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Top 7 Summer Tequila Cocktails To Try Next

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When I think of summer, I instantly think of tequila cocktails like margaritas, tequila Sunrise and more. So I decided to make a list of 7 of my favorite tequila summer cocktails.

I also have a list of the best tequila cocktails for all seasons, a few of the cocktails with overlap with this list but that is because tequila is indeed one of the best base drinks for summer cocktails.

In this list, I haven’t included the classic margarita because I like the fruitier versions a bit more but that is my taste, a classic margarita can be great in the summer but that should be no surprise to anyone and you can find a recipe for that on my site or everywhere on the internet since is one of the most popular cocktails.

7 Best summer tequila cocktails

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7 Best Summer Tequila Cocktails

These cocktails are the best to make your summer that much better. When I think of tequila, two things come to my mind.
Tequila shots at a party or tequila cocktails on a sunny day. These cocktails can also combine those two occasions, so why not have a tequila cocktail at a summer party?


I know it wasn’t a very long list, but some of those long lists can become overwhelming and while you might have more choices it might actually be harder to choose one. I also have a best 10 summer cocktails list if you are not looking for a specific type of drink or this 7 best summer gin cocktails if you are a gin lover.

If you want something without alcohol, here is my list of 29 mocktail ideas.

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