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Rum Punch Cocktail Recipe

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If you like anything remotely fruity and fun, you’ll love the rum punch. It’s the kind of crowd-pleaser you see served at pool parties and backyard cookouts. 

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What is Rum Punch?

The rum punch is a simple rum-spike punch recipe, full of flavor and quite strong. This recipe has some variations, and you’ll usually see it featuring rum (in different combinations), and a lot of fruit juice, usually tropical fruit. It’s more of a template than a set drink. You can easily decide your own punch ingredients, as long as you knw the base recipe. Here it is. 

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Rum Punch Cocktail Recipe

Ioana Ciuraru
A delicious rum crowd pleaser.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1


  • 2 oz orange juice
  • 2 oz pineapple juice
  • 0.5 oz lime juice
  • 1 oz grenadine
  • 0.5 oz dark rum
  • 0.5 oz light rum


  • Get a hurricane glass, fill it with ice at least halfway.
  • In a shaker add all the ingredients, plus ice. Shake very well.
  • Strain into hurricane glass.


  • You could also build this directly in the glass, and stir well before serving.
  • Or if making multiple servings build this in a pitcher with ice, and stir very well before serving.
  • If you're making a big, big batch you want to keep in the fridge do not add ice to the pitcher. It will only dilute the drink.

When is this drink best ?

I think the rum punch works great as a summer cocktail. It’s bright, it’s sweet, it’s fruity, and it’s strong enough to give you a nice buzz. Overall it’s something I’d see served on the beach, at a pool party, or at a summer evening barbecue. Whatever the situation, there is a lot of warmth, sun, and a lot of fun going on. 

My thoughts on Rum Punch

I liked the rum punch, I liked it a lot. It reminded me of the Pina Colada in spirit – fun and summery, with a Carribean vibe. The pineapple and orange juice are a bright, tart combination, and the grenadine syrup ties everything together. It gives some color, a lot of sweetness, and a whole lot of flavor that blends all of the ingredients together. Even with grenadine, this isn’t as sweet as you’d expect, it’s got a fair amount of tartness to it. 

I think adding both light and dark rum made this a semi-light drink in flavor; I’m partial to dark rum. However you can make your own version with entirely light or entirely dark rum, or even sneak in a bit a of spiced rum to make it more interesting. 

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Notes, substitutes, and tips

You can modify this recipe however you like. For example you could swap the pineapple juice for mango juice, the lime for lemon, and use grapefruit juice instead of orange juice. Or use blood oranges instead of regular oranges. Spiced rum would work great here as well !

The recipe is for one serving, but you can easily mix a larger batch in a pitcher or jug, and keep it cool in the fridge if you’ve got a lot of guests to serve.

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