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29 Salami Recipes – Easy Dinners & Appetizers

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Explore 29 tasty salami recipes, from salads and sandwiches to hearty pastas and warm soups ! Salami is a versatile ingredient that brings a burst of flavor to any dish it’s added to, and its robust, savory taste pairs well with a wide variety of other ingredients. Whether you’re seeking a light snack, a main course, or a side dish, these salami-infused recipes cater to diverse palates and dietary preferences.

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1. Italian Salami Pasta

A Taste of Italy

Dive into the richness of Italian flavors with this delicious salami pasta. With spicy salami, succulent tomatoes, and tangy Parmesan cheese, this dish effortlessly combines the best of Italian cuisine. It’s a hearty, comforting meal that you’ll want to make again and again.

The Perfect Weeknight Dinner

Quick and easy, this salami pasta recipe is the perfect solution to a busy weeknight dinner. In under 30 minutes, you can serve up a meal that’s packed full of flavor and sure to satisfy the whole family.

Your Pasta, Your Way

Feel free to customize your dish. Add in your favorite Italian herbs like basil or oregano, or switch up the pasta type to suit your preferences. Your kitchen, your rules.

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2. Salami and Mozzarella Panini

A Gourmet Sandwich Experience

Elevate your sandwich game with this salami and mozzarella panini. The crispy bread encasing layers of spicy salami, creamy mozzarella, and fresh basil leaves is a taste sensation that will take your lunch to a whole new level.

Quick and Satisfying

A hot panini takes just a few minutes to prepare and makes for a satisfying, savory meal. It’s the perfect choice when you want something fast, easy, and delicious.

Play with Flavors

You can get creative with your panini. Try different types of salami, add a smear of pesto or swap out the mozzarella for provolone. The options are endless!

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3. Salami and Provolone Stromboli

Italian-Style Treat

Enjoy the authentic flavors of Italy with this salami and provolone stromboli. Filled with layers of salami, provolone, and a tangy tomato sauce, this stromboli is sure to become a favorite at your dining table.

Great for Gatherings

Stromboli makes an impressive centerpiece for parties or family gatherings. Cut it into slices for easy serving and watch it disappear in no time!

Customizable to Your Taste

Feel free to experiment with additional fillings like bell peppers, mushrooms, or different types of cheese to make the stromboli your own.

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4. Salami and Olive Pizza

A Twist on the Classic

Take your homemade pizza game up a notch with this salami and olive pizza. The combination of the spicy salami, tangy olives, and gooey cheese is sure to make this your new favorite pizza topping.

Easy Homemade Pizza

Making pizza at home is easier than you think, and this salami and olive version is a great place to start. It’s a fun and delicious project that the whole family can get involved in.

Top It Your Way

Use this recipe as a base and let your creativity shine. Add more of your favorite toppings like mushrooms, bell peppers, or different types of cheese.

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5. Salami and Cream Cheese Roll-Ups

Perfect Party Appetizer

If you’re in need of a quick and easy appetizer, these salami and cream cheese roll-ups are the perfect solution. Each bite-sized roll is a perfect balance of creamy, spicy, and tangy flavors.

Ready in Minutes

This appetizer takes no time at all to prepare. Simply spread, roll, and slice! They’re perfect when you need something delicious in a hurry.

Customizable Bites

Feel free to mix up the fillings. Try adding some sliced bell peppers or swapping out the cream cheese for a flavored variety. The options are endless!

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6. Spicy Salami Chips with a Honey Mustard Dip

A Unique Snack

Add some spice to your snacking routine with these salami chips. Served with a tangy honey mustard dip, they’re sure to satisfy your cravings for something savory and a little bit different.

Easy to Make

These salami chips require just a few ingredients and minimal prep time. They’re perfect for a quick snack or as a crowd-pleasing party appetizer.

Mix and Match

Feel free to play around with the dip, or try different types of salami to find your perfect snack combo.

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7. Antipasto Salad with Salami

A Flavorful Italian Salad

This antipasto salad featuring salami is a feast of flavors with its mix of cheeses, olives, and fresh vegetables. It’s a refreshing side dish or a light meal in itself.

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Perfect for Potlucks

An antipasto salad is ideal for sharing, making it a great choice for potlucks or family gatherings.

Customizable to Your Liking

The beauty of this salad is that it’s entirely customizable. Feel free to add other Italian favorites like artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, or even marinated mushrooms.

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8. Salami, Tomato, and Mozzarella Tart

A Savory Tart

This salami, tomato, and mozzarella tart is a delightful savory pastry. The flaky crust, tangy tomatoes, creamy mozzarella, and spicy salami combine to create a symphony of flavors.

Impressive Yet Simple

Despite its gourmet appearance, this tart is straightforward to make, making it perfect for a special occasion or a weekend treat.

Tweak to Your Taste

Feel free to experiment with the recipe by adding other ingredients like olives, bell peppers, or even different types of cheese.

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9. Salami and Egg Breakfast Casserole

A Hearty Start to Your Day

Start your day off right with this hearty salami and egg breakfast casserole. Packed with protein, it’s a breakfast that will keep you satisfied and energized all morning.

