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29 Charcuterie Board Ideas – Easy & Fun Recipes

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Charcuterie boards are always always a crowd-pleaser and everyone gets their pick. Not only do these boards look beautiful, they offer several delicious combinations and you’re completely free to mix and match to your heart’s content ! 

But when it comes to putting together a charcuterie board, things may appear more complex than they really are. So here’s a list of 29 charcuterie board ideas to get you inspired ! These recipes will make putting together a charcuterie board easy, fun, and actually quite simple. Some of these are good for everyday events, and some of these are holiday-themed so you’ve got plenty to choose from. Enjoy !

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If you’re looking for more recipe ideas, try these back to school recipes to get ready for the school season ! Or, if you’d rather try something a bit more exotic try these ramen recipes that offer an even mix of authentic recipes and creative ones !

Charcuterie Board Ideas

Not entirely sure what to put on that board ? What kind of cheese, what kind of meats, what kind of fruit or veg go with parmesan ?

This list is here to help. You'll get plenty of inspiration from these recipes, and you've also got a few holiday themed board ideas. Enjoy !

I hope you’ve found a few useful ideas in this charcuterie board recipe list. These boards aren’t just for meat and cheese, there are also fun & inspiring ideas like a Greek appetizer board, a breakfast board, and even S’mores ! This just goes to show how many things you can arrange as a board and make the entire meal much more fun. 

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