeowners prefer to plant freestone peach trees because they have more fruit.

You can use peaches from your backyard to make pies, cobbler, and other delicious baked goods in summer. The popular peach trees are Bonanza, Galaxy, Reliance, and Halehaven.

The shape of the fruit and color depends on the peach tree species. Some fruits will have a donut shape (like the Galaxy cultivar), while others will have a white or yellow inside.

You can choose a species that fits your geographical location and the harvesting time you desire. Most species have a timeline for growth and the harvest time. Therefore, you can decide on the time of year you would like to harvest your peaches.

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Nectarines VS Peaches

The difference between peaches and nectarines is the skin on the fruits. Nectarines are a species of peaches, and that why they look similar.

The trees and the taste of the fruits are similar. Peaches have a velvet skin with fuzz at the top. The skin can be tough, and you need to peel the peaches before cooking them.

Nectarines have a smooth skin that is thin and easy to cook. The skin in nectarines cooks fast, and you don’t have to peel them when using them in food.

You can decide what you like between nectarine and peaches. Both fruits have similar properties, and they are perfect fruits for summer. Some argue that nectarines are juicers, and peaches are sweeter.

Nectarine and peach trees have the same care routines, and you won’t be at a loss when you choose either of the trees.

nectarine peaches

How to plant a peach tree

If you’ve read so far and would love to have a peach tree in your backyard, then maybe you should plant one. Here’s a short guide on how to do that.

There are two options when it comes to planting peach trees. You can opt to plant the stone and wait until it germinates, or you can buy a one-year-old peach tree and plant it. It is better to buy a one-year-old peach tree rather than plant the stone, as it’s less hassle.

Peach stones stay in the soil for a while before they mature and are ready to germinate. You would need to plant the stone in fall so that it can germinate in spring.

You have to be patient with the seeds and wait until they are ready to sprout. Once the seed germinates, you need to take proper care of it.

Most people who plant peach trees for their consumption opt to buy a one-year-old tree. The reason you need to buy a tree that is one year old is to ensure that it has an excellent root system.

The tree will have a higher chance of survival once you transplant it to your yard. You need to be careful not to hurt the plant’s roots if it doesn’t come with a container. You will also need to plant the tree in a place where there is enough room for the roots to spread.

Ideal conditions for peach trees

Peaches thrive in a pH of 6.5, and the soils need to be well-drained. Poor drainage can cause the roots to start to rot. Additionally, they thrive in areas that have long sunny days.

The plants enjoy plenty of sunshine wildly when they are blooming. Growing peach trees in a shady area will make them unhealthy and prone to diseases.

It would help if you watered the plants frequently during the first year to ensure the roots are strong. You can add organic mulch to the soil to boost the health of the trees.

You shouldn’t add fertilizer to the plan in the first year when you plant the seeds. You can add fertilizer in the following year, starting with one pound and adding another each year. The maximum amount of fertilizer for mature plants should be ten pounds per plant.

peach trees

Pruning peach trees

Pruning is an important activity to ensure that the plant focuses all the resources in producing healthy fruits. You need to prune peach trees even if they look healthy and have a lot of green leaves.

Start pruning by removing any extra developing branches to reduce the number of leaves in the tree. Removing any unnecessary branches will ensure that the tree can produce large and juicy peaches.

Harvesting peach trees

The easiest way to know whether peaches are ripe is through the scent. Ripe peaches have an appealing scent that invites you to bite into the fruit.

The trees produce many green peaches at the beginning of summer. Some of the fruits fall, and you can remove any extra small fruits once the others start filling up.

Fewer fruits mean that you will have larger peaches when it comes to harvest. Most peaches turn from green when they are ripe and produce a strong sweet smell.

Make sure you start harvesting by picking the most significant peaches and leave the smaller ones on the tree until they are fuller.

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Final thoughts

Peaches do grow on peach trees. It is simple to grow a single peach tree in your compound if you love them so much. The trees are not hard to take care of, and you can manage to grow a tree in a couple of years.

The beauty of peach trees is that they have lovely pink blooms that will make your yard come alive. You can enjoy the sweet peach scent in the summer seasons and have an endless supply of organic peaches that you can enjoy.

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