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29 Cream Of Chicken Recipes – Easy Ways To Use It

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Discover this delicious list of creamy chicken recipes, perfect for every palate and season. Whether you’re a fan of classic combinations or adventurous flavors, this guide serves up 29 delectable uses of this timeless classic. Rich in nutrients and bursting with flavor, these recipes are a testament to the versatility of cream of chicken soup. Boost your mealtime repertoire and discover new favorites that will leave everyone asking for seconds.

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1. Classic Cream of Chicken Soup

A Comforting Bowl of Goodness
Dive into a bowl of this classic cream of chicken soup, a timeless favorite that warms the soul. With tender chunks of chicken swimming in a rich and velvety broth, this soup embodies the essence of comfort food.

Perfect for Any Weather
Whether it’s a cold winter evening or a cool summer night, this soup provides the warmth and nourishment your body craves. It’s a versatile dish that pairs wonderfully with a crusty loaf of bread or a side salad.

Dress it Up or Down
The beauty of this soup is its adaptability. Add in vegetables like carrots, peas, or even mushrooms to up the nutritional content, or enjoy it in its pure, unadulterated form.
Check this recipe.

2. Cream of Chicken with Wild Rice

A Hearty Variation
Transform your usual cream of chicken soup by incorporating wild rice. The chewy texture of the rice, combined with the creamy broth, makes for an irresistible combination that’s both filling and flavorful.

Wholesome Ingredients
This recipe is not just delicious; it’s also packed with wholesome ingredients. The wild rice adds a nice dose of fiber, and you can amplify the nutrition further by tossing in some greens like spinach or kale.

Satisfy Your Hunger
Perfect as a main course, this soup stands on its own. It’s hearty enough to fill you up, yet light enough not to weigh you down.
Check this recipe.

3. Cream of Chicken with Herbs

An Aromatic Delight
Take a culinary journey with this chicken skillet. The blend of rosemary, thyme, and parsley not only elevates the flavor but fills your kitchen with an enticing aroma.

Boost Your Immunity
Herbs are not just flavorful; they’re powerhouses of nutrition. They can bolster your immune system, especially beneficial during flu season.

For the Gourmet in You
This version of cream of chicken sauce is for those who appreciate the finer things. The harmonious blend of herbs makes it a gourmet delight, perfect for special occasions.
Check this recipe.

4. Cream of Chicken with Lemon and Dill Skillet

A Zesty Twist
Introduce a burst of freshness to your palate with this lemon and dill variant. The citrusy undertones from the lemon paired with the distinct flavor of dill take the chicken skillet to new heights.

Digestive Benefits
Lemon can aid in digestion and is a great source of vitamin C. Combined with the anti-inflammatory properties of dill, this meal is both tasty and beneficial for your gut.

Light and Refreshing
Ideal for those days when you desire something light yet satisfying. The zesty flavors make it a popular choice for spring or summer lunches.
Check this recipe.

5. Cream of Chicken with Potatoes

A Classic Combo
Combine the comfort of potatoes with the richness of cream of chicken. The result? A casserole that’s satiating, hearty, and undeniably delicious.

Potatoes are an excellent source of energy, providing the necessary carbs to fuel your day. When paired with the protein-rich chicken, it’s a match made in culinary heaven.

Family Favorite
This variant is bound to be a hit with family members of all ages. It’s a reliable pick for family dinners where you aim to please a variety of palates.
Check this recipe.

6. Cream of Chicken with Garlic and Parmesan

Gourmet Flavors at Home
Elevate your chicken skillet/bake with the luxurious touch of garlic and parmesan. The aromatic garlic and the umami of parmesan cheese create a delicious experience.

Heart-Healthy Choice
Garlic is renowned for its heart-healthy benefits. Not only does it add depth to your sauce, but it also provides a boost of antioxidants.

Perfect for Dinner Parties
Impress your guests with this gourmet version. It’s rich, decadent, and tastes like something from a high-end restaurant.
Check this recipe.

