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What Does Persimmon Taste Like? What About The Smell?

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There is really nothing else quite like a persimmon. This interesting and puzzling, yet totally delicious fruit will excite your wondering taste buds, as well as ease them!

If you’ve never had persimmon before then you may be wondering what it tastes like. No worries, we’ve got you covered. Keep on reading to find out.

persimmon taste

What does persimmon taste like ?

A ripe persimmon tastes a lot like mango and peach, with some cinnamon in the background, all on top of a slightly earthy flavor. In a way it’s a lot like baked cookies, so it’s not all that surprising that it actually tastes like that, as well!

If you have ever made cookie or bread dough or even cake batter, you know that smell all too well! And, if you are anything like us, your curious mind invited you to take a taste of that batter or dough, just because!

Well, that same sweet, cinnamon-like soft and calming flavor is exactly what you will taste when you scoop out the insides of your persimmon! You may also realize that it tastes a tiny bit like a mango, too, though not as overwhelming and certainly sweeter!

However, if you wait too long to enjoy your persimmon, or you simply buy one that is overripe already, the flavor may be too sweet!

Now, we know you’re thinking, “How is that possible? Too sweet isn’t a thing!”. Well, when it comes to fruit, it actually is! When fruits get overripe, they begin to taste a bit sour, like milk or tea that has gone bad. This is true for persimmons, as well.

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What does persimmon smell like ?

As soon as you slice a knife through this amazing fruit, a wonderful whiff of sweet sugar cookies baking in the oven will fill your nose. Yes! A ripe persimmon actually smells an awful lot like sweetened dough with a slight note of cinnamon!

That being said, when they are not yet ripe or still on the tree, many describe persimmons as smelling bad, similar to fish or body odor! But, please! Don’t let that stop you from trying one of these beautiful orange fruits! We promise, once they are ripe, they smell and taste great!

What does persimmon feel like ?

This section is going to be a wild ride, folks, because the texture of persimmon is all over the place! But don’t worry; that’s a good thing!

So, when you first start looking for a persimmon, you should look for one that feels a bit soft on the outside. Try to stay away from fruits that are hard as a rock or that are so soft, you could puncture their skin with the slightest pressure.

Once you take your persimmon home, you will find that the skin’s texture is quite thick, similar to that of a tomato that did not get enough water as it grew. You can actually eat the skin of a persimmon, though most people do not because it is so thick.

However, once you pass through its thick, protective hide, you will find the softest, most luscious fruit you have ever felt! Again, it is quite similar in texture to a mango or a plum, except softer, more held together, and definitely not as stringy in comparison to the former.

The inside of a persimmon is quite moist and juicy, but not so much that it will drip down your wrist as you scrape off its fruit! It is soft and a bit mealy, but not so much as a pear, don’t you worry! And, it is actually a bit slimy if you get it on your fingers, similar to the texture of semi-hardened jello! To many, the persimmon’s texture is considered all-around wonderful!

cut persimmon

That means, when you finally bite into the meat of this decadent fruit, your mouth will feel at peace, knowing that there is no need to chew! That’s right folks, the persimmon is so soft inside that you can simply place it in your mouth, squish it between your tongue and the roof of your mouth, and swallow!

But just be careful! Once you get to that beautiful sunray-like pattern at the center of the persimmon, the texture actually changes a bit. Those lines (which will be slightly darker in color when compared to the rest of the fruit meat inside) are actually gelatinous!

If you have ever had a holiday bread featuring those little pieces of colorful citron or perhaps even just a gummy candy, you already know this texture! It is quite slippery and chewy, and can easily slip right down your throat, so be careful when eating these parts of a persimmon!

Altogether, if you have a texture issue when it comes to food, you may want to try one persimmon first before you buy an entire bag of them. Its unique, varied texture may prove too weird for those with such a texture problem.

What is a persimmon?

Actually a part of the berry family, the persimmon is an orange and golden yellow fruit native to Asia! Known also by its Greek name Diospyros, it is believed that it got this name because of its beautiful taste and color, since it roughly translates to “divine fire.”

Believe it or not, despite there being many fruits that grow from this plant family, there are only two main kinds of edible persimmon: fuyu and hachiya.

The more popular fuyuor the Oriental, Asian, or Japanese persimmon is commonly more rounded and quite similar in look to a common, medium-sized slicing tomato! The fuyu persimmon is also usually yellow or orange, but can also be found donning a bright scarlet or red coat! These tend to be preferred over their counterparts because the fuyu can be eaten when they are still firm and when they are quite soft!

On the other hand, the hachiya persimmon is usually more elongated in shape than the fuyu, similar in look to a plum tomato. Additionally, they are not as well liked around the world because they can really only be eaten when they are very soft. Otherwise, the flavor is simply unpleasant.

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How can you enjoy persimmon?

It is absolutely fine to eat a persimmon raw! In fact, that is how many people prefer to eat them since they taste quite sweet that way!

However, if you’d like to make a dish or sweet treat featuring this one of a kind fruit, we’ve made a list of potential recipes you may like to try!

  • Persimmon Bread Pudding
  • Persimmon Jam or Jelly
  • Persimmon Muffins, Cakes, or Cupcakes
  • Persimmon Sugar Cookies
  • Salad with Persimmon Slices
  • Persimmon Slices Sprinkled with Goat Cheese and Herbs

Eat persimmon however you like it, but be sure to try a few bites of it on its own. This way you’ll really understand the flavor.


I hope this article helped you understand better what does persimmon taste, smell, and feel like. It’s a very nice fruit, easy to eat and with a lot of uses so, you must try it at least once.

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