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30 Recipes With Red Wine For Dinner & Dessert

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This collection of 30 red wine recipes demonstrates the versatility and depth that red wine can bring to a variety of dishes. From classic French stews and luxurious braises to innovative desserts and flavorful vegetarian options, red wine enhances the taste and complexity of each dish. Whether used as a key ingredient in marinades, sauces, or braising liquids, or as a subtle addition to desserts, red wine proves to be an invaluable component in the kitchen, offering rich and robust flavors that elevate everyday cooking to gourmet levels. These recipes are perfect for exploring the culinary potential of red wine, bringing a touch of elegance and sophistication to your dining table.

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1. Classic Beef Bourguignon

A Rich and Flavorful Stew

Indulge in Classic Beef Bourguignon, a traditional French stew that combines tender beef, mushrooms, and carrots, slow-cooked in a rich red wine sauce. This dish is known for its depth of flavor and comforting qualities.

Hearty and Luxurious

Enjoy the luxurious blend of flavors where the red wine adds a robust and rich taste to the tender beef.

Perfect for a Cozy Dinner

Ideal for a cozy dinner, especially during the colder months.

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2. Red Wine Braised Short Ribs

A Tender and Succulent Main Course

Savor the taste of Red Wine Braised Short Ribs, a dish where the ribs are slowly braised in red wine and herbs, resulting in incredibly tender and flavor-packed meat.

Rich and Meaty

The short ribs become melt-in-your-mouth tender, infused with the complex flavors of the wine.

Great for a Special Occasion

Serve this for a special occasion or a sophisticated family meal.

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3. Coq au Vin

A Classic French Dish

Experience Coq au Vin, a classic French dish featuring chicken cooked in red wine with mushrooms, bacon, and onions. This dish is celebrated for its rich flavors and tender chicken.

Flavorful and Hearty

The chicken absorbs the delicious flavors of the wine, creating a hearty and satisfying dish.

Ideal for an Elegant Dinner

Perfect for an elegant dinner party or a comforting weekend meal.

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4. Red Wine Risotto

A Luxurious and Creamy Side

Prepare Red Wine Risotto for a luxurious and creamy side dish. The red wine adds a unique depth of flavor to the creamy risotto, making it a sophisticated accompaniment to many main courses.

Rich and Velvety

The risotto turns out velvety and rich, with a beautiful red wine hue.

Serve with Grilled Meats or Vegetables

Perfect when paired with grilled meats or roasted vegetables.

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5. Red Wine Pasta Sauce

A Robust and Flavorful Sauce

Try Red Wine Pasta Sauce, a robust and flavorful sauce perfect for pasta dishes. The red wine adds complexity and richness to the tomato-based sauce.

Deep and Rich Flavors

The sauce has a deep, rich flavor, perfect for enhancing your favorite pasta.

Great for a Comforting Pasta Dish

Ideal for a comforting and satisfying pasta dish any night of the week.

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6. Red Wine Poached Pears

An Elegant and Light Dessert

Enjoy Red Wine Poached Pears, an elegant and light dessert where pears are poached in a sweet red wine mixture. This dessert is known for its subtle flavors and stunning presentation.

Sweet and Delicate

The pears become tender and are infused with the sweet and aromatic flavors of the wine.

Perfect for a Sophisticated Finish to a Meal

Serve as a sophisticated finish to a dinner party or special occasion meal.

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7. Red Wine Marinated Steak

A Flavor-Infused Grilling Favorite

Indulge in Red Wine Marinated Steak, a grilling favorite where the steak is marinated in a red wine mixture, infusing it with rich flavors and making it incredibly tender.

Tender and Flavor-Packed

The steak turns out exceptionally tender, with a deep, wine-infused flavor.

Ideal for Barbecues and Cookouts

Perfect for outdoor barbecues or a special dinner at home.

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8. Red Wine Mushroom Gravy

A Rich and Savory Accompaniment

Prepare Red Wine Mushroom Gravy, a rich and savory sauce that’s perfect for accompanying meats or mashed potatoes. The red wine adds a depth of flavor to the classic mushroom gravy.

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Complex and Earthy

The gravy is full-bodied, with the earthiness of mushrooms and the complexity of wine.

Great with Roasts or Mashed Potatoes

Serve over roast meats, mashed potatoes, or even over a savory pancake.

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9. Red Wine Chocolate Cake

A Decadent and Moist Cake

Bake a Red Wine Chocolate Cake, a decadent and moist cake where the red wine enhances the chocolate flavor, resulting in a rich and luxurious dessert.

Deep Chocolate Flavor

The chocolate flavor is intensified by the wine, making for a rich and indulgent cake.

Perfect for Celebrations or a Special Treat

Ideal as a celebratory dessert or when you want to treat yourself to something special.

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10. Red Wine Beef Stew

A Comforting and Hearty Meal

Enjoy Red Wine Beef Stew, a comforting and hearty meal perfect for cold days. This stew combines tender beef, vegetables, and herbs, slow-cooked in a rich red wine broth for deep, robust flavors.

