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77 Summer Desserts – Easy Recipes Perfect For A Crowd

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Summer desserts are some of the most colorful out there, and they allow you to take advantage of seasonal fruit in the best way possible. I’ve compiled a list of the best 77 summer desserts out there, ranging from light and easy fruit-based ones to fun no-bake desserts and all of them are fit for a crowd. 

77 summer desserts easy crowd 1

If you’re looking for some more specific desserts, take a look at this 4th of July dessert list to get inspired for patriotic sweets. Or if you’re looking for holiday desserts try these Thanksgiving ones.

77 Summer Desserts

Summer desserts are always delicious, refreshing, and they make a sunny day even better. In this list you'll find summer desserts ranging from the classic fruit salad, to home-made fruit ice cream, to pies and cakes, and everything in-between.

These recipes are quite easy, and they can be made in small or large batches so you can easily serve a crowd with them.

Enjoy !

Did you find the perfect summer dessert in this list ? I hope you did, and I hope you’ll have the best time ever this summer. Desserts bring a smile to everyone’s face and summer desserts are just that much better. Enjoy !

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