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30 Vietnamese Recipes – Easy & Authentic Meals

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Discover the heart of Vietnam with these 30 delectable Vietnamese recipes – a symphony of flavors, marrying fresh herbs, aromatic spices, and a rich history. Whether you’re a food enthusiast looking to expand your culinary horizons or a seasoned home chef aiming for authentic Vietnamese delicacies, our guide promises a mouthwatering journey through Vietnam’s culinary treasures.

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1. Pho Bo (Beef Noodle Soup)

A Timeless Classic
Delve into the deep flavors of Pho Bo, Vietnam’s beloved beef noodle soup. Its aromatic broth is infused with spices like star anise and cinnamon, providing a perfect base for rice noodles and thin slices of beef.
A Symbol of Vietnamese Cuisine
Embrace the heart of Vietnamese culinary traditions every time you sip this soul-warming soup. Garnish with fresh herbs, bean sprouts, and lime to elevate the experience.
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2. Bánh Mì (Vietnamese Sandwich)

A Fusion of Cultures
Bánh Mì seamlessly blends French and Vietnamese influences, resulting in a crunchy baguette filled with an assortment of meats, pickled vegetables, and fresh herbs.
Elevate Your Sandwich Game
Transform your lunch routine with this vibrant and flavorful sandwich. Customize with your favorite fillings like grilled pork, chicken, or tofu.
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3. Gỏi Cuốn (Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls)

A Fresh Delight
Dive into the refreshing world of Gỏi Cuốn, delicate rice paper rolls packed with shrimp, herbs, vermicelli, and pork.
Ideal for Hot Days
Beat the heat with this light and satisfying dish. Dip in the traditional peanut sauce to add a creamy, savory touch.
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4. Bún Riêu (Crab Noodle Soup)

A Seafood Lover’s Dream
Bask in the rich flavors of Bún Riêu, a tangy tomato-based soup filled with freshwater crab and rice vermicelli.
Experience Authentic Vietnam
Every spoonful transports you to the bustling streets of Hanoi, immersing you in genuine Vietnamese culture.
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5. Bún Thịt Nướng (Grilled Pork Over Noodles)

Savory Meets Fresh
Discover the harmonious blend of char-grilled pork, fresh herbs, and rice vermicelli in Bún Thịt Nướng.
Perfect for Anytime Dining
Ideal for lunch or dinner, this dish shines with its flavorful pork and cooling accompaniments. Drizzle with nước chấm, a tangy fish sauce, to tie it all together.
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6. Cà Ri Gà (Chicken Curry)

Vietnam’s Take on Curry
Savor the rich, coconut milk-infused broth of Cà Ri Gà, teeming with tender chicken pieces and aromatic spices.
An Invitation to Comfort
Warm your soul with this hearty curry, best enjoyed with crusty bread or steamed rice.
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7. Bánh Xèo (Crispy Pancake)

A Crunchy Delicacy
Relish the crispness of Bánh Xèo, a savory pancake filled with pork, shrimp, and bean sprouts.
Cultural Exploration on a Plate
Revel in this dish’s origins from Southern Vietnam, enhancing the experience with fresh lettuce and herbs.
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8. Gỏi Gà (Vietnamese Chicken Salad)

A Light, Tangy Treat
Delight in the zesty flavors of Gỏi Gà, a chicken salad elevated with lime, chili, and aromatic herbs.
A Perfect Lunchtime Choice
Enjoy a refreshing midday meal with this combination of tender chicken, crisp cabbage, and crunchy toppings.
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9. Bánh Canh (Thick Noodle Soup)

A Unique Texture
Indulge in the thick, chewy noodles of Bánh Canh, swimming in a rich broth of your choice – be it crab, shrimp, or pork.
A Wholesome Meal
Embrace comfort in a bowl with the diverse textures and flavors of this traditional dish.
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10. Chả Giò (Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls)

A Crispy Indulgence
Bite into the golden crunch of Chả Giò, filled with a savory mixture of meat and vegetables.
Ideal for Sharing
Serve these crispy rolls at gatherings, ensuring a memorable culinary experience for all. Dip into the tangy fish sauce for perfection.
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11. Mì Quảng (Quang Noodle)

A Flavorful Central Vietnamese Dish
Experience the interplay of flavors and textures in Mì Quảng, featuring turmeric-infused noodles, seasoned meat, and fresh herbs.
Perfect for Special Occasions
Make any meal special with this brightly colored dish, topped with roasted peanuts and crispy shallots.
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12. Bún Chả (Grilled Pork with Vermicelli)

Hanoi’s Signature Dish
Savor Bún Chả, a beloved Hanoi delicacy featuring grilled pork patties, vermicelli noodles, and a tangy dipping sauce.
A True Culinary Experience
Indulge in a rich culinary tradition by enjoying this dish with fresh herbs and crispy fried spring rolls.
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13. Chả Cá Lã Vọng (Grilled Fish with Dill)

A Seafood Specialty
Taste the unique combination of grilled fish and fresh dill in Chả Cá Lã Vọng, an age-old recipe from Hanoi.

