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Coconut Mango Tropical Rum Slush

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Dive into a tropical paradise with the Coconut Mango Tropical Rum Slush! This refreshing frozen drink combines the exotic flavors of mango, peach, and strawberry with creamy coconut and a splash of rum. Perfect for hot summer days or any time you want to feel like you’re on a beach getaway, this slush is a deliciously cool treat that will transport you to the tropics with every sip.

Tasting Notes

The Coconut Mango Tropical Rum Slush offers a delightful blend of sweet and tangy flavors. The mango, peach, and strawberry bring a juicy fruitiness, while the coconut cream adds a rich, creamy texture. The rum provides a smooth, slightly warming kick, perfectly balanced by the bright citrus notes from the lemon juice. Blended with ice, this slush is refreshing, creamy, and bursting with tropical flavors.

Coconut Mango Tropical Rum Slush

Coconut Mango Tropical Rum Slush

Yield: 70 oz

Cool Down with Exotic Coconut and Mango Delight


  • 8 oz frozen mango
  • 8 oz frozen peach
  • 8 oz frozen strawberries
  • 16 oz coconut cream
  • 10 oz rum
  • 4 oz lemon juice
  • 16 oz ice to blend


  1. In a blender add 8 oz ice, 5 oz rum, 4 oz lemon juice, and all the frozen fruit. Blend until very smooth. Set aside in fridge.
  2. In a blender add 8 oz ice, 5 oz rum, and coconut cream. Blend until very smooth, then set aside in fridge.
  3. Layer the coconut and mango as desired in cocktail glasses, and serve.

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Tips & Tricks

Substitute regular rum with coconut rum to enhance the coconut flavor.

Blend the fruits separately and layer them in the glass for a colorful, visually appealing presentation.


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