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Pina Colada Sangria

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Piña Colada Sangria is a tropical twist on a classic sangria that combines the refreshing flavors of white wine, crushed pineapple with its juice, and coconut rum. This fruity and easy-to-make cocktail is perfect for summer gatherings, bringing a taste of the tropics to any occasion. Simply mix the ingredients together and let them chill, allowing the flavors to meld into a deliciously refreshing drink.

Tasting Notes

Piña Colada Sangria offers a delightful blend of tropical flavors that are both refreshing and sweet. The white wine provides a crisp and slightly fruity base, which complements the tropical notes of pineapple and coconut. The crushed pineapple adds a juicy sweetness and a bit of texture, while the coconut rum infuses the sangria with a smooth, creamy coconut flavor.

Together, these ingredients create a harmonious and refreshing drink that is perfect for hot summer days.

As you sip the Piña Colada Sangria, you’ll notice the balanced sweetness from the wine and pineapple, with the coconut rum adding a rich and tropical twist. The flavors are well-integrated, offering a smooth and enjoyable drinking experience.

The pineapple bits give it a bit of a bite, making each sip interesting and delightful. This sangria is a wonderful way to enjoy the flavors of a piña colada in a lighter, more refreshing form.

Tips & Tricks

Mix in slices of fresh mango, kiwi, or strawberries for added flavor and color.

Muddle fresh mint or basil leaves into the sangria for a refreshing herbal note.

Recipe Card

Pina Colada Sangria

Pina Colada Sangria

Experience a Tropical Twist on Classic Sangria


  • 2 bottles sweet or semi-sweet white wine
  • 20 oz crushed pineapple (juice included)
  • 12 oz coconut rum


  1. In a large pitcher add all your ingredients, and stir to combine.
  2. Keep in fridge or on ice until needed.


This can also be made with a bottle or sparkling white whine if you want a bit of carbonation going.

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