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22 Sandwich Recipes – Easy Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Ideas

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Check out these delicious sandwich recipes that take you on a culinary journey around the world, from the hearty Classic Club to the exotic Banh Mi and from the nutritious Veggie Avocado to the indulgent French Dip. This list of 22 Sandwich Recipes offers something for every palate, perfect for a quick lunch, a fancy dinner, or even a midnight snack. Discover new flavor combinations, reinvent your favorite classics, and enjoy the versatility of these universally loved dishes.

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1. Classic Turkey Club Sandwich

A Timeless Favorite

The classic turkey club sandwich is a lunchtime staple. It’s a satisfying combination of deli turkey, crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, and juicy tomatoes, layered between slices of toasted bread. This sandwich is a perfect blend of flavors and textures that never goes out of style.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Whether you’re preparing lunch for yourself, hosting a casual gathering, or need a simple, quick dinner, the turkey club sandwich fits the bill. It’s versatile, universally loved, and can be paired with a variety of sides like chips, a pickle, or a fresh salad.

Make it Your Own

Feel free to customize your turkey club by adding your favorite cheese, avocado slices, or even a flavored mayo. This sandwich welcomes variation and creativity.

Check this recipe.

2. Vegan Chickpea Salad Sandwich

A Plant-Powered Delight

The vegan chickpea salad sandwich is an excellent plant-based alternative to traditional meat-filled sandwiches. Packed with protein and fiber from chickpeas, and full of crunchy vegetables, this sandwich is filling, nutritious, and incredibly tasty.

Ideal for Lunch

This sandwich is a fantastic option for a healthy lunch. It provides sustained energy for your day and is easy to prepare, making it ideal for those busy days when you’re on the go.

Customizable Flavors

Feel free to experiment with this recipe by adding your favorite herbs and spices or switch up the veggies to your preference. You can also swap regular bread for whole grain or gluten-free bread to suit your dietary needs.

Check this recipe.

3. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

An Iconic Comfort Food

The grilled cheese sandwich is an iconic comfort food, combining creamy, melted cheese and crispy, buttery toasted bread. It’s a delicious, satisfying sandwich that warms the heart as much as it satisfies the taste buds.

Great for a Quick Meal

Whether you’re seeking a quick lunch, a simple dinner, or a midnight snack, the grilled cheese sandwich is an excellent choice. It’s quick and easy to make, requiring just a few basic ingredients.

Unlimited Variations

While the classic grilled cheese is delightful on its own, feel free to play with different types of cheese or add fillings like tomatoes, bacon, or pickles to give the sandwich an extra punch.

Check this recipe.

4. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

A Childhood Favorite

The peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a beloved childhood classic that remains a favorite into adulthood. The combination of creamy or crunchy peanut butter and sweet, fruity jelly between two slices of bread is pure nostalgia.

Perfect for a Quick Snack or Lunch

Quick to assemble and easy to carry, it’s the perfect option for a quick snack, lunch on the go, or a post-workout refuel. Despite its simplicity, this sandwich provides a good balance of protein, fats, and carbs.

Make it Gourmet

While the classic PB&J is made with grape or strawberry jelly, feel free to experiment with gourmet jams or switch up the bread. You can even swap the peanut butter for almond or cashew butter for a change of pace.

Check this recipe.

5. Italian Sub Sandwich

A Hearty Staple

The Italian Sub Sandwich is a true classic. Packed with a variety of Italian meats like salami, pepperoni, and ham, topped with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and a flavorful dressing, it’s an explosion of taste in every bite.

Ideal for Any Time

Whether for a quick lunch, a picnic, or a game day snack, an Italian sub is always a winner. It’s a versatile option that can be easily tailored to suit various taste preferences.

Customizable to Your Liking

Don’t be afraid to customize your Italian sub. Add your favorite veggies, swap the meats, or try a different cheese to make the sandwich uniquely yours.

Check this recipe.

6. Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwich

A Delicious Twist on a Classic

The Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwich takes the best parts of a Caesar salad – grilled chicken, crisp lettuce, Parmesan cheese, and creamy Caesar dressing – and puts it all in a convenient sandwich form. It’s flavorful, filling, and ideal for a light lunch.

Perfect for On-the-Go

This sandwich is great for on-the-go occasions. Pack it for lunch, take it on a picnic, or enjoy it as a quick dinner after a busy day.

Variety is Key

Feel free to adjust this recipe to suit your preferences. Swap out the chicken for turkey or tofu, add bacon or anchovies, or experiment with different types of bread.

Check this recipe.

7. Tuna Salad Sandwich

A Protein-Packed Meal

The Tuna Salad Sandwich is a nutritious, protein-packed meal that’s both satisfying and delicious. It’s a combination of flaky tuna, creamy mayo, crunchy celery, and onions, served between slices of your favorite bread.

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Ideal for Any Occasion

Tuna salad sandwiches are great for any meal of the day. They are quick and easy to prepare, making them perfect for lunch, dinner, or even a hearty snack.

Customize to Your Taste

You can easily customize your tuna salad sandwich. Add fresh herbs, use different types of onions, or even mix in some chopped pickles or capers for added tang and crunch.

Check this recipe.

8. Egg Salad Sandwich

A Classic Comfort Food

The Egg Salad Sandwich is a classic comfort food, featuring creamy egg salad served on crusty bread or a soft roll. It’s a simple, satisfying, and wonderfully adaptable recipe.

Perfect for Any Time of Day

Whether you’re looking for an easy breakfast, a light lunch, or a quick dinner, an egg salad sandwich is a great choice. It’s a versatile dish that can be enjoyed any time of day.

Personalize Your Sandwich

Customize your egg salad sandwich by adding your favorite herbs, spices, or other ingredients. Try adding some chopped celery for crunch or some dill pickles for tang.

Check this recipe.

9. French Dip Sandwich

An Indulgent Classic

The French Dip Sandwich is an indulgent classic. It’s made with tender roast beef served on a crusty baguette, accompanied by a flavorful au jus for dipping. This is a hearty, savory sandwich that’s sure to satisfy your cravings.

Great for Dinner

A French Dip Sandwich is an excellent dinner option, especially when served with a side of fries or a green salad. It’s a warm, comforting dish that’s perfect for cozy evenings at home.

Tailor to Your Tastes

Feel free to adjust this recipe according to your tastes. Swap the roast beef for turkey or add some caramelized onions or cheese for additional flavor.

Check this recipe.

10. Avocado and Turkey Sandwich

A Healthy, Flavorful Option

This Avocado and Turkey Sandwich is a nutritious, flavorful option for lunch or dinner. It combines lean turkey, creamy avocado, crisp lettuce, and juicy tomatoes to create a satisfying and healthful meal.

Perfect for a Light Lunch

This sandwich is light yet fulfilling, making it a great choice for lunch. It’s also quick and easy to assemble, which is ideal for busy days when time is of the essence.

Make it Your Own

Feel free to customize this sandwich to your preferences. Try adding some cheese, swapping the turkey for chicken, or adding some crispy bacon for extra flavor and crunch.

Check this recipe.

11. Reuben Sandwich

A Deli Classic

The Reuben Sandwich is a deli classic that combines corned beef, Swiss cheese, tangy sauerkraut, and Russian dressing, all grilled between slices of rye bread. This sandwich is hearty, flavorful, and truly satisfying.

Great for Lunch or Dinner

A Reuben makes for a satisfying lunch or a casual dinner. Its robust flavors and hearty ingredients can keep you full for hours.

Tailor to Your Tastes

Customize your Reuben by swapping the corned beef for turkey, or try a different type of cheese. You could also use coleslaw instead of sauerkraut for a different kind of tang.

Check this recipe.

