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Why Green Peas Are Never Fresh? Why They Are Always Frozen

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If you’ve ever had green peas then you might’ve had them frozen, if not canned. Never fresh though.

And this is something that once you notice you simply can’t forget. Isn’t it odd, how you never find fresh green peas ?

Is there something wrong with fresh peas, or are frozen peas simply better ?

This is what we’re going to find out today, and hopefully it will answer your question.

Why are green peas never fresh ?

The main reason green peas are never fresh is because fresh peas go off very quickly, in a matter of hours.

As soon as two hours after they’ve been picked green peas harden and lose much of their flavor and sweetness.

This is due to moisture loss, and also has to do with the amount of starch normally found in peas.

The best workaround for this is simply flash-freezing peas as soon as they’re picked.

This is why you’ll see a ‘quick freeze’ or ‘flash frozen’ label on frozen peas.

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Why peas are always frozen? Are they better?

No, frozen peas are not better than fresh peas because they are simply the same.

Fresh, literally right off the stalk peas are just as nutritious as frozen peas.

This is because frozen peas are very fresh peas that are immediately frozen. So they are the same.

The second best option is canned peas. These are fresh peas that haven’t made it to the freezing space soon enough.

So they’re quickly boiled and left in a light brine for storage. Both frozen and canned peas can last for a very long time if properly stored.

You can find peas in several forms and several cultivars, but the best performing seems to be shelled peas.

The ones still in their pods are smaller, and not everyone likes the flavor of the pod.

Peas lose nutritional value over time

The biggest trouble with peas is that they lose their oomph over time. Second day peas are hard, bland, and simply not as food or nutritious.

You may find hard, dried peas for sale but you have to cook them for a very long time in order to really enjoy them. It’s worse than dried beans.

Can you even find fresh peas ?

Yes, fresh peas can be found right on the farms. Or, if you’ve got a home harden then you can easily pick them and cook them straight away.

Freshly picked peas are said to be the sweetest possible peas out there.

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Workaround for fresh peas

If you’d like to get some fresh peas without the hassle of going to a farm to pick them, you can try this.

This also works if you need dry peas, as in fresh peas that won’t leave a lot of water like frozen peas.

Get frozen peas, and let them thaw completely. Don’t leave them alone for too long, because they’re going to harden and lose flavor like they were just picked.

Once they’ve thawed, pat them completely dry and check to see if they’re firm. If they’re too hard to eat – some eat them raw in salads – then give them a quick parboil.

But if they’re somewhat soft, go ahead and eat them as is. Very fresh peas should be sweet, and will benefit from only the quickest of sauteeing, just a few seconds to heat them through.

By heating them, you break down the cell walls and make the entire pea sweet.

There you go, faux fresh green peas !


It is very hard to find fresh peas since most of the time they will be frozen, but that doesn’t mean they would not be as good as fresh peas since most of the time you will cook them. In my opinion, the fresh peas are better if you plan to eat them raw, in a salad but other than that they are almost the same as frozen peas, quality-wise.

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