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Can Ramen Be Reheated? Yes, And Here’s How!

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If you’ve ever enjoyed a nice, warm bowl of noodle-filled ramen that was just too filling to finish, you may have wondered if you could reheat it. Well, wonder no more because today we’re going to walk you through just how to do that !

ramen reheated

Can ramen be reheated ?

Yes, you can reheat ramen like you can reheat any other meal. Make sure you keep the noodles in an airtight container with some liquid around them (if possible). They will dry out within a couple of days.

Depending on what you’re planning to do with the ramen, there are several ways you can reheat them to get the most delicious meal ever. But, before we jump right into the ways you can reheat your ramen, let’s talk a bit about this delicious soup as a dish!

What is ramen?

No, it is not just that super salty packaged soup you bought at the store in college because you could not afford anything else. You know, that one you mix with water and stick in the microwave for a few seconds? Ramen is so much more!

A blending of Chinese and Japanese culture, ramen is a Japanese soup containing Chinese wheat noodles, vegetables, and sometimes meat and other fun ingredients such as boiled eggs, crunchy noodles, or even narutomaki, the traditional Japanese fish cake!

In many restaurants, ramen is made even better through its fun presentation! Sometimes, your ramen is brought to you in pieces. What we mean by that is the broth, noodles, and toppings are all separate from one another, and you get to combine them! You get to make the dish yourself! Pretty cool, huh?

But, no matter how you enjoy ramen (yes, even if it is the prepackaged kind) we know you want to keep enjoying it even though you can’t take another bite right now. After all, ramen is unbelievably filling!

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 7 awesome ways you can reheat your favorite ramen dish to make it just as tasty (or more so) as it was when you got it! Read on to find out how!

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1. Microwave it

Of course, if you are in a rush and want some leftover ramen ASAP, you can just throw it in the microwave! Make sure it’s in a microwaveable container, of course, and that you do not heat it for that long. 40 seconds should be fine!

If you would like to add some extra pizzazz to your soup, feel free to add spices here! Red pepper flakes work great, as does garlic powder or paprika! Add whatever your pale t desires! Even a few fresh veggies wouldn’t hurt!

2. Pop it on the stovetop

Another quick way to reheat your ramen is to warm it on the stove! There is no shame in taking the fast route, especially if you are in a rush!

All you have to do is pour your ramen into a pot, bring it to a low boil, and enjoy!

Again, if you’d like to add some new flavors here, go for it! If you have the time, you can even soften some veggies (carrots, mushrooms, and peppers work great) and add the ramen to the mix! Bring it all to a boil and slurp it up!


3. Add some toppings!

If you have store-bought ramen, or you simply ate all the fun toppings the first time around, feel free to add some more!

Ramen is such a great dish because it is extremely versatile! So, you could boil an egg, grill some fresh veggies, or even toss in some cooked meat to your leftover ramen! It will certainly make it taste great. Plus, it will be a whole lot more filling with more food in it!

4. Make homemade soup dumplings

We know exactly what you’re thinking… “How could make a soup dumpling without any kind of professional dumpling making training?”

Well, it is not as difficult as it seems! As long as you find a recipe you love, anyone can make a soup dumpling!

All you have to do is grab your ramen, strain the noodles out of it, add some gelatin to the broth, and season! Once that’s all done, just wrap the gelatinized soup into the dumpling casing and steam! After a few minutes, you’ll have beautiful, tasty, warm soup dumplings, all made from your leftover ramen!

5. Make it into a burger

So, we’ve given you a way to reheat your ramen altogether and just with the broth! Now, we have a super unique way that will just use the noodles!

As long as you don’t mind being a bit adventurous, you can totally make your ramen noodles into a burger bun, sort of!

burger ramen

To get yourself an extra soft, flavorful bun that also stays together, just strain your ramen noodles from the broth, heat up those noodles in some boiling water until they’re very soft, remove them from the heat until they’re warm, place them into a cupcake mold, and wait!

Once the noodles cool, you should have an soft, noodly burger bun, ready for the patty of your choice!

And hey, why not heat up that broth and make your ramen into a meal and a side dish?

6. Make it for breakfast

Sure, you can just heat up your leftover ramen on the stove or in the microwave and slurp it up for breakfast. Hey, soup is quite filling, not to mention those noodles!

But, we think we have a much more fun way to reheat your ramen for an awesome breakfast! All you have to do is boil some eggs, cook up some bacon or sausage, and combine them with your leftover ramen!

Make sure both breakfast additions are fully cooked first, of course, since you will only be heating up the mixture with the broth, not cooking it. Once your breakfast soup feels warm enough for your liking, remove it from heat, pour it into your favorite bowl, and enjoy one of the most unique breakfast meals you’ll ever have!

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7. Add some cream to make a bisque

If you’re looking for a bit more of a hearty, creamy soup to wash down that hunger of yours, why not reheat your leftover ramen by making it into a luscious bisque?

For this one, just make an aromatic roux, choose your favorite cream or cream substitute, and mix it all together in your leftover ramen broth! You’ll have to remove the noodles and toppings first, since you’ll be cooking this bisque for a bit.

After a few minutes (depending on your portions), you can add whatever you want back into the soup, and more if your palette desires so!

This ramen bisque is most certainly a unique spin on an age-old classic!

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