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Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri

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The Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri is a refreshing and vibrant summer cocktail made with frozen watermelon cubes, rum, lime juice, and simple syrup. This blend of fresh and tangy flavors is perfect for cooling down on a hot day, offering a sweet and slightly tart taste that is both delightful and invigorating.

Tasting Notes

The first sip of the Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri presents a burst of refreshing watermelon flavor, immediately evoking a sense of summer. The natural sweetness of the watermelon is complemented by the slight sharpness of the lime juice, creating a balanced and enjoyable taste. The rum adds a subtle warmth and depth to the drink without overpowering the fruitiness, while the simple syrup smooths out the tartness, making each sip pleasantly sweet and tangy.

As the drink progresses, the flavors meld together even more harmoniously. The icy texture from the frozen watermelon cubes keeps the cocktail perfectly chilled, enhancing its refreshing quality. The lime juice continues to provide a zesty undertone that brightens the overall flavor profile, while the rum’s smooth finish leaves a gentle warmth on the palate. Each component works together to create a well-rounded and thoroughly enjoyable cocktail experience.

Tips & Tricks

Add a handful of fresh mint leaves while blending to give the drink a refreshing herbal note.

Substitute 2 ounces of the rum with coconut rum for a tropical variation.

Recipe Card

Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri

Frozen Watermelon Daiquiri

Yield: 44 oz

Cool Off with a Burst of Watermelon Bliss


  • 32 oz frozen watermelon cubes
  • 6 oz rum
  • 4 oz lime juice
  • 2 oz simple syrup


  1. In a blender add all your ingredients and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour into glasses and serve.

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