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Pickleback – Unlock the Brine after the Shine

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Meet the Pickleback, a daring duo that pairs the bold kick of whiskey with the tangy snap of pickle juice. This unconventional shot sequence is a beloved bar favorite for its surprisingly smooth finish, turning skeptics into enthusiasts with just one round. Whether you’re looking to elevate your night out or simply curious to try something new, the Pickleback delivers an unforgettable punch!

Tasting Notes

With the whiskey expect a burst of rich, oaky flavors with underlying notes of caramel and vanilla, providing a strong and fiery start. Following the heat of the whiskey, the pickle juice comes through with a refreshing, acidic bite. It’s crisp and salty, with hints of dill and garlic, which cleanse the palate and smooth out the whiskey’s burn.

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Chase the Bold with the Bold


  • 1 oz whiskey of choice
  • 1 oz pickle brine (cold)
  • (optional) small pickle on a toothpick


  1. Pour a shot of whiskey, set aside.
  2. Pour a shot of pickle juice, set aside.
  3. Drink whiskey, and then pickle juice as a 'chaser'.


This can be made with any pickle you like, from sweet to hot, as long as you like the brine/juice itself.

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Tips & Tricks

Add a unique twist by using pickle juice that has been infused with additional flavors such as garlic, spicy peppers, or even sweet spices like cinnamon and clove. This will add an extra layer of complexity to the flavor profile. Or instead of traditional pickle juice, try other types of brines like those from pickled onions, jalapeños, or even kimchi for a spicy kick. 

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