12. Veggie and Hummus Sandwich

A Plant-Based Powerhouse

This Veggie and Hummus Sandwich is a plant-based powerhouse, loaded with fresh vegetables, creamy hummus, and served on whole grain bread. It’s a nutritious, flavorful sandwich that’s perfect for a healthy lunch or dinner.

Perfect for a Light Meal

Light, refreshing, and packed with a variety of textures and flavors, this sandwich is ideal for a picnic, a light dinner, or a quick lunch on a warm day.

Make it Your Own

You can easily customize this sandwich to suit your tastes. Try different types of hummus, add your favorite veggies, or sprinkle some feta cheese for an extra kick.

Check this recipe.

13. Ham and Cheese Sandwich

A Simple Classic

The Ham and Cheese Sandwich is a simple, classic dish that never goes out of style. The combination of savory ham, creamy cheese, and fresh bread makes for a satisfying and delicious meal.

Great for Any Time of the Day

Whether you’re packing a lunch, looking for a quick breakfast, or needing a late-night snack, a ham and cheese sandwich fits the bill. It’s quick to prepare and easy to enjoy.

Make it Your Own

Customize your ham and cheese sandwich by choosing your favorite types of ham and cheese. Add in some veggies like lettuce and tomatoes, or spread on some mustard or mayo for extra flavor.

Check this recipe.

14. Caprese Sandwich

A Taste of Italy

The Caprese Sandwich is a delicious Italian-inspired dish that features fresh mozzarella, ripe tomatoes, fragrant basil, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze. It’s a refreshing and light sandwich that’s packed full of flavor.

Ideal for a Light Lunch or Dinner

This sandwich is perfect for those times when you want a light, yet satisfying meal. It’s ideal for lunch, dinner, or even as an appetizer.

Make it Your Own

Feel free to customize your Caprese sandwich. Add some sliced avocado for creaminess, some roasted bell peppers for a sweet twist, or even some sliced grilled chicken for added protein.

Check this recipe.

15. Roasted Vegetable and Pesto Sandwich

A Vegetarian Delight

The Roasted Vegetable and Pesto Sandwich is a vegetarian delight that’s loaded with flavor. This sandwich features a variety of roasted veggies, creamy goat cheese, and a flavorful pesto spread.

Perfect for a Healthy Lunch or Dinner

This is a sandwich that’s not only delicious but also packed with nutrients, making it a great choice for a healthy lunch or dinner. It’s also quite versatile and can be adapted to whatever veggies you have on hand.

Customizable to Your Liking

Feel free to adapt this recipe to your tastes. Swap the goat cheese for feta, the pesto for hummus, or mix and match your favorite roasted vegetables.

Check this recipe.

16. BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich 

A Southern Classic

The BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich is a Southern classic, featuring tender, slow-cooked pork in a tangy barbecue sauce. The balance of savory, sweet, and slightly smoky flavors makes this sandwich a crowd pleaser.

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Perfect for Family Gatherings

This sandwich is ideal for picnics, potlucks, or any gathering. It’s hearty and satisfying, and pairs perfectly with traditional sides like coleslaw and cornbread.

Customizable to Your Liking

Feel free to adjust this recipe according to your preferences. Try adding some pickles or onions for crunch, or use a different type of barbecue sauce to change up the flavor.

Check this recipe.

17. Philly Cheesesteak

A Hearty Classic

The Philly Cheesesteak is a hearty sandwich that hails from Philadelphia, featuring thin slices of sautéed ribeye beef and melted cheese in a long roll. Often, the cheesesteak is also packed with onions, peppers, and mushrooms for extra flavor.

Perfect for a Filling Lunch or Dinner

This sandwich is substantial and delicious, making it a great choice for a filling lunch or dinner. It’s a comfort food classic that’s sure to satisfy your cravings.

Make it Your Own

Feel free to tweak the classic Philly cheesesteak to your tastes. Try different types of cheese, add some hot peppers for a spicy kick, or substitute the beef with chicken for a lighter version.

