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29 Moroccan Recipes – Easy & Authentic Dinners

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Discover the culinary wonders of Morocco with these 29 Moroccan recipes. Infused with rich flavors, aromatic spices, and unique cooking techniques, Moroccan cuisine offers an unparalleled taste experience for food enthusiasts. From the classic Tagine to the sweet Ghriba cookies, this guide captures the essence of Moroccan gastronomy, ensuring every palate finds its delight.

Dive in to explore recipes, serving suggestions, and delicious variations that promise to transport you straight to the bustling streets of Marrakech.

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1. Chicken Tagine with Lemons and Olives

A Classic Moroccan Delight
This dish marries the tartness of preserved lemons with the saltiness of olives and succulent chicken. It’s a true taste of Morocco, bringing together a blend of spices and slow-cooked flavors.
Perfect for Special Occasions
This dish shines when presented at gatherings, adding an exotic flair to your dinner table. Its rich sauce pairs excellently with crusty bread.
Incorporate Your Touch
Feel free to adjust the quantity of lemons and olives to match your taste buds.
Check this recipe.

2. Lamb Tagine with Prunes and Almonds

A Sweet and Savory Masterpiece
Tender pieces of lamb slow-cooked with sweet prunes and crunchy almonds create a heavenly balance of flavors. The blend of Moroccan spices intensifies its richness.
Ideal for Celebrations
Make celebrations memorable with this traditional dish, perfect when served with steamed couscous.
Customize to Your Palate
Experiment by adding apricots or raisins for an extra layer of sweetness.
Check this recipe.

3. Harira Soup

The Quintessential Moroccan Soup
Harira, with its mix of tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas, and herbs, is often consumed during Ramadan to break the fast. The spices provide a warm, comforting undertone.
Suitable for Any Meal
Have this hearty soup for dinner or as a starter, especially during colder days for a warm embrace.
Personalize Your Bowl
You can add rice or pasta for extra heartiness.
Check this recipe.

4. Brik with Tuna

A Crunchy Tunisian Favorite
Though originating from Tunisia, Brik has found its place in Moroccan cuisine. Enjoy the crispy pastry filled with succulent tuna, capers, and herbs.
Quick and Impressive
Serve as an appetizer or a snack, always ensuring it’s straight from the frying pan for peak crunchiness.
Venture with Fillings
Beyond tuna, try using minced beef, chicken, or even shrimp.
Check this recipe.

5. Moroccan Mint Tea

A Symbol of Moroccan Hospitality
This isn’t just tea; it’s an emblem of friendship and tradition. Fresh mint leaves, green tea, and sugar combine for a refreshing experience.
Perfect Anytime of the Day
Serve after meals or during a midday break, always poured from a height to create a frothy top.
Tweak to Your Taste
Adjust the sugar levels or add other herbs like verbena for a twist.
Check this recipe.

6. Kefta Mkaouara (Spicy Meatball Tagine)

A Fiery Delight
Experience Morocco with these spicy meatballs simmered in a rich tomato sauce, topped with poached eggs.
For the Spice Lovers
This dish can get fiery; adjust the chili quantity to match your heat preference. Serve with bread to mop up the flavorsome sauce.
Experiment with Meat Choices
While traditionally beef or lamb, you might opt for a mix or even chicken.
Check this recipe.

7. Moroccan Couscous

Fluffy and Versatile
Master the art of making the perfect couscous: light, fluffy, and the ideal side dish for tagines and roasted vegetables.
Great for Gatherings
Serve it family-style, letting everyone add their favorite sides and sauces.
Elevate the Flavor
Integrate raisins, nuts, or sautéed onions for added texture and taste.
Check this recipe.

8. Pastilla (Moroccan Pie)

Sweet, Salty, and Crunchy
Pastilla is a classic pie, often made with pigeon or chicken. Wrapped in phyllo dough, it’s a delectable blend of meat, almonds, and spices, dusted with powdered sugar.
Special Occasion Dish
This labor-intensive pie is worth every effort, perfect for celebrations and feasts.
Vary with Fillings
Try seafood or vegetarian fillings for a different touch.
Check this recipe.

