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20 Best Sauces For Salmon – Easy And Quick Recipes

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Want to make your salmon dishes even tastier? The right sauce can really make your meal awesome, no matter if you’re grilling, baking, or cooking your salmon in a pan.

We’ve got a list of 20 yummy salmon sauces that can turn your dish into a super special meal. From a classic lemon-dill sauce to a cool miso glaze, these sauces have lots of different flavors that go really well with the tasty salmon. So, get ready to try out these awesome salmon sauces and find out just how delicious they can be.

20 best Sauces for salmon - easy Recipes 1

With simple step-by-step recipes, you’ll not only make your cooking at home better, but you’ll also wow your friends with your great flavor choices.

1. Honey Garlic Glaze

A Sweet and Savory Delight

With this honey garlic glaze, you’re introduced to an enticing blend of sweet and savory notes. The honey adds a subtle sweetness that balances perfectly with the robust flavor of garlic. It’s a great choice for salmon as it enhances the fish’s natural flavors without overpowering them.

A Versatile Glaze

This glaze is not only perfect for salmon but can also be used with other types of fish or meat. Its versatility makes it a must-try for anyone looking to broaden their culinary repertoire.

Easily Accessible Ingredients

All you need for this glaze is honey, garlic, soy sauce, and vinegar, ingredients that are typically already in your pantry. It’s an easy, fuss-free way to elevate your salmon dishes.

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2. Lemon Dill Sauce

A Tangy and Refreshing Companion

Lemon dill sauce is an incredibly refreshing, tangy companion to your salmon dishes. The lemon’s acidity cuts through the salmon’s richness, while the dill adds a hint of sharpness and depth of flavor.

A Crowd Pleaser

This sauce’s bright and vibrant flavors make it a hit with guests. It’s an easy way to elevate your salmon, whether you’re grilling, baking, or pan-searing.

Whip It Up In Minutes

This lemon dill sauce requires minimal ingredients and time. With just some lemon, dill, garlic, and a few other pantry staples, you can whip up this delectable sauce in a matter of minutes.

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3. Creamy Mustard Sauce

A Rich and Creamy Delight

This creamy mustard sauce provides a rich, tangy, and slightly spicy note to your salmon dishes. The robust flavor of mustard pairs perfectly with the cream, creating a balanced sauce that complements salmon’s natural flavors.

Ideal for Grilled or Baked Salmon

This sauce is particularly well-suited to grilled or baked salmon, as its creamy consistency provides a beautiful contrast to the crispy skin or crust.

Easy to Make

With a few simple ingredients like mustard, cream, white wine, and garlic, you can whip up this sauce in no time. It’s an easy and elegant way to add flavor to your salmon dishes.

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4. Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki Sauce

A Taste of the East

Infuse your salmon with the flavors of East Asia with a classic teriyaki sauce. Its sweet, tangy, and slightly salty profile will create a delightful harmony of flavors when paired with salmon.

Excellent for Glazing

This sauce is excellent for glazing salmon before baking or grilling. It caramelizes beautifully, giving your salmon a glossy, appetizing finish.

Simple Ingredients, Incredible Flavors

Teriyaki sauce requires just a few staple ingredients – soy sauce, mirin, sake, and sugar. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity; the resulting flavors are incredible and complex.

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5. Garlic Herb Butter

A Butter-Lovers Dream

Garlic herb butter offers a savory, buttery delight that pairs exquisitely with salmon. The aromatic herbs and garlic meld beautifully with the creamy butter, enhancing the natural flavors of salmon.

Perfect for Basting

This garlic herb butter is perfect for basting your salmon as it cooks. It keeps the salmon moist and infuses it with a delightful, buttery aroma and flavor.

A Simple Indulgence

With just butter, garlic, and your choice of herbs, you can create this luxurious sauce. It’s an indulgence you’ll want to add to your regular recipe rotation.

Check this recipe.

6. Chimichurri Sauce

A South American Staple

Chimichurri sauce is a classic South American sauce that adds a burst of herby freshness to your salmon dishes. It’s a vibrant mix of parsley, garlic, vinegar, and chili that brings a delightful zing.

A Versatile Sauce

This green sauce isn’t just for salmon; you can also enjoy it with other grilled or baked proteins. It’s a versatile condiment that you’ll find yourself reaching for time and time again.

Easy to Whip Up

Just a quick whizz in the food processor, and your chimichurri sauce is ready. It’s a no-cook, easy-to-make sauce that packs a flavor punch.

