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Can You Freeze Tiramisu ? Here’s How To Freeze And Thaw It!

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Tiramisu is an amazingly delicious dessert, and it’s pretty much perfect any day of the week, and time of the year. It’s got all the best flavors out there, especially for coffee lovers, and it’s hard to say no to. So, naturally, you may end up making more tiramisu at one point. Can you freeze it ?

Can you freeze tiramisu ? And if yes, how do you thaw it safely ? Can you leave it in the fridge ? How long does it last in the freezer ? All this and more, coming right up !

tiramisu freeze

Can you freeze tiramisu ?

Yes, you can freeze tiramisu for up to three months. The mascarpone will set very hard, and the overall texture of the thawed dessert may be a bit crumblier than the original version. When freezing leftover tiramisu, be sure to cut it into smaller portions, so you don’t thaw all of it at once.

Is frozen tiramisu good ?

Frozen tiramisu is still good to eat, though not as good as fresh tiramisu. It suffers in terms of texture, turning a bit dry and crumbly compared to the original.

The freezer is not an indefinite storage and freezer burn can easily affect all foods, the longer they sit in there. Be sure to take out the tiramisu before those 3 months are up, otherwise you will get a very bland dessert. 

The quality of your frozen tiramisu also depends on how well you packaged it. It can easily pick up whatever smells may be in your freezer.

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How to freeze tiramisu

To freeze tiramisu, you need to make sure you have enough space in the freezer to not stack it on top of something else, or something on top of the tiramisu. You need plastic wrap all around the dessert, unless you’re placing it in a separate freezer-safe tupperware.

Tips on freezing tiramisu

If freezing leftover tiramisu: cut into smaller, 1-person portions, and set them individually in the plastic containers. Or wrap them individually with plastic wrap.

When making tiramisu at home and you notice you’re making much more than needed, there’s still hope. Cut or shape the tiramisu into two portions, one to serve the day-of, and one to freeze. The one that goes in the freezer should not have the cocoa dusting on it, save that for the final presentation.

Always remember to wrap tiramisu (the sides) in plastic wrap. Or, better yet, build the tiramisu in glass, freezer-safe containers that come with a lid. This way you can easily store it, and you don’t worry about it keeping its shape.

How to thaw tiramisu

When thawing tiramisu be sure to take it out the night before, and leave it in the fridge overnight. This way it will thaw more evenly, without room-temperature edges and a frozen interior.

This is not the kind of dessert you can microwave ! Even if you set it to defrost, you sill still cook it, and tiramisu is a decidedly not-cooked kind of dessert. 

Tips on thawing tiramisu

When thawing tiramisu be sure to leave it in the fridge first, but also take it out of the fridge at least 30 minutes before serving. If the middle is still completely frozen, allow it more time on the counter.

Sprinkle a light layer of cocoa before serving, but after the dessert has finished thawing completely. 

Always freeze in smaller portions, so you have an easier time thawing. Even if you end up taking out 6 portions out of the freezer, they will thaw more evenly than entire block of tiramisu.

Do not microwave this, please !

How long does tiramisu last in the fridge ?

Tiramisu can last up to 4 days in the fridge, from the moment you finished assembling it. In order to last this long without getting contaminated, be sure to place it in a plastic or glass container with a tight lid.

Another option is to stick a few toothpicks in the top of the dessert, and drape some plastic wrap or aluminum foil on top. This way you create a barrier that keeps it away from other foods. 

Most of the time your tiramisu won’t even last 2 days in the fridge because everyone will jump on it as soon as they see it. No tiramisu will really survive more than a couple of days, unless you’ve made a very, very large one.

Can you leave tiramisu on the counter ?

Tiramisu can’t be left on the counter for more than a few hours, because it’s a very temperature-sensitive dessert. It has mascarpone, which is very high in milkfat, and possibly raw eggs (emulsified) so it has the potential to spoil quicker than others. 

You can safely leave it on the counter while guests are serving it and maybe even a couple of hours afterwards. But after everyone’s done taking their share, be sure to return it to the fridge. 

tiramisu platter

How long does tiramisu take to set ?

When you’re assembling your tiramisu, you’ll need to give it at least 4 hours to set. Overnight is better. The more you leave it, the sturdier the dessert, and the better the ladyfingers will soak up all the coffee and booze. 

If you’re dying to try out your creation, be patient and allow it more time. Otherwise it may prove too soft to easily cut, or the layers may not be sufficiently moist. 

However, you can make your life easier by assembling the tiramisu in separate containers. They could be glasses or small jars, and each guest could take one for themselves. 

Or, you can assemble the whole dessert in a big baking dish, lined with plastic wrap. You know where this is going. Once you’re done assembling it, let it sit, and before serving flip it on a big plate or tray. Peel off the plastic wrap, dust with cocoa, and there you go !

And that’s pretty much it about tiramisu and whether you can freeze it or not. It’s definitely one of those desserts that pleases nearly everyone, and it will be gone from your fridge sooner than you think !

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