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18 Thanksgiving Desserts – Easy & Cute Dessert Ideas

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Thanksgiving desserts usually mean the famous pumpkin pie – but what if you want something more ? Something still Thanksgiving-based but want to get more creative ? Or what if you want a pumpkin pie but want to make it different this year ? 

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This list of 18 easy and cute Thanksgiving desserts is here to help you figure out what sweets to put on the table this year. Some of these are going to make you reconsider everything you knew about dessert !


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Thanksgiving Desserts

Feast your eyes on this delicious Thanksgiving desserts list ! Here you'll find anything you want, from the classic pumpkin pie (and its various riffs), to pistachio salad, cookies, rolls, and so much more !

Found something new and inspiring in this list ? Great, I hope you’ll try it this holiday season and it’ll be an instant favorite ! Be sure to also check out this Blackstone recipe list, in case you’ll get grill weather. 

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