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Great for Entertaining
Impress your guests with this richly flavored dish, accompanied by rice noodles and a plethora of herbs.
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14. Bún Ốc (Snail Noodle Soup)

A Unique Vietnamese Experience
Explore the delicate flavors of Bún Ốc, a savory snail noodle soup, a comforting yet adventurous dish.
Embrace Authentic Flavors
Savor this tasty combination of snails, tomatoes, and rice vermicelli, adding a touch of spice with chili peppers.
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15. Xôi Mặn (Savory Sticky Rice)

A Hearty Street Food
Discover Xôi Mặn, a satisfying sticky rice dish often layered with meat, fried shallots, and pickled vegetables.
Perfect for Breakfast or Snack
Enjoy this comforting dish any time of day, customizing with your preferred toppings and condiments.
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16. Bánh Chưng (Vietnamese Rice Cake)

A Lunar New Year Staple
Celebrate tradition with Bánh Chưng, a rice cake filled with mung bean and pork, wrapped in banana leaves.
A Symbol of Heritage
Crafted with care, this dish symbolizes respect for one’s ancestors and Vietnamese history.
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17. Chè Ba Màu (Three-Color Dessert)

A Sweet Delight
Indulge your sweet tooth with Chè Ba Màu, a colorful dessert with layers of beans, jelly, and coconut milk.
Perfect for Hot Weather
Chill out with this delightful treat, perfect for enjoying on a hot day or as a festive ending to a Vietnamese meal.
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18. Cơm Tấm (Broken Rice)

A Humble Yet Flavorful Dish
Savor Cơm Tấm, a dish centered around broken rice, often served with grilled pork, fried egg, and fresh vegetables.
A Taste of Everyday Vietnam
Embrace the simplicity of this classic dish, finding joy in its diverse textures and flavors.
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19. Bánh Bò (Steamed Rice Cake)

A Sweet Snack or Dessert
Enjoy Bánh Bò, soft and chewy steamed rice cakes, often infused with coconut milk and pandan.
Ideal with Tea or Coffee
Complement your favorite beverage with this subtly sweet treat, a popular choice throughout Vietnam.
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20. Bún Bò Huế (Spicy Beef Noodle Soup)

A Spicy Sensation
Awaken your taste buds with Bún Bò Huế, known for its spicy and robust beef broth, accompanied by thick rice noodles.
Embrace the Heat
Explore the complex flavors of this dish, enhancing with fresh herbs and lime for a well-rounded experience.
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21. Gà Xào Sả Ớt (Lemongrass Chili Chicken)

A Fragrant and Spicy Dish
Delight in the zesty flavors of Gà Xào Sả Ớt, featuring chicken stir-fried with fresh lemongrass and chili.
Quick and Satisfying
Prepare a flavorful meal in no time, enjoying this fragrant chicken with steamed rice or noodles.
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22. Cá Kho Tộ (Braised Fish in Clay Pot)

A Vietnamese Family Favorite
Savor Cá Kho Tộ, tender fish braised in a caramelized sauce, often cooked and served in a clay pot.
Rich and Flavorful
Immerse yourself in the deep flavors of this dish, balanced with steamed rice and fresh vegetables.
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23. Bánh Căn (Mini Pancakes)

A Southern Vietnamese Treat
Treat yourself to Bánh Căn, delightful mini rice flour pancakes often filled with shrimp or squid.
Perfect for Snacking
Indulge in these crispy and soft pancakes, dipping in tangy sauce for a satisfying snack or appetizer.
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24. Canh Chua (Sour Tamarind Soup)

A Tangy, Comforting Soup
Enjoy Canh Chua, a sour tamarind soup teeming with fresh vegetables, pineapple, and fish or shrimp.
A Taste of the Mekong Delta
Experience the diverse flavors of Southern Vietnam in this unique and mouthwatering soup.
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25. Gỏi Đu Đủ (Green Papaya Salad)

A Fresh and Tangy Salad
Relish the crisp textures of Gỏi Đu Đủ, a refreshing green papaya salad often paired with shrimp or beef jerky.
Ideal for a Light Meal
Savor this salad on a warm day or as a lively side dish, adding a sprinkle of roasted peanuts for crunch.
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26. Bánh Tét (Sticky Rice Cake)

A Traditional Delicacy
Celebrate with Bánh Tét, a cylindrical rice cake filled with mung bean paste and pork, wrapped in banana leaves.
A Lunar New Year Favorite
Enjoy this treat during festive occasions, appreciating its symbolism of unity and prosperity.
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27. Cháo (Rice Porridge)

A Comforting Staple
Warm up with Cháo, a soothing rice porridge, often served with chicken, fish, or just simple seasonings.
The Ultimate Comfort Food
Turn to this dish when seeking solace or recovery, customizing with your preferred ingredients and garnishes.
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28. Nem Rán (Fried Spring Rolls)

A Golden, Crispy Delight
Indulge in Nem Rán, crispy fried spring rolls filled with a mixture of pork, shrimp, and veggies.

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A Festive Treat
Serve these golden rolls at parties or gatherings, ensuring a hit among guests of all ages.
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29. Bánh Bột Lọc (Clear Shrimp Dumplings)

A Hue Specialty
Discover Bánh Bột Lọc, clear and chewy dumplings filled with shrimp and pork, a culinary gem from Central Vietnam.
A Delicate Delight
Enjoy these translucent dumplings steamed or pan-fried, savoring their unique texture and flavor with a dip in tangy fish sauce.
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30. Bánh Dày (Rice Cake)

A Simple Yet Tasty Treat
Taste Bánh Dày, soft and chewy rice cakes, often enjoyed with Vietnamese ham or sausages.
A Versatile Snack
Appreciate the subtleness of this cake on its own or paired with savory ingredients for a delightful contrast.
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From the robust flavors of Bún Bò Huế to the delicate textures of Bánh Bột Lọc, this exploration of Vietnamese cuisine unveils a world of gastronomic wonders. Each recipe on the list not only tantalizes the taste buds but also provides a glimpse into Vietnam’s rich cultural tapestry. As you embark on this culinary adventure, remember that the essence of Vietnamese cooking lies in the balance of flavors and the love infused into every dish. Happy cooking!

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