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68 Thanksgiving Side Dishes – Easy Make-Ahead Dishes to Feed A Crowd

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Thanksgiving side dishes are an important part part of the meal, and choosing the perfect sides to go with your main course is not easy. What are your options, aside from the classics ? Well, there is a surprising amount of options available to choose from ! I’ve curated a list of the most delicious sweet and savory Thanksgiving side dishes for you to try next. 

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These 68 Thanksgiving side dish recipes are here to save you this holiday season, or at the very least inspire you to try something completely new based on them.  

Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Each year Thanksgiving rolls around and the side dishes are the biggest question - what will you serve ? You could always go classic, with mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. But what if you want to switch things up a bit ?

This list of 68 Thanksgiving side dishes is here to help you step up your game and host the perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

Found your new perfect side dish ? Great ! I hope you manage to pull together the perfect Thanksgiving feast, complete with the best side dishes possible. If you’re looking for something light that could work as both main course and side dish, take a look at these pasta salad recipes.

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