Check this recipe.

18. Cuban Sandwich

A Flavorful, Pressed Delight

The Cuban Sandwich is a flavorful delight, filled with ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard, all perfectly pressed between slices of Cuban bread. The result is a warm, crispy, and melty sandwich that’s packed with taste.

Ideal for Lunch or Dinner

This sandwich is perfect for a savory lunch or dinner. The unique combination of ingredients offers a different take on the traditional sandwich, and its hearty nature ensures you won’t be left hungry.

Make it Your Own

Feel free to make modifications to suit your preferences. Switch the meats for chicken or turkey, try different pickles or cheeses, or even experiment with various mustards to tweak the flavor profile.

Check this recipe.

19. Falafel Sandwich

A Middle Eastern Gem

The Falafel Sandwich is a popular Middle Eastern dish that’s both delicious and satisfying. Packed with crispy falafels, fresh veggies, and creamy tahini sauce, all wrapped in a warm pita bread, this sandwich is a vegetarian’s dream.

Great for Lunch or Dinner

This filling sandwich is a great option for lunch or dinner. It offers a unique blend of flavors and textures, from the crunchy falafels to the soft pita and the tangy tahini sauce.

Customizable to Your Liking

Feel free to tailor your Falafel Sandwich to your liking. Add some pickled vegetables for tang, some hot sauce for a kick, or even some feta cheese for a creamy addition.

Check this recipe.

20. Smoked Salmon Sandwich

An Elegant Option

The Smoked Salmon Sandwich is an elegant option, typically served on a bagel or rye bread with cream cheese, capers, and red onion. It’s a delicious combination of flavors that feels both indulgent and healthy.

Ideal for Breakfast or Brunch

This sandwich is perfect for a luxurious breakfast or brunch. The smoky, rich flavor of the salmon pairs wonderfully with the creaminess of the cheese and the bite of the onions and capers.

Make it Your Own

Feel free to customize your Smoked Salmon Sandwich. Try it with avocado, cucumber, or even a sprinkle of fresh dill. You could also experiment with different types of bread or bagels.

Check this recipe.

21. Chicken Pesto Panini

A Flavorful Italian-Inspired Sandwich

The Chicken Pesto Panini is an Italian-inspired sandwich that’s bursting with flavor. Grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and homemade pesto are pressed between two slices of bread to create this delicious and satisfying sandwich.

Ideal for a Quick and Delicious Meal

This panini is perfect for a quick and delicious meal. It’s easy to make and packs in a ton of flavor, making it a hit for lunch or dinner.

Make it Your Own

Feel free to customize your Chicken Pesto Panini. Add some roasted red peppers for sweetness, some spinach for added nutrients, or experiment with different types of cheese.

Check this recipe.

22. Po’ Boy Sandwich

A New Orleans Specialty

The Po’ Boy Sandwich is a New Orleans specialty, typically featuring fried seafood like shrimp or oysters, served on a baguette-like New Orleans French bread. It’s usually dressed with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and a tangy remoulade sauce.

Perfect for a Hearty, Flavorful Meal

This sandwich is ideal for a hearty and flavorful meal. The combination of crispy seafood and fresh, tangy dressing make it a unique and satisfying choice.

Make it Your Own

Feel free to customize your Po’ Boy Sandwich. Try it with different types of seafood, add some hot sauce for a spicy kick, or switch up the vegetables to your liking.

Check this recipe.


And there you have it – 22 easy sandwich recipes from various cuisines, each offering a unique blend of flavors and textures. Whether you prefer a classic grilled cheese, a refreshing Greek salad sandwich, or a protein-packed rotisserie chicken and bacon club, these sandwich recipes are sure to keep your lunch and dinner menus exciting. Remember, these recipes are merely guides. Feel free to let your creativity shine and adjust the ingredients to suit your taste buds. Happy sandwich making!

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