9. Zaalouk (Eggplant and Tomato Salad)

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Smoky and Rich
This smoky eggplant and tomato salad can act as a dip or side. It’s rich, flavorful, and full of traditional spices.
Pair with Bread
Enjoy Zaalouk with fresh bread or as an accompaniment to grilled meats.
Make It Your Own
For a creamier texture, mix in some roasted bell peppers.
Check this recipe.

10. Rfissa (Moroccan Chicken and Lentils)

Warm and Hearty
Rfissa is comfort food, featuring shredded chicken, lentils, and fenugreek seeds, traditionally served over msemen (Moroccan crepes) or day-old bread.
A Celebration Dish
Often served after childbirth or celebrations, it’s nourishing and aromatic.
Customize to Your Palate
Adjust the fenugreek quantity or add other spices for a personalized touch.
Check this recipe.

11. Mechoui (Moroccan Roasted Lamb)

Tender and Aromatic
Mechoui is traditionally made by roasting an entire lamb, rendering the meat tender and succulent, infused with Moroccan spices.
Perfect for Festive Occasions
Serve this for special events, accompanied by flatbread and salads.
Alternate Cooking Methods
While traditional methods involve a pit, an oven or slow cooker can be used for convenience.
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12. Msemen (Moroccan Square Pancakes)

Crispy and Layered
Msemen are square, layered pancakes, crispy outside and soft inside. Typically served for breakfast, they are delightful with honey or cheese.
Anytime Treat
Perfect for breakfast or tea-time. Try filling them with spiced meat for a savory version.
Play with Fillings
From sweet to savory, the possibilities are endless.
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13. Sardines Chermoula

Zesty and Flavorful
Grilled sardines marinated in chermoula, a blend of herbs, garlic, and spices, epitomizing the coastal essence of Morocco.
Great Summer Dish
Perfect for BBQs or light lunches, these sardines are sure to impress.
Pair for Perfection
Serve with fresh salads or tangy pickles.
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14. Bissara (Fava Bean Soup)

Humble and Comforting
Bissara is a thick soup made from dried fava beans, garlic, and spices, often drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with cumin.
Perfect Winter Warmer
Serve on cold days for a filling, warming meal.
Vary with Toppings
Garnish with paprika, fresh herbs, or even crispy onions.
Check this recipe.

15. Chebakia (Sesame Cookies)

Sweet and Sticky
These deep-fried cookies, coated in honey and sesame seeds, are shaped like a flower and are especially popular during Ramadan.
A Festive Delight
Often served with Harira, these cookies are a treat for the senses.
A Craft and a Treat
Making Chebakia is an art; enjoy the process as much as the outcome.
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16. Taktouka (Green Pepper and Tomato Salad)

Vibrant and Tangy
This flavorful salad blends roasted green peppers with tomatoes and spices.
Ideal for Summer
Serve cold as a refreshing side dish or with bread as a light meal.
Customize Your Salad
Add roasted eggplant or feta cheese for variation.
Check this recipe.

17. Batbout (Stuffed Moroccan Bread)

Puffy and Soft
Batbout is a small, pita-like bread traditionally cooked in a pan rather than an oven.
Versatile and Delicious
Stuff with anything from spiced meats to cheese or jams for a satisfying snack.
Elevate Your Breakfast
Serve with honey and Moroccan mint tea for a delightful morning treat.
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18. Sellou (Energy-packed Sweet)

Nutty and Hearty
A mixture of toasted sesame seeds, fried almonds, and flour, it’s a high-energy sweet, often consumed during Ramadan or after childbirth.
A Spoonful of Energy
It’s so rich that just a spoonful can be enough to satiate you.
Add Some Zest
For extra flavor, add some grated orange or lemon zest.
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19. Moroccan Lentil Soup

