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How To Tell If Durian Is Rotten, So You Don’t Waste Money

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Almost all the fruits smell bad when they are rotten, but what about a fruit that already smells horrible in its ripe form? We are talking about none other than the ‘king of fruits’.

The biggest indicator that tells if a durian is ripe, unripe, overripe or rotten, is its smell and taste. To determine if the fruit has gone bad, you should be able to distinguish between different kinds of smells coming from a durian.

This isn’t easy, since durian will overpower your senses if you’re not used to it. Still, the taste of durian is absolutely worth the smell, and nothing like it.

So it’s worth knowing when a durian is rotten, so you don’t buy one by mistake.

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How to tell if durian is rotten

If the durian fruit smells sour or has a sour taste, it’s most likely gone bad. You should look for a mixture between rotten eggs and vinegar. Another sign is when the skin is cracked and the flesh is too soft and watery, that is a durian that is definitely rotting.

You should also look at the stalk of the durian fruit, if it’s dry and withered then the fruit is very old and likely rotten.

Spotting a rotten durian may not be easy if you’re a first timer, since it’s really hard to distinguish between the strong funky smell of ripe durian, and the stench of rotting durian.

It might be best to ask a local to help you pick out a durian that isn’t rotten.

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Durian ripeness varies

Durians are amazing fruits. Different people enjoy eating them at different ripeness levels.

This simply means, some enjoy it slightly under-ripe while some enjoy when it is overripe and turns very creamy and gooey.

There are other people as well who neither like under-ripe nor the overripe durians, they prefer the right ripeness level i.e somewhere between overripe ripe and underripe fruit.

The latter form of durian is enjoyed by the majority of people. So, the ideal texture of durian as preferred by most of the people is when it smells slightly sweet and caramel-y and resembles a soft sticky cream cheese-like texture.

Granted it’s hard to notice when durian has a sweet tinge to its smell if you’re unfamiliar, but you may ask a local to guide you.

Durian is a sweet and savory fruit, very confusing for many people but once you find a great one you’ll definitely learn to love it.

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How to avoid picking a rotten durian

If you’re picking a durian for the first time, you have to be very careful otherwise you’ll end up picking a rotten fruit that will destroy your taste buds and you’ll start hating the fruit for no reason.

It is said that the overripe or rotten durians taste like rotten eggs mixed with vinegar. Although durians normally smell bad, the rotten ones emit a strong stinky odor which can be unbearable for a majority of people.

There are a few noticeable things about durian that hints that it has gone bad or rotten completely. You should be able to spot these things and avoid that fruit to save your money, as well as your taste buds.

Avoid picking a durian that has the following characteristics:

  • If it has a dry, dark-coloured and wrinkled up stem, it is too old.
  • If its spikes are discolored and the fruit has spots all over it, it is attacked by fungus.
  • If it is already split, it is overripe.
  • If there are holes on its shells, it is attacked by caterpillars and other bugs.
  • If you’re seeing someone rejecting it, trust their nose and skip over that fruit.
  • If the flesh is very runny and smelling sour look for a firm one with a sweeter smell.
  • If the durian flesh is extremely sticky to touch and is overly pigmented, it is rotten.

What happens when you eat a rotten durian?

First of all, you’ll not be able to eat a lot of a rotten durian. It tastes disastrous and you’ll definitely not like it.

So, there is no way you could end up eating a lot of rotten fruit. Hence, there are no chances of any harmful side effects.

However, if somehow you end up overeating a spoiled durian, you may feel nauseous and discomfort in your stomach. Vomiting may be a good idea in this case.

How to pick a fresh durian

Picking a fresh durian is not as tough as it sounds. You just have to keep in mind a few simple things and observe the fruit carefully.

If the fruit is not smelling strong, this means it is not ready to eat and is under-ripe. Similarly, if it smells very pungent and unbearable, it is overripe.

You have to look for a durian that is smelling fresh and earthy. It should smell like a bit of sulfur and freshly scrambled eggs. It should smell strong but fresh at the same time.


Moreover, it shouldn’t have any spots or holes on the surface and should get pressed a little when you press it with your thumb. This is how you choose the right durian.

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How long does a durian last opened ?

An opened durian will last 2 days in the fridge. Make sure to keep in in an airtight container or bag, otherwise it will rot very easily.

Durian flesh is very fragile and goes bad very easily.

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