7. Cream of Chicken with Roasted Vegetables

Savor the Roasted Goodness
Add depth to your casserole by introducing roasted vegetables. The caramelized flavors from roasted carrots, onions, and bell peppers infuse the creamy chicken broth, making it irresistibly delicious.

Packed with Nutrients
The addition of vegetables not only enhances the flavor but also ups the nutritional quotient, ensuring you get a dose of essential vitamins and minerals.

A stand alone meal
This robust casserole is everything you could ask for. Serve it with some crusty bread, and you have a fulfilling dinner ready.
Check this recipe.

8. Cream of Chicken with Mushroom Bake

Earthy Delight
The earthy flavors of mushrooms perfectly complement the richness of the cream of chicken. This duo results in a velvety, savory sauce that’s hard to resist.

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Boost Your Immunity
Mushrooms are known for their immune-boosting properties. Including them in your casserole not only enhances taste but also benefits your health.

A Cozy Choice
This version is perfect for those chilly nights when you desire warmth and comfort form your meal. 
Check this recipe.

9. Cream of Chicken with Broccoli Bake

chicken broccoli bake

A Green Twist
Introduce a wholesome touch to your cream of chicken by adding broccoli. The chicken and broccoli bake is sure to be a hit at the dinner table. 

Rich in Antioxidants
Broccoli is a powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants. Including it in your meal ensures you get a dose of both taste and health.

Ideal for Kids
Struggling to make your kids eat their greens? This bake might be the solution. The creamy texture and flavors mask the broccoli, making it a hit with the little ones.
Check this recipe.

10. Cream of Chicken with Jalapeños

Spice It Up
For those who like a kick in their food, this version with jalapeños is a dream come true. The spiciness of the jalapeños contrasts beautifully with the mellow creaminess of the chicken sauce

Metabolism Booster
Capsaicin, found in jalapeños, can help boost metabolism. So, this skillet doesn’t just tingle your taste buds but might also aid in burning some calories.

Perfect for Spice Lovers
If you crave spicy foods, this rendition of creamy chicken skilet will be right up your alley. It’s bold, flavorful, and unapologetically spicy.
Check this recipe.

11. Cream of Chicken with Spinach

A Healthy Upgrade
Combine the health benefits of spinach with the richness of cream of chicken. The result is a vibrant, nutrient-dense one-pan meal that’s both delicious and beneficial.

Iron-Clad Benefits
Spinach is a great source of iron, calcium, and vitamins. Integrating it into your meal ensures you’re nourishing your body with every spoonful.

Eye-Catching Presentation
The green specks from the spinach not only enhance the taste but also make for an appealing presentation, ideal for gatherings or special dinners.
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12. Cream of Chicken with Corn

Sweet and Creamy
The natural sweetness of corn kernels complements the savory cream of chicken soup. Every bite offers a delightful contrast of flavors and textures.

A Source of Fiber
Corn is a good source of dietary fiber, ensuring that this soup is both delicious and aids in digestion.

Summer Special
Perfect for those summer lunches, the freshness of corn combined with the comforting cream of chicken makes for a light yet satisfying dish.
Check this recipe.

13. Cream of Chicken with Cilantro

A Fresh Take
Cilantro, with its distinctive aroma and taste, brings a refreshing twist to the classic chicken skillet, making every bite a delightful experience.

Detoxifying Properties
Cilantro is believed to have detoxifying properties, helping rid the body of heavy metals. A meal that’s tasty and detoxifying? That’s a win-win!

Ideal for Cilantro Lovers
For those who adore cilantro, this version will be a regular on the dinner menu. The herb’s fresh flavor shines through, enhancing the meal’s overall appeal.
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14. Cream of Chicken with Coconut

Tropical Creaminess
Introduce a tropical flair to your dinner by using coconut milk. This addition transforms the classic chicken dinner into a creamy, exotic delight.

