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What Does Durian Taste Like ? Figuring Out The Smelliest Fruit

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The unusual, spiky fruit durian has always made it to the limelight because of its horrible smell. This fruit is known to cause utter disgusts in the faces of people due to its ugly shape and pungent smell.

Don’t be surprised if we tell you that it is banned in Singapore and some airways because of its smell. So, after having such a bad smell, what does durian taste like?

This is what we’ll explore today, since it’s a topic that confuses so many people. And rightfully so, something that doesn’t smell pleasant can’t taste great, can it ? Let’s see.

durian taste

What does durian taste like ?

Durian has a very unique taste, a combination of sweet, savory and may remind you of custard. Its flavor is definitely something you have to get used to.

Durian may have a terrible smell but its taste is no less than an exotic dessert to the South Asian locals.

The best-known thing about durian is, it can be smelled from a good distance away. The fruit is grown in South Asia and interestingly known as the king of fruits.

It is a prized delicacy to the locals and they love enjoying it anytime. However, to the foreigners, the smell and taste seems a bit disgusting.

As we already mentioned, it is banned in certain places just because of its smell. So, if you’re planning to eat and purchase this exotic fruit on your trip to Singapore, be very aware as it’s banned in hotels and public transports.

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A bit more about durian taste and texture

Don’t be surprised if we tell you that the smell of durian is compared with smelly socks, vomit and all those gross things. Due to so much fuss around it, people become so hesitant to try this exotic fruit.

It is said that the stronger the smell of durian the better it tastes. Yes! You’ve read it absolutely right. Coming to the taste and texture of it, it has a very soft buttery texture. It completely melts in your mouth and gives you a pudding-like taste.

According to foreigners, it has a very unique acquired taste. If you’re tasting durian for the first time ever, try and keep an open mind.

When buying a durian, a local first smells it and then selects the fruit with the strongest smell. And you know the reason behind this, the stronger the smell, the better they taste.

The people who love durian say it has a similar texture like that of a creamy cheesecake. Its flavors often match with the slight hints of vanilla and caramel. Although some durians have a slightly bitter taste, this is because they are not perfectly ripe. All in all, it has a sweet velvety taste.

You can eat the flesh raw and can have it cooked in different ways that we’ll discuss later. But the locals mostly enjoy it on its own.

Tasting durian for the first time

If you are planning to taste durian for the first time, make sure you’re getting a perfect fruit. It should be perfectly ripe because if the fruit is not ripe, chances are you’ll end up hating this amazing fruit for its smell.

As a first-timer, don’t expect a lot from durian. It is a unique fruit that doesn’t taste like our regular fruits like mangoes and bananas. In fact, there is no other fruit like this. It is a unique blend of sweet and savory. You’ll get a surprising taste in your first bite.

Also, make sure to buy durian from a trusted seller. Otherwise, any seller can fool you by handing over the worst fruit and will be amused by looking at your gross reactions when you taste it. So, pick your durian wisely. You can even take help from a local in this daunting task.

If you’re skeptical about tasting durian, then know that there are many other foods like eggs, garlic, fish sauce etc that smells very bad but enhances the flavors when added to a dish.

Durian is no different, its smell has nothing to do with the taste and you may even come to enjoy it in time.

eat durian

What are some of the best ways to eat durian ?

Although locals enjoy durian on its own, there are several other ways in which you can enjoy it. Below are some of the most popular ways of eating durian :

1. Durian Wafers

Yes! Durian chips have a great fan base. It makes a wonderful snack. These are usually made using the unripe fruit and taste just like regular potato or banana chips.

When you eat durian chips for the first time, you’ll not be able to tell that these chips are made from the spiky and smelly fruit.

2. Durian Filled Pastries

It may sound unusual to you but flaky breads filled with durian flavored custard are very popular in Singapore. So, if you’re looking for a delicious way to try durian for the first time, these delicious flaky breads are for you.

3. Durian In Desserts

Durian desserts are quite popular among the locals. There are hundreds of dishes that include durian as the main ingredient. With these desserts, you can taste the subtle flavors of durian combined with other flavors.

4. Frozen Durian

Frozen durian is one of the best forms of durian. This chilled melt-in-mouth delicacy is one of the best treats for summers. It tastes just like creamy and ridiculously sweet fruit creams.

Are jackfruit and durian the same?

Due to the similar resemblance, many people wrongly assume that durian is another name for the famous Jackfruit. In reality, both of these fruits are exactly different.

Their resemblance, the taste and the flavor are very different from each other. So, no Jackfruit and Durian aren’t the same thing. Check the photo below for a comparison between the two.

Durian Left and Jackfruit Right

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Is durian harmful to humans?

No, durian is not harmful to eat at all. You can enjoy it in the same way you enjoy other fruits. In fact, it is very healthy and nutritious for your body.

You may or may not like the taste of durian, but you should definitely give it a try to experience some most unique flavors.

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