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Vodka Tonic Cocktail Recipe

The vodka tonic is simple, refreshing, and definitely something to try if you think gin and tonic has too strong a flavor. 

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What is Vodka Tonic?

The vodka tonic is as simple and easy as it sounds – a mix of vodka and tonic water, in the form of a highball. It’s a riff on the classic gin and tonic and was only a matter of time until it happened. 

There are different ratios and recipes, and you should feel free to experiment at home with how much vodka you like for your tonic water. And as always when dealing with very simple but refreshing highballs, you can always experiment with flavored vodka or various tonic water flavors. 

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Vodka Tonic Cocktail Recipe

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes

A simpler tonic highball, where vodka is king.


  • 1.5 oz vodka
  • tonic water to top


  1. Build in ice-filled Collins glass.


The vodka in this is plain, so you will feel the tonic the most. Get a tonic you really like.

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When is this drink best ?

I think the vodka tonic works great year-round, but it works especially well in the summer when you’d like a refreshing drink with just a little sweetness. I see it as a great lunch cocktail, perfect for something casual like a family get-together, or something more formal like a wedding. 

I also think vodka tonic is a great option if you don’t particularly enjoy gin and tonic and want a more neutral spirit instead. 

My thoughts on Vodka Tonic

I found the vodka tonic to be a bit plain, in that you can mostly taste the tonic, and the vodka takes a backseat (as opposed to gin). It’s a a very refreshing drink from that point of view, and you definitely get a lot of carbonation (or however much your tonic water has).

It’s because of that you should use a tonic water you really like, and perhaps express a little bit or lemon, lime, or both into the drink before serving. It helps bring more flavor. 

vodka tonic 2

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Notes, substitutes, and tips

The original uses plain vodka with tonic water. Feel free to use flavored tonic and/or flavored vodka if you want to experiment with different flavors. 

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