Loaded with Benefits
Coconut milk is known for its healthy fats and immune-boosting properties, making this dish a nutritional powerhouse.

For the Adventurous Palate
If you’re looking to experiment and try something different, this fusion of flavors will surely impress.
Check this recipe.

15. Cream of Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

A Burst of Umami
Sun-dried tomatoes, with their concentrated flavor, add an umami punch to chicken dinners. The result is a depth of flavor that’s complex and utterly delicious.

Rich in Lycopene
Sun-dried tomatoes are a great source of antioxidants, particularly lycopene, which is beneficial for heart health.

Mediterranean Inspiration
Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean palate, this dinner is a must-try for those who appreciate global flavors.
Check this recipe.

16. Creamy Chicken Curry

East Meets West
Infuse your cream of chicken sauce with a touch of the Orient by adding curry powder. The result is a fusion dish that’s aromatic, spicy, and rich.

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
Curry powder contains turmeric, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Not only do you get a flavorful dish, but also a boost of health benefits.

For the Global Gourmet
Perfect for those who love international flavors, this curry is a delightful blend of Western comfort and Eastern spice.
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17. Cream of Chicken with Asparagus

Seasonal Delight
Make the most of the asparagus season by incorporating this vegetable into your cream of chicken soup. The tender asparagus spears lend a fresh, earthy flavor to the creamy broth.

Rich in Folate
Asparagus is a great source of folate, an essential nutrient, particularly during pregnancy. This soup ensures you get your dose of taste and health.

Springtime Favorite
Light and refreshing, this version of the soup is a perfect choice for springtime lunches or dinners.
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18. Cream of Chicken with Leeks

Mild and Flavorful
Leeks, with their mild onion-like flavor, add a delightful nuance to the creamy chicken dinner. The combination results in a dish that’s subtle yet flavorful.

Good for the Gut
Leeks are a source of prebiotics, which help promote gut health by fostering the growth of beneficial bacteria.

A Touch of Elegance
This dish, with its delicate flavors, is perfect for sophisticated dinners or when you’re looking to impress.
Check this recipe.

19. Creamy Chicken Dinner with Pumpkin

Autumn on a plate
Embrace the flavors of fall by adding pumpkin to your chicken dinner. The sweet, earthy tones of pumpkin perfectly complement the rich broth.

Boost of Beta-Carotene
Pumpkin is rich in beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A, which is good for vision and skin health.

Halloween Special
Serve this meal as a main for your Halloween dinner or any autumn gathering, and it’s bound to be a hit.
Check this recipe.

20. Cream of Chicken Dinner with Bacon

Savory Indulgence
The smoky, salty goodness of bacon takes the cream of chicken sauce to a whole new level of indulgence. It’s a match made in culinary heaven.

Texture Galore
The crispy bacon bits provide a delightful contrast to the creamy texture of the sauce, ensuring every bite is a play of flavors and textures.

Comfort Food Maximized
If you’re looking for the ultimate comfort food, this combination is hard to beat. Perfect for those days when you need a little extra warmth and coziness.
Check this recipe.

21. Creamy Chicken with Zucchini

Light and Nutritious
Zucchini, with its mild flavor and tender texture, is a fantastic addition to creamy chicken. The result is a dish that’s both light and satisfying.

Low in Calories
Zucchini is low in calories yet high in essential nutrients like vitamin C and potassium, making this meal a healthful choice.

Summertime Choice
Ideal for summer, this version is refreshing and light, perfect for those warm days when you want something nourishing yet not too heavy.
Check this recipe.

22. Creamy Chicken Bake with Pesto

Italian Touch
Infuse your chicken dinner with the flavors of Italy by adding a dollop of pesto. The aromatic blend of basil, pine nuts, and garlic gives the sauce a delightful twist.

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Heart-Healthy Fats
Pesto, made with olive oil, offers heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, making this meal not just tasty but also beneficial for your heart.

