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What Do Raw Eggs Taste Like ? Here’s What We Found Out

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Have you ever met folks who eat raw eggs ? Either for extra protein for bodybuilding, or just for nutrition’s sake, some folks see the benefit of eating a whole, raw egg. Or mixing one into their smoothie or shake.

What do raw eggs taste like ? Are they worth it flavor-wise or is there something else ?

expired eggs

What do raw eggs taste like ?

Raw eggs tend to taste fairly bland, but those who are more sensitive may find them overpowering. The egg yolk is mostly fats, so it’s taste will be a bit buttery, very creamy and will have a smooth mouthfeel.

A trained palate may detect umami notes, and if the hen has been fed plenty of omega 3 and 9 sources, the yolk may also taste vaguely fishy.

The egg white is more gelatinous, slightly salty but much more bland than the yolk.

This is for raw, cold eggs. It stands to reason very few people eat raw eggs for the flavor, instead they eat them for the health benefits.

Raw eggs can be mixed into anything, be it a smoothie, whipped up, put in a protein shake, or simply swallowed whole.

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Raw eggs in the kitchen

Raw eggs are used in many baked items where they seem to enrich and enhance the taste of the products. Taste is an important attribute of any food item, but why do eggs help so much ?

The egg yolks have fats that can help release flavors from other ingredients, as some are only fat soluble. It’s one of the reasons why eggs are used in many types of breads and cakes.

The eggs seem to enrich the ingredients and enhance their respective tastes. Eggs are able to do this because they has more than 100 volatile flavors, fats, and proteins.

Another reason is possibly the same way butter makes nearly everything taste better, richer, while oil doesn’t work as well. Sure, they will behave similarly – both are fats – but butter is animal fat, just like egg yolks.

There is something about animal-derived fats that simply make foods and desserts that much better, and that’s the association between proteins and fats.

raw eggs in baking

Do raw eggs have more protein?

Raw eggs do have an amazing amount of protein, and it’s best toe at them in a very specific way. For example the yolks should still be runny, in order to preserve their nutritional value.

Egg whites should be cooked, since that’s the best way to consume proteins.

Even so, raw eggs are quite popular with bodybuilders. They use raw eggs in smoothies and shakes in the belief that it’s a quicker way to absorb and assimilate more protein that builds muscles on a fast track.

In these formulations, the taste of egg, which is already bland and mild, may get lost to the other predominant tastes. It’s taken with a view to giving the body a higher dose of protein in a form that is believed to be easily digested and absorbed.

However, some health experts believe that drinking raw eggs is not healthy, as you are exposing yourself to salmonella. While that risk may be true, each person decides on their own whether they trust their local eggs or not.

Do cooked eggs taste better ?

For sure, cooked eggs taste better than raw eggs. When we cook the eggs, the different vitamins, proteins, and fats get cooked and their respective tastes come to become one with the taste of the whole egg.

Cooking the eggs is a better way to consume them as it can enhance the taste and at the same time it is healthier. By cooking, food-borne illnesses can be avoided.

An upside to cooking eggs is that you may flavor them however you like, which isn’t as successful with raw eggs.

Cooked eggs provide better protein

If more protein is what you are aiming at when eating raw eggs, it is better to try cooked eggs. The nutritional facts available about eggs suggest that cooked eggs will give you protein that is easier to absorb.

Protein is one of the hardest things to digest. Cooking makes food easier to digest because it breaks down complex protein into a more digestible form. There are other benefits as well.

Eggs contain biotin, a water-soluble vitamin. It helps hair and nail growth. It also helps in the processing of carbs and functioning of the nervous system.

Raw eggs have a protein named avidin that stops biotin from being absorbed by the body. Cooking breaks down biotin and makes it possible for the body to absorb it.

Choose pasteurized eggs

If you are convinced of the taste and benefits of raw eggs, go for pasteurized eggs. These are pasteurized by lightly heating to eliminate the risk of foodborne illness.

When you are eating raw eggs, you need to pay attention to how clean they are, and the fact that the egg shells do not have harmful bacteria on them. You should store the eggs in a refrigerated environment so that they do not develop bacterial growth.

pasteurized eggs

Eggs should be washed so that there is no bacteria from the environment or the hen. Washing would also remove the thin layer called cuticle that keeps bacteria from getting to the shell. If the eggs are stored at below 42 degrees F, there is little chance of bacteria growing on egg shells.

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Final thoughts

Raw eggs do not have much of a taste of their own. In smoothies and shakes, its tastes get mixed with other more dominant tastes. However, when eggs are cooked, their tastes become better and more distinct. Health experts think using cooked eggs is a more healthy option than eating them raw.

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