Warm and Nourishing
A hearty soup filled with lentils, tomatoes, and Moroccan spices.
Perfect for Cold Evenings
Enjoy a bowl on a chilly night, paired with crusty bread.
Personalize Your Bowl
Add vegetables like carrots or celery for more texture.
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20. Briouats (Stuffed Pastry)

Crispy Delight
Briouats are small, triangle-shaped pastries filled with various mixtures, from meat to seafood or even sweet fillings.
Impressive Appetizer
Perfect for gatherings, these can be served as appetizers or snacks.
Play with Fillings
Try a mix of cheese and herbs or even a sweet almond paste.
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21. Baghrir (Moroccan Pancake)

Honeycomb Pancakes
Also known as the ‘1000 holes pancake’, Baghrir is soft, spongy, and served with honey or butter.
Ideal Breakfast or Tea-Time Snack
Serve warm, dripping with melted butter or honey.
Experiment with Toppings
Add fresh fruits or nut butter for a different taste.
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22. Tanjia (Marrakech’s Slow-Cooked Delight)

Rich and Flavorful
Traditionally cooked in an urn-shaped pot, this dish has lamb, spices, and preserved lemons.
A Culinary Journey to Marrakech
Experience a piece of Marrakech’s vibrant Jemaa el-Fnaa with this dish.
Suitable for Slow Cookers
Can be easily adapted for slow cooker methods.
Check this recipe.

23. Moroccan Carrot Salad

Zesty and Fresh
Grated or sliced carrots tossed with spices, garlic, and fresh herbs.
Refreshing Side
Perfect alongside grilled meats or as part of a mezze spread.
Add Some Crunch
Top with toasted sesame seeds or almonds.
Check this recipe.

24. Makouda (Potato Balls)

Crispy and Savory
Deep-fried potato balls seasoned with Moroccan spices.
Perfect Snack or Appetizer
Serve with spicy or tangy dips for an added kick.
Stuff and Surprise
Insert a small piece of cheese in the middle for a melty surprise.
Check this recipe.

25. Ghriba (Moroccan Cookies)

Crumbly and Sweet
Almond or semolina-based cookies, often flavored with citrus or spices.
Tea-Time Treat
Perfect with a glass of Moroccan mint tea.
Variety in Flavor
Try versions with coconut, chocolate, or even sesame.
Check this recipe.

26. Moroccan Beet Salad

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Earthy and Tangy
Cooked beets seasoned with spices, garlic, and a hint of citrus.
Healthy and Refreshing
A nutritious side dish that adds color and flavor to any meal.
Customize to Your Palate
Mix with oranges or goat cheese for a new twist.
Check this recipe.

27. Moroccan Spiced Lamb Chops

Zesty and Tender
Lamb chops marinated in a flavorful blend of Moroccan spices.
Impress at BBQs
Perfect for grilling sessions and outdoor gatherings.
Play with Marinades
Adjust spices based on preference; add yogurt for a creamy marinade.
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28. Fekkas (Moroccan Biscotti)

Crunchy and Nutty
Twice-baked cookies filled with almonds and raisins, reminiscent of Italian biscotti.
Perfect with Coffee or Tea
Dip in your morning coffee or evening tea for added enjoyment.
Customize with Ingredients
Add pistachios, dried fruits, or even chocolate chips.
Check this recipe.

29. Moroccan Almond Crescents

Sweet and Delicate
Shortbread-like cookies filled with almond paste and shaped into crescents.
Perfect Festive Cookie
Ideal for holidays, celebrations, or special occasions.
Dust for Beauty
Sprinkle with powdered sugar for a snowy effect.
Check this recipe.


Moroccan cuisine is a beautiful tapestry of flavors, textures, and traditions, showcasing the nation’s rich history and diverse cultural influences. As we conclude this journey through 29 of its most celebrated dishes, I hope you feel inspired to recreate these recipes in your kitchen and share the magic of Moroccan flavors with friends and family. So, whether you’re an avid cook or a culinary traveler, keep this list close, and let the scents and tastes of Morocco fill your home.

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