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61 Cast Iron Skillet Recipes – Easy Meal Ideas (Sweet & Savory)

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Cast iron skillets are a different cooking experience from regular pans, but learning to effectively cook with one is very satisfying. This list of 61 cast iron skillet recipes is a great tool to get you started, since it will give you plenty of sweet and savory ideas to choose from ! Enjoy !

61 easy cast iron skillet recipes 1

If you’re looking for more recipes, try these delicious pea recipes – not just side dishes, but main courses as well ! Or, consider this bean recipe list, some of which can easily be adapted for cast iron skillets. 

Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

Cast iron skillets are incredibly useful tools, but they do cook food a little differently. This list of recipes is here to provide you with a range of options, from savory to sweet, so you never run out of ideas !

Great for camping, or just at-home cooking. Enjoy !

I hope you’ve found some really great recipes in there ! Most of these can also be cooked in a regular pan, but if you’re going camping or want to have more of an old-school cookout then a cast iron skillet is the way to go. 

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