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Painkiller Cocktail Recipe

A very cool looking rum-based cocktail that might remind you of a certain famous rum and pineapple drink, but with a twist !

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What is the Painkiller?

The Painkiller does not help with relieving any pain, despite the name. Whether the name is inspired by nutmeg’s pain management properties, or it’s just a really cool name, I don’t know. But I do know it was originally made in the British Virgin Islands, which used navy-style rum (very high proof). So it could be a case of trying to cure a hangover with more alcohol, who knows ?

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Painkiller Cocktail Recipe

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

A tropical cocktail that's going to dull the pain with alcohol (and nutmeg).


  • 2 oz dark rum
  • 1 oz coconut syrup or cream
  • 2 oz pineapple juice
  • 1 oz orange juice
  • nutmeg


  1. In a shaker combine rum, coconut, pineapple, orange, and ice. Shake well.
  2. Strain into a highball half filled with ice.
  3. Add a little nutmeg, freshly ground or pre-ground.


  • The nutmeg is the key for the 'painkiller' part, but in this amount it's not going to do anything. So it's just a gimmick, but it looks very nice.

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When is this drink best?

The Painkiller is almost as enjoyable as Pina Colada, so I think it’s going to work just like it: anytime, anywhere, as long as it’s fun. It could be a casual setting, it could be something more dressed up like the office Christmas party, or it could be brunch.   

My thoughts on Painkiller

I liked Painkiller, then again I like all riffs on Pina Colada. The orange juice cuts through the sweetness a bit, and brings extra tartness. I can’t say the nutmeg does anything in terms of flavor, but really it looks great grated on top.  

painkiller making

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Notes, substitutes, and tips

If you wan to make this more different from Pina Colada and/or want to lean into the nutmeg, use spiced rum. Spiced rum usually has a blend of vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, allspice, star anise, and nutmeg added to the mix so it might work great in this.

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