Check this recipe.

7. Soy Ginger Sauce

A Taste of Asia

This soy ginger sauce infuses your salmon with the deep, rich flavors of Asia. The salty soy sauce, aromatic ginger, and sweet honey create a balanced and flavorful companion to salmon.

Ideal for Marinades

This sauce is not only great for serving but also makes an excellent marinade, allowing your salmon to absorb all its wonderful flavors before cooking.

Simple Yet Flavorful

Despite the simple list of ingredients, the result is a complex and delightful sauce that will leave your taste buds asking for more.

Check this recipe.

8. Maple Glaze

A Sweet Treat

This maple glaze is a deliciously sweet way to enjoy salmon. The combination of pure maple syrup, butter, and a touch of lemon results in a sweet, rich, and slightly tart sauce that enhances the salmon’s natural flavors.

Perfect for Glazing

This sauce is perfect for glazing salmon before grilling or baking, providing a beautiful, glossy finish and a delightful sweetness that caramelizes nicely.

Simple to Make

With just three ingredients and a few minutes, you can whip up this delectable glaze. It’s a simple, elegant, and tasty addition to your salmon dishes.

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9. Pesto Sauce

An Italian Classic

Pesto sauce, an Italian classic, adds a rich, nutty, and herby flavor profile to your salmon dishes. The basil, garlic, pine nuts, and Parmesan blend into a creamy, delicious sauce that pairs wonderfully with salmon.

A Versatile Addition

While perfect for salmon, pesto can also be used with pasta, chicken, or vegetables. It’s a versatile sauce that’s sure to become a staple in your kitchen.

Whip it Up in No Time

With just a few ingredients and a food processor, you can have fresh, homemade pesto in minutes. It’s an effortless way to add a gourmet touch to your meals.

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10. Cajun Cream Sauce

A Spicy Kick

This Cajun cream sauce brings a bit of Southern heat to your salmon dishes. It’s a creamy, spicy sauce that adds a whole new level of flavor to salmon.

Perfect for Grilled Salmon

This sauce is particularly suited to grilled salmon. The smokiness of the grill pairs perfectly with the rich, creamy, and spicy flavors of the sauce.

Easy and Quick

This Cajun cream sauce is quick and easy to make, requiring only a handful of ingredients and a few minutes. It’s an exciting way to spice up your salmon dishes.

Check this recipe.

11. Miso Glaze

Umami Packed

This Miso Glaze packs an umami punch to your salmon dishes. The fermented soybean paste, when combined with sugar and mirin, creates a deeply flavorful and slightly sweet glaze.

Ideal for Broiling and Grilling

This glaze is perfect for broiling or grilling, as the high heat caramelizes the sugars in the glaze, intensifying the flavors and creating a delightful char on the salmon.

Easy to Make

Despite its complex flavor, miso glaze is quite simple to make, requiring just a handful of ingredients and a few minutes of cooking time.

Check this recipe.

12. Balsamic Glaze

Sweet and Tangy

Balsamic glaze provides a sweet and tangy complement to your salmon dishes. The rich, syrupy reduction of balsamic vinegar creates a glossy, flavorful sauce that pairs beautifully with salmon.

Great for Grilled Salmon

This glaze is excellent for grilled salmon, as the heat allows it to caramelize and create a beautifully sweet and savory crust.

Simple Yet Impactful

Balsamic glaze is very simple to prepare, yet it adds a significant impact to your dishes, enhancing the flavor of the salmon without overpowering it.

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13. Honey Mustard Sauce

Sweet and Spicy

This Honey Mustard sauce offers a sweet, tangy, and slightly spicy flavor to your salmon dishes. The combination of honey and mustard creates a balanced, flavorful sauce that’s an all-time classic.

Great for Grilled or Baked Salmon

This sauce is great for both grilling and baking salmon, as it creates a flavorful crust on the salmon that is both sweet and savory.

Quick and Simple

Honey mustard sauce is quick and simple to make, requiring just a handful of ingredients and a few minutes of your time.

Check this recipe.

14. Cilantro Lime Sauce

Fresh and Zesty

The Cilantro Lime sauce infuses your salmon with a bright, zesty flavor profile. The fusion of fresh cilantro and tangy lime juice create an invigorating sauce that can lighten up any dish.