Perfect for Special Occasions
Elevate your dinner game with this gourmet version of creamy chicken dinner. It’s classy, flavorful, and sure to impress.
Check this recipe.

23. Cream of Chicken with Sweet Potato

Sweet and Savory
The natural sweetness of sweet potatoes provides a delightful contrast to the savory cream of chicken. This combination creates a harmonious blend of flavors that dances on the palate.

Vitamin A Boost
Sweet potatoes are a rich source of vitamin A, ensuring this soup nourishes your body as it delights your tastebuds.

Filling and Nutritious
Ideal as a main course, this soup is both filling and packed with essential nutrients, perfect for those health-conscious days.
Check this recipe.

24. Chicken & Quinoa Dinner

Wholesome Choice
Upgrade your creamy chicken dinner by adding quinoa. This grain provides a delightful texture and ups the nutritional content of the meal.

Protein Punch
Quinoa is a complete protein, containing all nine essential amino acids. It ensures that this soup is both hearty and nourishing.

Ideal for Fitness Enthusiasts
If you’re looking to add more protein to your diet without compromising on taste, this version is perfect for you.
Check this recipe.

25. Cream of Chicken Dinner with Ginger

Warm and Aromatic
Introduce a zesty warmth to your dinner with ginger. The spicy, aromatic notes of ginger infuse the sauce, resulting in a flavor-packed meal.

Digestive Aid
Ginger is known for its digestive benefits. Incorporating it into your meal ensures you get a dose of taste and health.

Cold-Weather Favorite
This version of chicken dinner is perfect for cold days when you need some extra warmth and comfort from the inside out.
Check this recipe.

26. Creamy Chicken with Tarragon

Sophisticated Flavors
Tarragon, with its anise-like flavor, lends a sophisticated touch to the chicken dinner. It’s a subtle yet impactful addition that gourmet enthusiasts will appreciate.

A Culinary Delight
Tarragon is often used in French cuisine, and adding it to your meal introduces a touch of European flair.

Perfect for Dinner Dates
Looking to impress a special someone? This version of creamy chicken dinner is your ticket to a memorable meal.
Check this recipe.

27. Cream of Chicken with Peas

Classic and Comforting
The sweet and tender green peas add a touch of freshness to the rich and creamy chicken dinner, making it even more comforting.

Rich in Vitamins
Peas are a good source of vitamins A, C, and K, ensuring that this meal is both tasty and nutritious.

Family Pleaser
This version is a hit with both kids and adults, making it a reliable pick for family dinners.
Check this recipe.

28. Cream of Chicken with Red Bell Peppers

Vibrant and Flavorful
The sweet and slightly tangy flavor of red bell peppers enhances the creamy chicken dinner, giving it a vibrant taste and color.

Rich in Vitamin C
Red bell peppers are loaded with vitamin C, which boosts the immune system. This meal ensures you’re nourishing your body with every spoonful.

Summer Delight
The fresh and tangy flavors make this version of creamy chicken a popular choice for summer lunches or dinners.
Check this recipe.

29. Creamy Chicken with Chives

Subtle and Aromatic
Chives, with their mild onion-like flavor, add a delicate aroma and subtle taste to the creamy chicken dinner. 

Digestive Benefits
Chives are known for their digestive benefits, making this meal a gut-friendly choice.

Elegant Choice
Sprinkle some chopped chives on top for a beautiful presentation, perfect for formal dinners and special occasions.
Check this recipe.


From the heartwarming embrace of traditional flavors to the exciting allure of contemporary twists, this list captures the essence of cream of chicken soup in all its glory and shows you so many different ways to use it. Every variation offers a unique experience, ensuring that your meal endeavors remain ever-fresh and delightful. As you explore these 29 recipes, let each meal be a reminder of the endless possibilities that simple ingredients can offer. Happy cooking, and may each spoonful be a taste adventure!

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