Perfect for Busy Mornings

Prepare this casserole the night before and pop it in the oven in the morning for a fuss-free, delicious breakfast.

Add Your Favorites

Feel free to add other ingredients to this casserole such as bell peppers, mushrooms, or even different types of cheese to cater to your tastes.

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10. Baked Rigatoni with Salami

An Italian Comfort Dish

Dive into a comforting meal with this baked rigatoni with salami. The combination of pasta, marinara sauce, and gooey cheese topped with crispy salami is a match made in heaven.

Ideal for Dinner

Perfect for a weeknight dinner, this baked rigatoni is a one-dish meal that requires minimal cleanup.

Your Pasta, Your Rules

Feel free to switch up the type of pasta or add other ingredients like mushrooms, bell peppers, or even a different type of cheese.

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11. Salami and Cream Cheese Sandwich

A Simple, Delicious Lunch

Indulge in a simple yet delightful lunch with this salami and cream cheese sandwich. The smooth cream cheese perfectly complements the spicy salami for a satisfying midday meal.

Ready in Minutes

This sandwich is perfect for those days when you need something quick and delicious. It takes just minutes to prepare.

Experiment with Flavors

Try adding some sliced cucumbers for a refreshing crunch, or switch out the cream cheese for a flavored variety.

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12. Fried Salami and Potatoes

A Savory and Comforting Dish

This fried salami and potatoes dish is a classic comfort food. The crispy salami and golden fried potatoes combine for a satisfyingly savory meal.

Perfect for Any Meal

Serve it up for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s a versatile dish that works any time of day.

Add Your Own Twist

Try adding some sautéed onions or bell peppers for an extra layer of flavor, or experiment with different herbs and spices.

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13. Salami and Cheese Quiche

A Tasty Brunch Option

This salami and cheese quiche is a delicious option for brunch or a light dinner. The flaky crust, tender salami, and melted cheese combine to create a flavorful dish.

Easy to Prepare

Despite its sophisticated appearance, this quiche is simple to prepare and always impresses guests.

Customize Your Quiche

Try adding vegetables like spinach or tomatoes, or swap out the cheese for your favorite variety.

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14. Salami and Cheese Pinwheels

A Crowd-Pleasing Appetizer

These salami and cheese pinwheels are the perfect appetizer for any gathering. They’re easy to prepare and always a hit with guests.

Quick and Easy

With just a few ingredients and minimal prep time, you can have these delicious pinwheels ready in no time.

Switch It Up

Feel free to experiment with different types of salami or cheese, or add a thin layer of mustard or cream cheese for extra flavor.

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15. Salami and Bean Salad

A Protein-Packed Salad

This salami and bean salad is a protein-packed dish that’s both nutritious and delicious. The tangy vinaigrette perfectly complements the spicy salami and hearty beans.

Great for Lunch

This salad is perfect for a filling lunch that will keep you satisfied throughout the day.

Make It Your Own

Customize this salad by adding other veggies like tomatoes or bell peppers, or switch up the beans to your favorites.

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16. Salami Stuffed Mushrooms

An Appetizing Snack

These salami stuffed mushrooms are an appetizing snack or party food. The earthy mushrooms filled with spiced salami and topped with melty cheese will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

Great for Entertaining

These stuffed mushrooms are easy to prepare and a hit at any gathering, from casual get-togethers to more formal parties.

Make it Your Own

Experiment with different types of salami or cheese. You can also add other ingredients like diced bell peppers or onions for more flavor.

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17. Salami Carbonara Pasta

A Twist on a Classic Dish

This salami carbonara pasta puts a twist on the classic Italian dish. The saltiness of the salami complements the creamy sauce, making it a comforting meal perfect for dinner.

Quick and Easy

This recipe comes together quickly, making it ideal for a weeknight dinner when you want something delicious without a lot of fuss.

Experiment with Ingredients

Feel free to substitute the salami with another type of meat or add veggies like peas or bell peppers for an extra nutritional punch.

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18. Salami and Pickle Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A Fun Lunch Option

This salami and pickle grilled cheese sandwich is a fun lunch option that adds a tangy twist to the classic grilled cheese. The pickles add a refreshing crunch that complements the salami perfectly.

Quick and Satisfying

This sandwich is quick to make and provides a satisfying meal that’s full of flavor. Perfect for those days when you need something easy and comforting.

Customize to Your Taste

Experiment with different types of cheese or pickles to make this sandwich your own.

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19. Salami and Vegetable Stir-Fry

A Quick Dinner Solution

This salami and vegetable stir-fry is a quick and easy dinner solution that packs a punch in terms of flavor. The spicy salami pairs well with the variety of colorful vegetables.

Nutritious and Delicious

This stir-fry is full of healthy vegetables and provides a good source of protein, making it a nutritious option for dinner.

Mix and Match

Feel free to use your favorite vegetables or try different types of salami to switch things up.

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20. Salami, Brie and Apple Sandwich

A Delicious Blend of Flavors

This salami, brie and apple sandwich is a gourmet twist on a lunchtime classic. The savory salami, creamy brie, and crisp apple create a unique and satisfying flavor combination.

