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13+ Blue Cocktails To Cool You This Summer

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A great cocktail is one that you remember, and a blue drink is definitely something to remember. There are plenty of ways to add some blue in your cocktails but by far the most common is blue curacao. Today we’re exploring a list of vibrant blue drinks, with and without blue curacao, so you can pick out your new summer favorite. You’ll also find a bonus mocktail at the end, in case you’d like an alcohol-free version. 

If you’re looking for more color-themed cocktails, check out this vibrant red cocktails list. Or, if you want something a little lighter try this list of the prettiest pink cocktails next. If you’re looking for something stronger try these whiskey cocktails !

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Blue Cocktails

Blue cocktails have got to be some of the most beautiful and fun cocktails out there. They're cooling, refreshing, and sport a vibrant blue color that makes them stand out.

This list will show you several blue cocktail options, so you have something new to try out this summer.

Loved this list ? Great ! Now you’ve got a new drink to remind you of clear ocean water and the warm sand on the beach. Indulge in a summer fantasy and enjoy !

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