Ideal for Summer

This sauce is particularly well-suited for summer meals. Its light and fresh flavors pair brilliantly with grilled salmon, offering a refreshing and enjoyable eating experience.

Simple to Whip Up

With a few fresh ingredients and a food processor, this sauce can be prepared in no time, adding a pop of color and taste to your salmon.

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15. Thai Coconut Curry Sauce

Rich and Exotic

Thai Coconut Curry Sauce gives your salmon an exotic and rich flavor. The combination of creamy coconut milk, flavorful curry paste, and fragrant herbs make this sauce a delightful accompaniment to salmon.

Perfect for a Fancy Dinner

This sauce transforms a simple salmon dish into an elaborate meal, perfect for a fancy dinner. Its complex flavors and creamy texture pair perfectly with the rich taste of salmon.

Simple Yet Impressive

Despite its exotic flavor profile, this sauce is simple to make with the right ingredients. Its unique taste will impress your guests and elevate your dish to new culinary heights.

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16. Cajun Butter Sauce

Spicy and Savory

Cajun Butter Sauce offers a spicy and savory twist to your salmon. With a blend of Cajun seasoning and creamy butter, this sauce adds a burst of heat and richness to your meal.

Perfect for Pan-Seared Salmon

This sauce is particularly well-suited to pan-seared salmon, where it can melt into the fish, enveloping it in a spicy, buttery goodness.

Effortless to Make

With just two main ingredients, this Cajun Butter Sauce is easy and quick to prepare, providing a flavor-packed punch with minimal effort.

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17. Lemon Cream Sauce

Creamy and Tangy

Lemon Cream Sauce brings a smooth, tangy delight to your salmon dishes. The fusion of fresh lemon juice and heavy cream results in a luxurious sauce that pairs wonderfully with salmon.

Ideal for Any Cooking Method

This sauce is versatile enough to go with grilled, baked, or pan-seared salmon. Its creamy texture and citrusy flavor make it a perfect companion for the rich taste of the fish.

Easy to Whisk Up

A Lemon Cream Sauce requires only a few ingredients and is quite simple to whip up, turning any salmon dish into a gourmet meal.

Check this recipe.

18. Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde

Fresh and Tangy

Salsa Verde brings a tangy and fresh flavor to your salmon. This green sauce, made from tomatillos, jalapenos, and cilantro, gives your dish a Mexican-inspired twist.

Perfect with Grilled Salmon

This sauce pairs excellently with grilled salmon, offering a refreshing contrast to the smoky flavor. Its vibrant color and zesty taste make it a summer favorite.

Simple to Blend

Salsa Verde is an easy-to-blend sauce that requires just a few fresh ingredients and a food processor. The resulting flavor explosion will surely impress your dinner guests.

Check this recipe.

19. Garlic Butter Sauce

Rich and Aromatic

Garlic Butter Sauce brings a rich and aromatic flavor to your salmon. The combination of butter and garlic adds a lusciousness to your dish, while enhancing the natural flavors of the salmon.

Great for Pan-Seared Salmon

This sauce works particularly well with pan-seared salmon. The garlic-infused butter melts into the fish, creating a mouthwatering and savory meal.

Simple to Prepare

Despite its gourmet taste, Garlic Butter Sauce is straightforward to prepare, requiring just a handful of ingredients and a few minutes of simmering.

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20. Tzatziki Sauce

Cool and Creamy

Tzatziki Sauce offers a cool and creamy contrast to your salmon dishes. Made with yogurt, cucumber, garlic, and herbs, this Greek sauce brings a refreshing taste that complements the rich flavor of salmon.

Ideal with Grilled Salmon

Tzatziki is perfect with grilled salmon, its tangy and creamy flavors offering a delightful contrast to the smoky taste of the fish.

Easy to Mix Up

This sauce is simple to prepare, requiring a mix of fresh ingredients, and can turn any salmon dish into a Mediterranean feast.

Check this recipe.


Each sauce comes with its unique flavor profile and recipe link, enabling you to indulge in a gastronomic journey like no other. Whether you’re a fan of creamy, tangy, sweet, or spicy flavors, there’s a sauce on this list to satisfy your palate. So, why wait?

Embark on this flavorful adventure today, and discover the delight of pairing your favorite salmon dish with these incredible sauces. Remember, the secret to a great dish lies in the sauce. With this guide at your fingertips, you’re well on your way to creating delicious salmon meals that you and your loved ones will adore. Happy cooking!

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