Perfect for a Picnic

Pack these sandwiches for a picnic or a lunch on-the-go. They’re easily portable and maintain their quality even after a few hours.

Experiment with Ingredients

Try different kinds of apples or swap the brie for another soft cheese to adjust the flavor profile to your liking.

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21. Salami Panzanella Salad

A Fresh and Savory Salad

This salami panzanella salad is a fresh, savory salad perfect for a light lunch or as a side dish. The salty salami pairs beautifully with the crunchy, garlicky bread chunks and ripe tomatoes.

Great for a Light Meal

This salad is perfect for a light meal during a hot summer day. It’s refreshing yet satisfying, thanks to the addition of hearty salami.

Customize to Your Preference

Feel free to swap out the salami for other meats, or add additional veggies like cucumbers or bell peppers.

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22. Salami Pasta Salad

A Hearty and Flavorful Salad

This salami pasta salad is a hearty and flavorful salad that makes a perfect side dish for a BBQ or picnic. The salty salami and tangy vinaigrette complement the pasta beautifully.

Ideal for Any Gathering

This salad is easy to prepare in large quantities, making it an ideal choice for any social gathering or event.

Add Your Favorite Ingredients

Feel free to add other ingredients like cherry tomatoes, olives, or feta cheese to the salad for extra flavor and texture.

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23. Salami and Mozzarella Calzone

A Flavorful Italian Treat

This salami and mozzarella calzone is a flavorful Italian treat that’s perfect for a family dinner or a casual get-together. The combination of salami and melty mozzarella creates a mouthwatering filling.

Great for Sharing

Calzones are perfect for sharing, making them a popular choice for gatherings with family or friends.

Customize Your Filling

Feel free to experiment with other fillings. Add veggies like bell peppers or mushrooms, or try different types of cheese.

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24. Salami and Spinach Frittata

A Nutritious and Filling Breakfast

This salami and spinach frittata is a nutritious and filling breakfast option that’s full of flavor. The salty salami pairs well with the fresh spinach and fluffy eggs.

Perfect for Brunch

A frittata is a great option for brunch because it can be served warm or at room temperature. Pair it with some fresh fruit and you’ve got a complete meal.

Add Your Favorite Ingredients

Feel free to mix in other ingredients like bell peppers, cheese, or herbs to suit your preferences.

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25. Salami and Olive Tapenade Crostini

A Sophisticated Snack

These salami and olive tapenade crostini are a sophisticated snack that’s perfect for a cocktail party or a fancy appetizer. The rich tapenade and savory salami pair wonderfully with the crunchy bread.

Ideal for Entertaining

These crostini are visually appealing and can be made in large quantities, making them ideal for entertaining.

Customize to Your Liking

Feel free to swap out the salami for other cured meats or experiment with different types of olives in your tapenade.

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26. Salami and Potato Hash

A Hearty Breakfast Dish

This salami and potato hash is a hearty breakfast dish that will keep you satisfied all morning. The crispy potatoes and savory salami are a perfect pair.

Great for Brunch

Serve this hash as a part of a larger brunch spread. It’s also a great choice for breakfast-for-dinner nights.

Make it Your Own

Try adding other ingredients like bell peppers, onions, or cheese to make this hash your own.

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27. Salami and Swiss Cheese Panini

A Classic Sandwich with a Twist

This salami and Swiss cheese panini is a classic sandwich with a twist. The combination of savory salami and melty Swiss cheese is sure to satisfy any cravings.

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Quick and Easy

Paninis are quick and easy to prepare, making them an excellent choice for a busy weekday lunch.

Mix and Match

Feel free to experiment with other types of cheese or add veggies for an extra layer of flavor and crunch.

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28. Salami and Pepper Pizza

A Flavorful Homemade Pizza

This salami and pepper pizza is a flavorful homemade pizza that’s perfect for a family dinner. The spicy salami and sweet peppers create a balanced and delicious topping.

Customize to Your Liking

Feel free to swap out the toppings based on your preference. Try adding other ingredients like mushrooms, olives, or different types of cheese.

Great for Pizza Night

This pizza is a fantastic choice for a homemade pizza night with family or friends.

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29. Salami and Bean Soup

A Hearty and Nutritious Soup

This salami and bean soup is a hearty and nutritious soup that’s perfect for a cold day. The savory salami and nutritious beans make for a comforting and filling meal.

Perfect for Meal Prep

This soup is a great option for meal prep. It can be prepared in large quantities and stored in the fridge for several days.

Add Your Favorite Ingredients

Feel free to add other ingredients like veggies, herbs, or a different type of beans.

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This list of 29 salami recipes provides an array of delectable ideas to infuse the rich flavor of salami into your culinary repertoire. From simple sandwiches and salads to gourmet pasta and pizzas, there’s a salami-inspired dish for every occasion and meal. So, why not spice up your next meal with one of these salami-centric dishes? You’ll discover the culinary versatility of this flavorful cured meat while delighting your taste buds with unique and satisfying flavor combinations. Happy cooking!

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