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Cucumber Gin Fizz Cocktail Recipe

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The gin fizz is a great bubbly drink, but it’s missing something. So let’s try a cucumber gin fizz, with a refreshing cucumber note and the prettiest light green color.

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What is Cucumber Gin Fizz?

The cucumber gin fizz is a variation on the classic gin fizz, with cucumber slices. The aim is to add a subtle cucumber note that will make the drink refreshing (aside from bubbly) and even give it a slight green tint. 

There is also egg white in this recipe, so it’s going to have a smooth but bubbly texture, aside from the interesting flavor. Overall it’s really a drink you won’t forget soon. Here’s how to make one. 

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Cucumber Gin Fizz Cocktail Recipe

Ioana Ciuraru
A gin fizz with an extra refreshing flavor.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1


  • 2 oz gin
  • 1 oz lime juice
  • 0.75 oz simple syrup
  • 0.5 oz egg white
  • 2-3 cucumber slices
  • club soda to top


  • In a shaker combine gin, lime juice, simple syrup, eg white, cucumber, and ice. Shake very well.
  • Strain into Collins glass with ice.
  • Let as much foam as possible drip. Take it out with a spoon if necessary.
  • Top with club soda.


  • This is an unconventional way of beating the egg whites, and I know that. Most bartenders will ask you to combine all ingredients (minus cucumber and club soda) in the shaker, and shake without ice, then shake again with ice. I've found that shaking the egg with the rest of the ingredients gives me a comparable foam, so I don't dry shake anymore.
  • If you want to muddle the cucumber slices instead of shaking them with ice, simply add them to the empty glass and mash them a bit of the back of a spoon. You will get a much milder flavor.

When is this drink best ?

The cucumber gin fizz works great in the summer, whenever you’d like a bubbly, cooling drink to relax with. The cucumber in this is just right, not overwhelming, and perfect for a poolside lounge. 

My thoughts on Cucumber Gin Fizz

I liked the cucumber gin fizz, almost more than the original version. The cucumber is subtle, yes, but you can still notice it and it gives a really pretty light green color to the whole drink. The interplay between the lime juice and simple syrup make this a well balanced drink, and somehow the cucumber just fits right in with those two. 

it also works perfectly with the botanical note sin gin, and the egg white gives the entire drink a smooth over. Once you top with the club soda, this becomes a light, airy, refreshing, cooling drink that’s perfect to lounge in the shade with. 

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Notes, substitutes, and tips

The egg white is there to give a smooth texture and make that beautiful foam head. But if you can’t or don’t want to use egg white, you can substitute it for aquafaba (chickpea water). It’s thick and packed with protein and will foam up just like egg white.

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