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The 11 Best & Prettiest Pink Cocktails

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Pink cocktails may seem light and airy but don’t underestimate them. These pretty little things can pack a punch ! This list of the prettiest, most delicious pink cocktails will showcase drinks ranging from light and mild to very strong and actually sour, so you’ll get to pick your favorite from them.

If you’re looking for more color themed cocktails, take a look at these delicious red cocktails too, or maybe these blue ones ! Or, give these bubbly champagne cocktails a try if you’re getting ready for a celebration. 

pink cocktails

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11 Prettiest Pink Cocktails

If you absolutely love pink you're going to love these pink cocktails ! This list of the best pink cocktails will show you a range of drinks, from very simple 3 ingredient drinks to more complex one, requiring a few extra steps.

All of them are delicious, all of them are fruity, and you're definitely going to want to share there with a friend or two.

Did you like this list ? Great ! I hope you found a new favorite drink in there, and are going to share it with friends. Have fun ! Make sure to check out these whiskey cocktails too !

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