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Rainbow Sherbet Martini

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Introducing the Rainbow Sherbet Martini, a whimsical and delightful twist on the classic cocktail that brings together the nostalgic flavors of rainbow sherbet in a sophisticated drink. This playful concoction combines the vibrant hues and fruity essence of sherbet with the elegance of a martini, resulting in a drink that’s as visually stunning as it is delicious. With layers of fruity sweetness and a hint of citrus tang, each sip offers a burst of flavor reminiscent of childhood summers and carefree indulgence. Whether served at a festive gathering or enjoyed as a special treat, the Rainbow Sherbet Martini is sure to enchant the senses and leave a lasting impression. Get ready to sip and savor the magic of this enchanting cocktail.

Tasting Notes

Immerse yourself in the refreshing tang of citrus-infused vodka, where each sip offers a bright burst of zesty notes that dance on the tongue. The addition of orange liqueur brings a subtle sweetness and depth to the cocktail, balancing the citrusy tones with a hint of floral complexity. But the true star of this martini is the rainbow sherbet, which lends its luscious fruitiness and creamy texture to the mix, creating a sensation akin to indulging in a scoop of your favorite childhood treat. As you savor each sip, you’ll be transported to a world of vibrant colors and nostalgic bliss, making the Rainbow Sherbet Martini a truly unforgettable cocktail experience.

Recipe Card

Rainbow Sherbet Martini

Rainbow Sherbet Martini

Cheers to Colorful Blis


  • 1 oz vodka
  • 1 oz orange liqueur
  • 3 oz orange juice
  • 1 scoop (3-4 oz) rainbow sherbet


  1. In a chilled martini glass (large) place the sherbet scoop, set aside.
  2. In a shaker add ice, vodka, orange liqueur, orange juice, and shake very well.
  3. Strain into prepared martini glass and serve.


This makes a large serving, and the martini glass is more for presentation than anything else. You could also serve this in any large glass that can fit 8-10 oz. The sherbet will melt into the drink anyway, so don't worry too much over eating it.

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Tips & Tricks

Introduce a creamy and tropical twist by swirling a bit of coconut cream into the martini. This adds a rich and indulgent texture to the cocktail, while imparting a subtle coconut flavor that harmonizes beautifully with the fruity notes of the sherbet.

Experiment with different flavors of sherbet to customize the cocktail to your taste preferences. Try combinations like raspberry-lime, orange-pineapple, or lemon-strawberry for unique and refreshing flavor profiles that add a new dimension to the cocktail.

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