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Can You Eat Persimmon Peel ? Here’s What We Know

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If you are new to persimmons, there is a good chance that you will find yourself staring at it, unsure how to eat it the first time you have one in your hand.
Do you bite right into it like an apple? Or should you peel it like a lemon? If you bite into it like an apple, is it really okay to eat the skin right along with the rest of it?

eat persimmon peel

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Can you eat persimmon peel?

Yes, you can eat persimmon peel. If you want you can go ahead and bite right into a ripe, juicy persimmon. Not only is it safe to do so, but you will also find it quite easy as the skin is not all that tough.

However, some people choose to peel their persimmons. It could be a personal preference, or because most of the tannic acid is in the peel. Peeling the persimmons allows them to eat more in one sitting without any problems.

What is persimmon?

Persimmon is a type of berry, though it is bigger than most of the berries you are probably used to. Some around an inch in diameter while others grow to over three inches. They also come in various sizes; some look more heart-shaped while others are more round or even shaped like a pumpkin.

what is persimmon

When they are ripe, persimmons range in color from a light yellow to a darker red or orange (some people compare the darker ones to tomatoes.)

As far as specific types, there are two main types: Fuyu persimmons and Hachiya persimmons. The latter is the more pale persimmons, and they tend to be in the shapes of hearts or acorns. You must wait until Hachiya are completely ripe and softened, almost to the point of overripeness. Otherwise, they feel kind of like biting into a cotton ball.

On the other hand, Fuyu persimmons are the kind that looks a lot like tomatoes. They get ripe enough to eat a lot faster than Hachiya, so you can eat these while they are still firm.

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What does persimmon taste like ?

When they are unripe, persimmons taste extraordinarily bitter. Even if you like more bitter flavored fruits, biting into one still won’t be a pleasant experience. It is like the fruit sucks all the moisture right out of your mouth.

However, a ripe persimmon has a flavor unlike pretty much every other fruit out there. It is a potent, sweet, delicious flavor that some people have compared to a combination of mango, roasted sweet pepper, and just a bit of cinnamon.

A bite of persimmon is a mix of sweet and tangy, and it has a silky texture. Most everyone likes persimmons. Some people do not like the skin, but that is more of a texture thing than a taste problem because the peel is tougher than other fruits you bite into, like the apple.

What parts of the persimmon are not edible?

If you can eat the peel and the fruit, is there any part that is not edible? Yes, you do not want to eat the seeds plain because they are rather hard and could damage your teeth. However, if you roast them or ground them up (when used as a coffee extender), they are still good.

Some people warn against eating the leaves. There is really no reason to bite right into persimmon leaves, but often people will use them for tea. That is completely safe, albeit a little bitter.

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Can you eat too much persimmon?

Yes, you can eat too much persimmon. Persimmons have high amounts of tannic acid, which can upset your stomach or cause stones if you eat too much at one time. It is advised that you eat them after meals and never eat more than three at one time.

too much persimmon

If you are eating multiple persimmons, it might be a good idea to remove the peel. The highest concentrations of tannic acid are in the peel, not the actual fruit. While it’s not really toxic, it can get too bitter.


Persimmon is a good-tasting fruit and also easy to eat since you don’t have to peel it, the skin is totally edible which makes it more convenient than many fruits. I hope you got your answer from this article and also you will try this nice, exotic fruit if you didn’t already.

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