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12 Popsicle Recipes – Easy Homemade Treats For This Summer

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Enjoy these 12 popsicle recipes for a homemade frozen treat this summer ! Ranging from fruity pops (like mango or strawberry), to hot chocolate and fudge, to more grown-up flavors like coffee latte, this list is here to give you an idea for each family member. All of these can be made in smaller or larger batches, so you can adjust according to your needs.

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If you’re looking for more frozen treats try this list of home made ice cream instead. Or if you’re simply looking for a summer dessert idea take a peek at this fruit-based desert idea list !

Popsicle Recipes

Explore this list of 12 delicious DIY popsicles, perfect for kids and family. These popsicle recipes are easy and call for simple ingredients you might already have around the house - such as yogurt, coconut milk, fresh fruit, and the like.

Simply make your favorite recipe out of this list and enjoy a fun summer day with family !

I hope you’ve found the perfect popsicle for this summer and enjoy it on a hot, sunny day. Summer treats are always fun, and what’s more fun than making your own popsicles and letting your creativity flow ? Get inspired by these 12 popsicle recipes and make your very own, at home. Enjoy !

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