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Bubblegum Cocktail

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The Bubblegum Cocktail is a playful and sweet drink that captures the nostalgic flavor of classic bubblegum. This fun and vibrant cocktail combines the distinct taste of bubblegum vodka and syrup with the fruity fizz of Crush Strawberry Soda, resulting in a whimsical beverage that’s both refreshing and delightfully sugary.

Perfect for themed parties or a light-hearted evening, this pink-hued drink is sure to bring a smile to anyone who sips it.

Tasting Notes

Upon the first sip, the Bubblegum Cocktail delivers an immediate burst of sweetness reminiscent of childhood bubblegum. The bubblegum vodka provides a strong, authentic flavor that is both sweet and slightly tangy, while the bubblegum syrup enhances this with an extra layer of sugary goodness. The Crush Strawberry Soda adds a fruity effervescence that balances the bubblegum’s intensity, making the drink both fizzy and refreshing.

As you continue to enjoy the cocktail, the flavors meld into a harmonious blend of bubblegum and strawberry. The drink’s light carbonation lifts the sweetness, preventing it from becoming too cloying. The playful combination of flavors evokes a sense of nostalgia, making each sip a delightful trip down memory lane. The Bubblegum Cocktail is a sweet, fun beverage perfect for those who love sugary drinks and want to indulge in a bit of whimsy.

Tips & Tricks

Introduce a hint of tartness with 0.5 oz of fresh lemon juice to balance the sweetness.

Add a dollop of whipped cream on top for a dessert-like treat.

Recipe Card

Bubblegum Cocktail

Bubblegum Cocktail


  • 2 oz bubblegum vodka
  • 1 oz bubblegum syrup
  • Crush strawberry soda to top


  1. In a shaker add ice, vodka, and syrup.
  2. Shake very well to chill and combine.
  3. Strain into cocktail glass, and top with strawberry soda.
  4. Stir to combine and garnish with skewered bubblegum.

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