Rich and Satisfying

The beef is tender and the broth rich, making for a deeply satisfying meal.

Ideal for a Warm, Comforting Dinner

Perfect for a cozy night in, serving as a warming and fulfilling dish.

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11. Red Wine Glazed Carrots

A Sweet and Savory Side Dish

Prepare Red Wine Glazed Carrots for a sweet and savory side. The carrots are cooked in a red wine and honey glaze, which adds a lovely richness and depth of flavor to the dish.

Caramelized and Flavorful

The carrots caramelize in the glaze, becoming sweet, tender, and full of flavor.

Great with Roast Dinners

Serve as an elegant accompaniment to roast dinners or festive meals.

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12. Red Wine Braised Lamb Shanks

A Luxurious and Tender Entree

Indulge in Red Wine Braised Lamb Shanks, a luxurious dish where the lamb is slow-cooked in red wine, becoming incredibly tender and infused with rich flavors.

Richly Flavored and Tender

The lamb shanks are succulent, with the red wine adding a sophisticated touch.

Perfect for a Special Occasion Dinner

Ideal for impressing guests or enjoying on a special occasion.

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13. Red Wine Roasted Brussels Sprouts

A Flavorful Vegetable Dish

Enjoy Red Wine Roasted Brussels Sprouts, a dish that elevates the humble vegetable to a new level. The sprouts are roasted with a splash of red wine, enhancing their natural flavors.

Crispy and Delicious

The Brussels sprouts turn out crispy and are wonderfully flavored by the wine.

Great as a Healthy Side

Serve as a healthy and tasty side dish with any main course.

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14. Red Wine Vinaigrette Salad Dressing

A Tangy and Versatile Dressing

Make Red Wine Vinaigrette Salad Dressing, a tangy and versatile dressing perfect for dressing salads. The acidity of the red wine vinegar pairs beautifully with the olive oil, creating a classic vinaigrette.

Light and Flavorful

The dressing is light yet full of flavor, enhancing any salad.

Ideal for Green Salads

Perfect for drizzling over green salads or vegetable dishes.

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15. Red Wine Garlic Mushrooms

A Savory and Easy Appetizer

Prepare Red Wine Garlic Mushrooms for a savory and easy appetizer. The mushrooms are sautéed in garlic and red wine, which gives them a delightful flavor.

Rich and Aromatic

The mushrooms are aromatic and rich, perfect as a starter or a side.

Serve with Crusty Bread

Great served with crusty bread to soak up the delicious sauce.

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16. Red Wine Poached Eggs

A Unique Breakfast Twist

Try Red Wine Poached Eggs for a unique twist on breakfast. Poaching eggs in red wine gives them a stunning color and adds a subtle wine flavor.

Unique and Flavorful

The eggs are visually striking and have a unique flavor from the wine.

Perfect for an Elegant Brunch

Ideal for serving at a special brunch or breakfast gathering.

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17. Red Wine Spaghetti

An Unconventional Pasta Dish

Experience Red Wine Spaghetti, an unconventional pasta dish where the spaghetti is cooked in red wine, giving it a stunning color and rich flavor.

Rich and Intriguing

The pasta absorbs the wine, resulting in a dish that’s rich in flavor and color.

Great for a Romantic Dinner

Perfect for a romantic dinner or when you want to try something different.

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18. Red Wine and Rosemary Flatbread

A Rustic and Flavorful Bread

Bake Red Wine and Rosemary Flatbread, a rustic and flavorful bread that’s perfect for pairing with cheese or dips. The red wine adds depth to the dough, while rosemary provides an aromatic touch.

Crispy and Fragrant

The flatbread is crispy, fragrant, and full of flavor.

Ideal for Appetizers or Snacking

Serve as part of an appetizer spread or as a tasty snack.

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19. Red Wine Jus

A Sophisticated Sauce for Meats

Create Red Wine Jus, a sophisticated sauce that’s perfect for drizzling over roasted meats. The jus is made by reducing red wine with stock and aromatics, resulting in a rich, concentrated sauce that enhances the flavor of any meat dish.

Deep and Complex Flavor

The jus has a deep, complex flavor that complements the natural taste of meats.

Ideal for Elevating Main Courses

Perfect for adding an elegant touch to steaks, roasts, or lamb dishes.

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20. Red Wine Roasted Chicken

A Flavor-Infused Poultry Dish

Enjoy Red Wine Roasted Chicken, where the chicken is roasted with a red wine marinade, infusing it with rich and savory flavors. The wine adds a beautiful color and a depth of flavor to the chicken.

Moist and Flavorful

The chicken turns out moist and flavorful, with a subtle wine-infused aroma.

Great for a Family Dinner

Ideal for a comforting family dinner, especially on special occasions.

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21. Red Wine Onion Soup

A Hearty and Rich Soup

Savor the taste of Red Wine Onion Soup, a hearty and rich dish. The onions are caramelized and simmered in a red wine broth, creating a deep and savory flavor profile.

