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What Does Dijon Mustard Taste Like?

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To understand what dijon mustard tastes like, we have to know a bit of history about this so popular mustard type.

Because the original recipe for dijon mustard is not the one that is most often used today.

Dijon mustard

Dijon mustard origins

Dijon mustard originates from the town of Dijon, the capital of the Burgundy region (in France).

It was first made with vinegar, but after that, Dijon resident Jean Naigeon decided to change the vinegar with the juice of unripe grapes, which led to the use of white wine these days.

At one time, it was only considered original Dijon mustard if it came from this specific region, as it is with Parmegiano Reggiano. But nowadays, it is just a generic term that can be used by any mustard producer that follows the basics of the recipe.

So this is the explanation of different tastes from different dijon mustard producers. And also, this makes it a bit hard to tell the exact taste of dijon mustard since one can follow the recipe ingredients but use them in a different quantity or a different order.

Also, using white wine in the recipe leaves a lot of room for interpretation. There are way too many types of white wine that can be used to make Dijon mustard, so it is really hard to get the same taste from different manufacturers.

What does Dijon mustard taste like?

Dijon mustard has a sharp, strong flavor and is mildly spicy from mustard seeds, garlic, and onion in the recipe.

Since the white wine is not as acidic as vinegar, you should feel the other ingredients taste a bit stronger than only vinegar-based mustard. It depends on how much white wine compared to white vinegar the Dijon mustard has.

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How to make dijon mustard

If you want a homemade Dijon mustard, you will need the following ingredients:

-Yellow mustard seeds

-Brown mustard seeds


-Dry White Wine

-White Vinegar

-Yellow onion or shallot


-White Pepper

You can check this article if you want to check a Dijon Mustard recipe made from scratch.

When to use dijon mustard

Dijon mustard can be used almost every time to substitute regular yellow mustard. If you buy a good quality Dijon mustard or make yourself a good Dijon mustard, there are big chances that you will impress anyone who expects the regular taste from the mustard.

Here are a few ways to use Dijon mustard:

-As a salad dressing, it works great in many salads, but it does wonderful things in a potato salad and works great with some hard-boiled eggs.

-Marinate your food with Dijon Mustard. It is an easy and pretty good way to marinate a chicken or any other food before throwing it into the oven.

-Use it in a burger. It works really well as a burger dressing due to its stronger spicy taste. I don’t know why I don’t see it working so well in a hotdog. Maybe it is because we are so used to the yellow mustard that comes with any hotdog. 

But when it comes to burgers, we are used to trying many different dressings.

-Make Dijonnaise. Mustard is not considered a sauce, but whisking half of a cup of mayonnaise with a tablespoon of Dijon Mustard and seasoning with salt and pepper will make Dijonnaise which is a great sauce that you can use in your favorite recipes.

-Deviled eggs. When making deviled eggs, the mustard taste is almost more important than the egg’s taste, so using a high-quality Dijon mustard will help you get the most out of this delicious dish.

Dijon mustard vs. regular mustard

There are quite a few differences between regular yellow mustard and Dijon mustard. However, you can always substitute one for each other if you don’t have the choice.

dijon vs regular mustard

Let’s see the main differences between those two:

-Price. Dijon mustard has a bit higher price and a bigger range of prices since it can be made with many different quality ingredients.

Regular yellow mustard is a bit easier to make and has a more standard recipe.

Also can be a bit of marketing involved here; since Dijon mustard is fancier than regular mustard, some brands can price it a bit higher because it can be used as a status symbol on the table when you have guests at your house.

I know it sounds silly, but it is what it is, and the fanciness of a product can affect the price.

-Color. American yellow mustard has a strong yellow color because it often has turmeric as an ingredient, while Dijon mustard has a  pale yellow, cream color.

-Flavor. The yellow mustard has a milder taste than the Dijon mustard but sometimes can be a bit more acidic and sour because it is made only using White Vinegar, while Dijon has White Wine and White Vinegar or even White Wine alone.

The Dijon mustard has a more spicer taste compared to the yellow one.

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Dijon mustard has a more spicer, stronger taste than the yellow mustard we are used to.

Keep in mind that they can be a substitute for each other, but it really depends on the taste you want from your food. If you want a more spicer taste, you should opt for Dijon mustard as often as you can.

Also, be careful when you choose a Dijon mustard since it is not a protected name. It can be made in various ways, so make sure you check the ingredients list before buying it.

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