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Can You Eat Strawberry Leaves ? Are They Poisonous ?

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Strawberries are undoubtedly the king of all fruits. The delicious and juicy soft-fruits are enjoyed by all of us.

However, if you tend to throw the top part of strawberries in the trash before enjoying them, this article is for you.

The taste of fresh, ripe strawberries is unbeatable. You can use this mouth-watering fruit in a number of ways, from eating on its own to adding it to your fruit bowls, smoothies, desserts, baked goods and whatnot.

Most of us chop off the strawberry head containing the leaves, before using them. So, is it right to do so? Or can you eat strawberry leaves?

strawberry leaves

Can you eat strawberry leaves ?

Yes, you can eat strawberry leaves. In fact, strawberry leaves are healthy, being used in old medicine for digestive problems and joint pain.

Strawberry leaves don’t have a strong flavor. If anything they may remind you of plain spinach or salad leaves. Not flavorful, but not bothersome.

You can eat strawberry leaves safely along with the whole fruit. However, there is a long-going debate about the toxicity of strawberry leaves. Fortunately, the leaves are safe to eat.

So, next time when you buy strawberries, don’t chop off the top and throw it in the trash. Enjoy the whole fruits without wasting a bit!

Are Strawberry Leaves Poisonous?

Not at all. In fact, they are very nutritious and can help you with certain issues such as bloating, upset stomach, nausea etc. Plus, they go well in salads, drinks, and smoothies. So, use them without worrying about anything.

There are a lot of fruits and vegetable leaves that are known to be poisonous and they actually aren’t, so this is not a case specifically for the strawberry. I guess if people do not eat a part of a fruit or vegetable the first thought is that it is poisonous.

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Why Should You Save The Strawberry Leaves?

So, as we already discussed, most of us chop off the top part of strawberries mainly because of the leaves, before using them. But now that you know the entire strawberry is edible, you can eat it as a whole.

And even if you don’t want to eat the leaves, you can use them in a number of amazing ways which we will discuss later in this article.

First, let’s discuss why you should save the strawberry tops with leaves.

When you cut off the strawberry top, you’re throwing a lot of flesh along with the leaves. Also, the leaves are very nutritious and don’t taste bad either.

You can eat the strawberries in any way you want and can later use the leaves on the top to get an amazing berry flavor in different ways.

Moreover, if you don’t have plans to use the tops right now, you can store them in your fridge to use them later. They can last up to 3-4 days in your refrigerator.

With that said, here we are sharing some amazing ways to use strawberry tops containing leaves. Check these out and thank us later!

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Amazing ways to use strawberry tops containing leaves

As mentioned above, the top part of the strawberry contains the green leaves along with some juicy flesh which is full of sweet aroma and flavor. You can use this part in your drinks, salads, vinegar, and so on.

Don’t know how to do it? Well, here is your help!

Make Strawberry Infused Water

If you’re a fan of that fancy and delicious infused water, then you’ll surely love this hack. This is a wonderful way to use strawberry leaves. All you need to do is add the leaves and the rest of the tops in a glass jar and fill it with water. Let it sit for an hour and your strawberry-flavored water is ready.

strawberry water

Prepare Strawberry Flavored Vinegar

Want to make that fancy vinegar you get mostly at the fine-dine restaurants? Add the strawberry tops to a jar full of balsamic vinegar and let it sit for a couple of hours before using it.

Add Them To Your Smoothies

Another way to eat the strawberry leaves is by adding them to your smoothies. Basically, you can add whole strawberries to your smoothies instead of cutting their head.

Add Them To Your Fruit Salad

Just chop the strawberries, and their leaves along with fruits of your choice and drizzle some fresh orange or lime juice to make a quick and delicious salad. Along with the strawberry leaves, you can also add some fresh mint leaves to give a nice and fresh flavor.

Add Them To Your Drinks

This is another great way to use the strawberry leaves. They work as an amazing edible garnish in vodka, kombucha, rum, or gin. Your cocktails will smell fresh and will get a nice strawberry flavor that’s perfect for summers!


You would be perfectly fine if you eat strawberry leaves, so don’t worry. Also, if you plan to eat them, go ahead, they are edible but you can use them in many other ways if you really want to try strawberry leaves.

I hope this article helped you know what to do with the strawberry leaves and why you don’t necessarily have to throw them away.

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