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Best Champagne Cocktails To Start The Celebrations

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Looking for the best champagne cocktails ? This list will have you covered, and your guests impressed. Most of these can be made with sparkling wine or prosecco, even if they are champagne cocktails. As long as they taste great, who’s gonna know ?

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best champagne cocktails

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Best Champagne Cocktails

Champagne, sparkling wine, and prosecco - different, but easily substituted for one another in a cocktail.

This list will give you the best champagne cocktails, but feel free to use whichever substitute you have on hand, if you don't have champagne (quite expensive!).

Some of these are best suited for winter, and at least one of them is a very well known brunch staple !

Liked this list of the best champagne cocktails ? Great ! Get mixing, and share a drink or two with your friends. After all, champagne (and sparking wine, and prosecco) tastes best when shared, and when celebrating. So gather your friends and/or family and celebrate being together. 

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