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Best Mango Chutney Substitutes – 5 Great Alternatives

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Mango chutney is one of the most delicious condiments you could ever make. It goes well with so many dishes whether you are making meat, vegetables, or snacks.

Mango is usually just sweet enough but it doesn’t overpower the rest of the ingredients. It just makes everything sweeter and gives it a specific structure you would not want to miss out on.

But what if you can’t make it or buy it? Lucky for you, there are alternatives.

mango chutney

Best mango chutney substitutes

The best substitute for mango chutney is apricot, whether it’s in the form of apricot preserve or apricot jam. You can also try peach marmalade, peach jam, or you may even find peach chutney.

If not, you could try also try nectarines as they are very similar to peaches, though you may want to add a bit of lemon juice.

If you’re not particular about the level of sweetness and just want to add a fruity hint, you can also try cranberries with lemon juice, pineapple juice, passionfruit syrup, or fig jam.

Of course, this depends on your personal taste and preference. Mango is not a fruit you can find easily in just any country even though it can be very popular in some. It has a very sweet flavor and it is very refreshing. Not to mention it is one of the fruits that go so well with meat.

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You can make your own mango chutney

Mango chutney can be very easy to make at home, you just need some basic ingredients. All you need is mangoes, some sugar, white vinegar, onions, ginger, and some mustard. You can also add garlic, red chili pepper flakes, and raisins.

Of course, you also need some mason jars to store your chutney before you use it since the batch won’t be used all at once. When mangoes are in season and can be found at the market, buy some and use them to make this wonderful chutney.

All you need to do is to simmer all the ingredients together, chopped as big or as small as you like. This includes adding the vinegar and mustard from the beginning, and simmering everything for about an hour.

You need to reach a consistency that suits you. Some like it very smooth, some like it chunky, but the fruit still needs to be soft.

Once everything done and simmered, store in clean, hot jars, put the lid on tight, and let cool. These should be kept in the fridge, so don’t make a big batch because you don’t need much of it.

If you do want a big batch, here’s a great recipe for mango chutney, and it has great tips on how to make it shelf stable.

Chutney is a part of the condiment family. It is similar to sauces used in India. Chutneys can vary in ingredients, taste, and texture. You can make them with tomatoes, peanuts, cucumber, yogurt, spices, mint, and many other ingredients found in any kitchen.

Mango is also a common ingredient in Anglo-Indian cuisine when it comes to sauces and chutneys. Vinegar is often added to these recipes to enhance the acidity, which is why it is used in mango chutney as well.

Now let’s explore all the other alternatives to mango chutney in more detail.

Apricot jam

If you wish to make your own apricot jam you will need some fresh apricots, lemon juice, white sugar, and jars with lids.

Once you mix the apricots and lemon juice in a pot, you can add white sugar. When you bring it to a boil you will need to stir it until sugar melts completely. In about half an hour the mixture will be thick and ready to be removed from heat.

apricot jam

Clean and wash the jars in high heat so they’re properly sterilized. With the jars still warm, pour the mixture in, and leave about half an inch space on the top.

Close the lid tightly, and let cool.

Apricots are similar to peaches and many people can get them mixed up. They can be sweet or tart, depending on their age. They are also firm and not very juicy but they taste delicious! Jam is often made with apricots since their tartness mixes well with sugar.

They are fairly similar to mangoes so they make a great substitute which placed them pretty high on our list – the very first place.

Peach chutney and marmalade

Since peaches are similar to apricots, they are by proxy similar to mangoes. Chutney can be made from peaches very simply. You can follow the mango chutney recipe above to get pretty much any chutney you like, be it apricot or peach or mango or another fruit you like.

Don’t use too much ginger since it has a very strong taste most people dislike. Peaches are juicy and adored by so many cooks. They go well with cheese, pork chops. or duck.

Cooked cranberries with lemon juice

Cranberries can be cooked with some lemon juice to create a tart taste that goes well with some meat dishes that are salty and baked. Cranberries aren’t as sweet as mangoes, so you may want to add some sugar if you really want them sweet.

Even though they are popular in juices because of their health properties, they can be amazing in marmalades, jams, or chutneys. Cook some cranberries, add a bit of white sugar and lemon juice, bring it to a boil and wait for it to simmer.

Let it simmer until it thickens, and you may also add the same ingredients used in chutney if you like: ginger, mustard, red chili, garlic, etc. The end result will be very similar.

Fig jam

You can also make some fig jam at home to replace mango chutney. Simmer figs in a saucepan for a few minutes, and once they go soft and release their juices, you can add lemon juice and sugar.

It is that simple. Figs can taste like sugar, honey, or melons. Depending on their age and type they can be similar to different fruits and other foods. This is the reason why figs can replace mango in some recipes.

If you are making a sauce or jam with figs, we recommend you cut down on the sugar since figs are usually very sweet by themselves. And like strawberries and vanilla, figs have a flavor that makes anything seem sweet, even if it’s not.

fig jam

Melon condiment

If you have some melons you can make a chutney to replace the mango. You will need melons, apples, cinnamon, sugar (as per usual), and white vinegar, as well as garlic, onions, and chili.

Keep in mind that melons will break down much faster during cooking, so you will get a smooth mixture in your chutney.

Melons go well with salty foods, meat, bacon, sandwiches, and crackers. You can easily use them in jam and marmalade as well to add them to your snacks.

Melons actually fall under the category of berries, even though they don’t resemble other berries we know. They are very fleshy, not too sweet, and very refreshing.

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How to use mango chutney substitutes

When it comes to salty foods that require mango chutney, you may use peaches, melons, apricots, cranberries, or figs. You can make them into marmalade, jelly, or chutney.

They all go well with pork, goose, or duck meat, and the best options are apricots and figs when it comes to these sweet baked dishes.

Use any marmalade from the list to replace mangoes when it comes to bread or toast snacks and breakfasts.

If your recipe includes bacon and mango chutney, use melons instead – the Italians eat these two foods together as one of their most famous meal, and we trust Italians when it comes to really great combinations.

For spicy recipes, substitute mango chutney with apricots or peaches, since they are the most similar. This is just a safe choice, but you can always play around and try out different mixes. After all, that is the point of cooking.

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