Rich and Satisfying

The soup is satisfying, with the richness of the wine elevating the traditional onion soup.

Perfect for Cold Evenings

Ideal for warming up on cold evenings or as a starter for an elegant meal.

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22. Red Wine Glazed Ham

A Festive and Flavorful Roast

Prepare Red Wine Glazed Ham for a festive and flavorful roast. The ham is glazed with a red wine mixture, resulting in a sweet and savory crust that’s irresistible.

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Sweet, Savory, and Festive

The glaze adds a sweet and savory flavor that complements the richness of the ham.

Great for Holidays or Special Occasions

Perfect for serving during holiday meals or special family gatherings.

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23. Red Wine Risotto with Mushrooms

A Gourmet Vegetarian Dish

Experience Red Wine Risotto with Mushrooms, a gourmet vegetarian dish. The red wine adds depth to the creamy risotto, while the mushrooms provide an earthy flavor.

Creamy and Earthy

The risotto is rich and creamy, with the earthiness of mushrooms complemented by the wine.

Ideal for an Elegant Vegetarian Meal

Serve as a luxurious vegetarian main course or a sophisticated side dish.

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24. Red Wine Berry Compote

A Sweet and Versatile Topping

Make Red Wine Berry Compote, a sweet and versatile topping perfect for desserts. Berries are simmered in red wine, creating a rich and luscious compote.

Sweet and Rich

The compote is sweet with a rich wine flavor, perfect for enhancing desserts.

Serve with Cakes, Ice Cream, or Yogurt

Great as a topping for cakes, ice cream, or yogurt, adding a gourmet touch.

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25. Red Wine Braised Octopus

A Mediterranean-Inspired Delicacy

Try Red Wine Braised Octopus for a Mediterranean-inspired delicacy. The octopus is tenderized and flavored in a savory red wine sauce, making it a luxurious seafood dish.

Tender and Flavorful

The octopus becomes incredibly tender, infused with the flavors of the wine.

Perfect for Seafood Lovers

Ideal for a special seafood dinner or as a unique appetizer.

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26. Red Wine Velvet Cake

A Unique and Decadent Dessert

Bake Red Wine Velvet Cake, a unique and decadent dessert. This cake combines the richness of red wine with chocolate, offering a moist and flavorful treat.

Moist and Rich

The cake is moist and rich, with a subtle hint of wine enhancing the chocolate flavor.

Ideal for Celebrations

Serve as a special dessert for celebrations or when you want to impress with your baking skills.

Check this recipe.

27. Red Wine Poached Salmon

A Light and Elegant Dish

Enjoy Red Wine Poached Salmon, a light and elegant dish where salmon is gently poached in red wine, resulting in a delicate and flavorful meal.

Delicate and Flavorful

The salmon is tender and infused with the subtle flavors of the wine.

Great for a Healthy Dinner Option

Perfect for a healthy dinner, serving as a sophisticated yet light meal.

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28. Red Wine Garlic Chicken Wings

A Bold and Flavorful Appetizer

Prepare Red Wine Garlic Chicken Wings for a bold and flavorful appetizer. The wings are marinated in a red wine and garlic mixture, then roasted to perfection, resulting in a dish with a rich and aromatic flavor.

Savory and Robust

The combination of red wine and garlic infuses the wings with a savory, robust flavor.

Ideal for Parties and Gatherings

Perfect for serving at parties, gatherings, or as a tasty snack during game nights.

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29. Red Wine Beef Chili

A Hearty and Spiced Comfort Food

Indulge in Red Wine Beef Chili, a hearty dish where ground beef is simmered with beans, spices, and red wine. This chili is known for its deep, complex flavors and comforting warmth.

Rich and Flavorful

The red wine adds a richness to the chili, enhancing the spices and beef flavors.

Great for Cold Weather Meals

Ideal for a warming meal during the cold weather or for a cozy family dinner.

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30. Red Wine Braised Eggplant

A Vegetarian Delight

Enjoy Red Wine Braised Eggplant, a vegetarian delight where eggplant slices are braised in a savory red wine sauce. This dish highlights the eggplant’s ability to absorb flavors, resulting in a tender and delicious meal.

Tender and Flavor-Infused

The eggplant becomes incredibly tender, soaking up the rich and savory flavors of the wine.

Perfect as a Main or Side Dish

Serve as a flavorful main course for vegetarians or as a unique side dish with meat entrées.

Check this recipe.


This diverse array of 30 red wine recipes showcases the exceptional versatility of red wine as a culinary ingredient, far beyond its role as a beloved beverage. From enriching hearty stews like Beef Bourguignon to adding complexity to delicate desserts like Red Wine Poached Pears, these recipes illustrate how red wine can elevate and deepen the flavors in a wide range of dishes. Whether tenderizing meats in sumptuous braises, enhancing the richness of sauces, or bringing a unique twist to classic desserts, red wine imparts a distinctive flavor that is both sophisticated and satisfying. These recipes offer a delightful exploration into the world of cooking with red wine, promising delicious and memorable meals for both casual dinners and special occasions.

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