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Mocktails – 29 Ideas For Delicious, Alcohol-Free Drinks

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Can’t have alcohol but absolutely miss a Mojito or a Tequila Sunrise? Don’t fret, this list of delicious and convincing mocktails is here to satisfy your craving without the booze. All the drinks on this list are 100% alcohol free, and they come close enough in flavor to the real thing. 

And, since they look so convincing they might just keep people off your back ! 

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29 Mocktails To Satisfy Your Cravings

Below you'll find a list of the most satisfying and convincing mocktails I could find.

All the drinks on this list are alcohol free and pregnancy-safe. They're also a great option is you're doing Dry January or just want to skip the booze.

Found this list useful ? Great ! I hope you make yourself a delicious and innocent mocktail today, and relax in the sun. Make sure to share this list with your friends too ! If you’re having company who would prefer an alcoholic drink, take a look at these whiskey cocktails as well. 

Sharing is caring!