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Cotton Candy Shots – Fun, Festive, And Oh-So-Flavorful

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Indulge your sweet tooth and excite your inner child with our Cotton Candy Shots. These whimsical treats blend the creamy richness of vanilla ice cream with the playful sweetness of cotton candy vodka, creating a deliciously nostalgic experience. Sip, swirl, and savor the magical combination of flavors that will transport you straight to the carnival with every delightful shot.

Tasting Notes

Cotton Candy Shots are a whimsical and playful treat that delights the palate with their sweet and nostalgic flavors. Each shot bursts with the sugary goodness of cotton candy, creating a sensation reminiscent of childhood carnivals and fairs. The smooth and creamy texture of the ice cream is complemented by the subtle hint of vodka, resulting in a delightful and indulgent drinking experience. Sip, smile, and let the Cotton Candy Shots transport you to a world of fun and happiness with every delightful sip.

Recipe Card

Cotton Candy Shots

Cotton Candy Shots

Let the carnival come to you


  • 1.5 oz cotton candy vodka
  • 1.5 oz vanilla ice cream
  • color matching cotton candy to garnish (entirely optional, it melts immediately)
  • add color with a splash of fruit syrup (strawberry, blueberry, banana, green apple, etc)


  1. In a blender add ice cream, syrup, and vodka, mix well.
  2. Pour into shot glasses.
  3. Add optional cotton candy garnish and serve immediately.


Makes 3 shots, but you can pour this into a coupe or a similar 3 oz glass.

You can use vanilla - fruit ice cream for the color as well, as long as you keep the vanilla flavor. So vanilla strawberry or vanilla orange or vanilla watermelon combo are totally an option.

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Tips & Tricks

For an extra indulgent treat, drizzle a small amount of flavored syrup, such as strawberry or blueberry, into each shot glass before pouring the mixture.

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