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25 Ice Cream Recipes (With and Without Machine)

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Ice cream is a delicious treat, and what’s better than a homemade treat ? This list of 25 ice cream recipes will walk you through the easiest, most delicious ice cream and sorbet recipes out there. Some of them call for an ice cream maker, and some don’t, so you can easily pick and choose your favorite recipes. 

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Ice Cream Recipes

Ice cream recipes abound, and this list is here to offer you the best 25 ice cream and sorbet recipes ever. Some of these require a machine, some don't, and all of them are absolutely delicious and customizable.

Homemade ice cream can be absolutely delicious, and I hope you’ve found at least one recipe that will stick with you forever. Regardless of flavor, ice cream is about having fun, sharing, and enjoying the little things in life. Whether you have an ice cream maker or not, these recipes hopefully brought some new ideas to the table. I hope you enjoy !

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